Whether worn as a vacation costume, a daring date dress, or an evening look, one thing is certain: we ladies still adore a vivid red dress in 2024! Am I correct?

However, the dress is an obvious choice. Because the dress color is so vibrant you may wonder “Do I have any shoes to wear with a red dress ?”, determining what color shoes to wear with red dresses–and matching purse colors–can be difficult.

If your dress is burgundy, poppy, or pink-tickled-red, the shoe colors in this piece are appropriate. They are all the greatest color shoes to go with most red dresses or outfits. That means any red outfit, no matter how red! 

Now, keep scrolling to see our 12 picks for best shoes to wear with red dresses!

Sam Edelman’s Yaro

This is one of the nicest colors to wear with a gown for a formal, a beautiful color shoe for a party dress, and excellent shoes for lace dresses. A flat, minimalist strappy sandal in this rich color pairs well with a casual or bohemian-style red dress. Sam Edelman’s Yaro is a versatile gold sandal that goes with everything. If it’s not your style, look at other gold metallic shoes in other shapes to discover what might suit you best. 

Patti Strappy Sandal

Beige, taupe, and blush are some of the greatest shoe colors to wear with a red dress! These neutral footwear hues look well with red and are probably easily accessible in your shoe closet. However, a red dress with nude shoes and heels is a fan favorite! This may surprise some, but believe me when I say these are neutral-colored shoes that work with anything!

It truly highlights the red attire, and a Nudist-style sandal is an excellent way to let a more complicated red dress speak for itself. Patti Strappy Sandal is truly an affordable nudist-style option

Double Straps Mary Jane

Black complements all colors, so it’s no surprise that it’s on the list. Not only do black shoes seem sleek and stylish, but they’re also easy to pair with a matching bag. You probably already have at least one black bag or pair of shoes in your wardrobe!

While black and red are a safe color combination to wear to a formal occasion, they can also be striking and sensuous, making them ideal for a date night. Simply pair your favorite black strappy sandals with a bright red dress and matching clutch, and you’re ready to go!

Alternatively, choose a pair of black double straps Mary Jane to make the outfit look both cute and chic!

Jewel Badgley Mischka – Galen Red Heels

Red on red is a stunning color combination that gives a truly eye-catching style, ideal for parties, dates, and special occasions. To get a cohesive monochromatic effect, choose red shoes that are the same tone as your dress.

While we believe that having an exact color match is ideal for this color combination, it is not always necessary. As long as the tones complement each other properly, you’ll look great.

So, if your dress is cooler-toned, match it with red heels with pink or even burgundy overtones, and if it’s a warm red, wear shoes with mild orange undertones.

J.Reneé’s ‘Maressa’ Silver Pointy Toe Pump

When shopping for shoes to pair with a red dress, silver is a terrific alternative to gold. They look wonderful paired with pointed-toe heels, brogues, or sandals! Silver shoes look great with metallic jewelry in the same tint and a red outfit. A pair of silver high heels can go well with a red dress, flattering its bold color.

If you’re looking for a closed-toe silver shoe, J.Reneé’s ‘Maressa’ silver pointy-toe pump has been a big hit this season due to its unique texture and inexpensive pricing. These heels are also versatile, easy to wear. It has a conventional but never out-dating form that can easily match well with any type of clothes. To elevate your outfit, pair it with a silver metallic bag.

Steve Madden – Lafayette Heeled

Brown is another neutral color that works exceptionally well with red. Because brown is a more casual shoe color, you should pair it with casual red outfits.

For example, we believe that brown shoes with casual red sweater dresses look great during the Christmas season. Similarly, in the summer, a casual red beach dress looks casually stylish with brown flats. The warm tones of brown can balance the brilliant shade of red, making it more wearable for everyday events. Additionally, brown shoes will allow your dress to shine on its own. 

The perfect option would be Steve Madden Lafayette Heeled. Not only do they make a great fashion statement, but they are also durable and long-lasting, so investing in these heels will not be a regret.

SCHUTZ Women’s Ariellen Sandals

Clear heels are currently trendy, playful, and slightly festive! How do I wear clear heels? With brightly colored outfits such as crimson! Choose between entirely transparent straps and bejeweled clear pumps. A pair of translucent heels with thin straps would look great with the red dress, regardless of how red it is. When it comes to clear high heels, the SCHUTZ Women’s Ariellen Sandals are the best option. The rubber heel cap provides robust support, making you feel more comfortable wearing it all day. 

Simmi London Paris Heeled Sandals

If you want to make your ensemble stand out, lime green pairs surprisingly nicely with red. Trust me, this sounds strange, but it is true. This is especially suitable for the summer – imagine a flowy red beach dress with lime green sandals!

Alternatively, if you’re dressing up for an occasion where extremely trendy people will be present, pair your red costume with lime green stiletto shoes to stand out. These Simmi London Paris heeled sandals with ankle ties in lime would look great with not only a red dress but also other outfits!

Stuart Weitzman Stuart 85mm White Leather Pumps 

Perfect for spring/summer! Especially if you reside in the snowy winter beauty of Toronto. Instead of black or silver shoes, pair your red dress with a dazzling white boot, sandals, or sneakers.

These white shoes are the most refreshing of all when paired with a red dress, as they are less aggressive than black but still contrasting (depending on skin tone and tights, if any).

White shoes look stunning with a modest red dress and are an excellent way to tone down the brilliance of the crimson outfit. Not the ideal option, however, if going to a romantic Valentine’s dinner 

Matisse Gigi 

If you can wear both black and white shoes with a red dress, why not try a two-tone shoe? Although red is more difficult to style with a black/white shoe, the simpler the dress, the easier it is to design a color block shoe.

That being said if you’re style-savvy and have a keen eye for detail, a more elaborate black and white shoe can complement an even more complex printed dress. A pair of Matisse Gigi is not only easy and comfortable to wear but also versatile. It can be worn with any type of clothes on any occasion. 

Purse Styling Tips: Opt for purses that are black, white, or metallic. 

Givenchy Red Satin Sandals.

Can you pair red shoes with a red dress? Matching your shoes and red dress works best for a black tie/red carpet event. Alternatively, you might attend a bridal event or opt for a matching prom appearance. Is this your case? If so, limit your shoes to a minimum, as Rosamund Pike did at the Oscars, wearing a gorgeous red lace gown and what appear to be Givenchy red satin sandals.

If you must wear red shoes with your red frock and want to make it casual rather than flashy, go with a dark burgundy shoe or bootie that will complement your red dress.

If you’re looking for a safe shoe to pair with your red dress, neutral hues like black and nude are always a solid option. However, we believe that metallics such as gold and silver should be considered neutrals because they may be worn with dresses of any color in your wardrobe.

Teva Anaya Womens Black Leather Boots Knee High

Black shoes are a versatile and fashionable alternative to pair with a red dress, providing a timeless style that complements any ensemble. For a relaxed and modern look, pair your short tiny red dress with your favorite black knee boots. Going out to a party in that dress is definitely a hit! I am confident that everyone will focus their attention on you. Wearing a black leather jacket and a black purse would complement your entire ensemble more. I’m confident those are simple, must-have staples in your wardrobe. One of the best black leather high knee boots would go to those from Teva Anaya. 


Finding the perfect shoes to go with a red dress can help improve your look and make a dramatic fashion statement. Whether you choose with classic black heels for a timeless and beautiful style, or metallic or neutral tones for a touch of elegance, the perfect pair of shoes may compliment and accentuate the brilliant attraction of a red dress. When choosing your footwear, consider the occasion, your own style, and your level of comfort. With the right shoes, you may boldly step out and create a show-stopping outfit that demonstrates your exceptional fashion sense. So, put your best foot forward and let your shoes enhance the appeal of your red dress.