Melissa Viviane Jefferson, widely known by her stage name Lizzo, has not only captivated audiences around the world with her powerful voice and infectious charisma but has also become a symbol of body positivity and self-love. Although her music consistently tops the charts and receives critical acclaim, it is Lizzo’s recent weight loss journey that has attracted significant interest and discussion online. Lizzo has been open about her commitment to a healthier lifestyle, and her weight loss journey has resonated with many fans who appreciate her honesty and transparency. We will learn about that wonderful journey in this article!


Real Name: Melissa Viviane Jefferson

Nickname Origin: Inspired by Jay-Z’s song “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” at age 14

Birthday: April 27, 1988

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Musical Talents:

  • Singer
  • Rapper
  • Songwriter
  • Classically trained flutist (even her flute has an Instagram account!)

Career Highlights:

  • Grammy Award winner for Best Pop Solo Performance (“Cuz I Love You”)
  • Time Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year (2019)
  • Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping hits (“Truth Hurts”, “Good As Hell”)
  • Acclaimed documentary “Love, Lizzo” (2022)

Beyond Music:

  • Body positivity advocate known for her empowering messages and self-love anthems
  • Embraces a healthy lifestyle focused on balance and enjoyment, not restrictions
  • Founded the Cuz I Love You Foundation, empowering young women through scholarships and mentorship
  • Known for her infectious humor, positive attitude, and fierce individuality

Bonus Fun Facts:

  • Played flute in marching band throughout school and college
  • Collaborated with Prince on his album “Plectrumelectrum”
  • Guest-starred in movies like “Hustlers” and voiced characters in “UglyDolls”


According to reports and discussions on social media, it’s suggested that Lizzo’s weight gain may be attributed to stress-eating. The singer-songwriter has been open about overeating when she feels stressed, without keeping track of her calorie intake. Stress-eating, or emotional eating, is often linked to coping with emotional challenges, and it’s mentioned as a possible factor in Lizzo’s weight gain. 



Lizzo has shared insights into her weight loss journey, emphasizing her love for plant-based and high-protein foods. In 2020, she embarked on a 10-day smoothie detox diet as part of her commitment to shedding weight. This dietary shift involved giving up salt, sugar, and high-calorie foods like pasta and pizzas, with her personal nutritionist guiding her to monitor daily calorie intake and incorporate more vegetables and fruits.

For breakfast, Lizzo opted for filling smoothies composed of fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen fruits, and leafy greens like kale. Her lunch typically featured favorite salads, combining a variety of fruits and fresh vegetables. At dinner, the pop star embraced simplicity, often enjoying truffle-chickpea mushroom balls and quinoa, occasionally incorporating leftover salads for added satisfaction.

To curb midday hunger, Lizzo chose hummus as a disciplined snack, displaying dedication to her weight loss goals. Even her dessert choices aligned with her healthy lifestyle, favoring frozen strawberries, oat milk, and vanilla-flavored protein powders. Throughout this journey, Lizzo’s dietary choices reflect a balanced approach, combining nutrient-rich foods to achieve optimal body weight.


Diet and exercise are two important things when it comes to losing weight, and that’s true for Lizzo too. Let’s talk about her workout routine that helped her stay active and disciplined to reach her fitness goals.

Lizzo hit the gym when she decided to share her weight loss journey with the public. She’s committed to working out and never misses her sessions. She does cardio exercises three times a week and weight training four times a week. Cardio includes activities like walking on a treadmill, which can help lose extra pounds over time.

Skipping rope is a simple and fun exercise that Lizzo included in her routine. It’s known to reduce overall body weight and waist size, and it’s a great cardio workout that can also help with blood pressure and insulin levels.

Lizzo enjoys riding an indoor stationary bike, burning around 600 calories in an hour depending on the speed. Indoor cycling boosts metabolism, keeping you active and energized throughout the day. It’s also good for reducing belly fat and toning muscles in the lower body, and it may lower the risk of heart issues in overweight women.

In addition to physical exercises, Lizzo practices yoga and meditation regularly. This helps her manage stress and find mental peace, showing that a healthy lifestyle is not just about the body but also about the mind.


After finishing the busy tour in late 2018, Lizzo started eating in a balanced and sustainable way to keep the weight she lost. She chose foods that are good for her and keep her healthy, showing her dedication to long-term well-being.


Lizzo started losing weight in early 2018 by changing what she ate and how she exercised. She replaced processed foods with fresh and healthy choices and worked out regularly with her trainer. In a year, she lost an amazing 50 pounds (23 kg). Now, she keeps taking care of her health with a balanced routine to make sure she keeps up her impressive achievement.


Lizzo’s weight loss journey is an inspiration for many women worldwide who’ve faced body shaming. Losing more than 50 pounds took a lot of hard work, discipline, and determination. She put in serious effort at the gym to achieve this transformation.

You can find Lizzo’s before and after weight loss pictures on her official social media and fan club pages. Being a public figure means a lot of attention when you talk about weight loss. Lizzo points out that body positivity is necessary because we live in a society where people are often criticized for their bodies. She hopes that nobody has to face body shaming just for having a few extra pounds.


1. How much is Lizzo net worth?

$40 Million.

2. How tall is Lizzo?


3. Is Lizzo currently married?

No, Lizzo is not currently married.


Lizzo’s weight loss journey is a testament to her commitment to holistic health. Beyond the numbers on the scale, Lizzo’s dedication to self-love and positive body image shines through. When it comes to her remarkable journey, it’s worth mentioning that Lizzo’s success goes far beyond weight loss, as evidenced by her flourishing career and her growing influence. You see, stars are just like normal people, they achieve their dreams through serious effort and determination.