Forget fashion rules, It girls are rewriting them. The latest chapter? The once-taboo dress-over-pants combo, taking the streets by storm in chic iterations. Katie Holmes rocked a floral frock layered over tailored trousers, and Zendaya slayed a denim dress over metallic pants. Now, enter Hollywood’s queen of cool, Bella Hadid, strutting NYC in a sleek black minidress paired with edgy cargo pants. It’s a high-low clash that somehow screams effortless confidence, proving sometimes the bravest fashion choices yield the most unforgettable looks.

Bella Hadid traded her Californian sunshine for cozy vibes in a recent SoHo stroll. Shedding her usual summery staples, Bella embraced a luxurious head-to-toe knit look from Frankies Bikinis, proving comfort and style can effortlessly merge. The oversized, sleeveless cable knit turtleneck hugged her close, dipping below her hips like a warm embrace. It perfectly complemented the high-waisted, straight-leg knit pants, creating a monochromatic canvas for an effortlessly chic silhouette.

Temperatures might have dipped, but Bella’s fashion flame burned bright. Black knee-high leather boots added a touch of edgy bite to the soft palette, while teeny-tiny sunglasses shielded her eyes from the city’s glow. Gold jewelry glinted like scattered sunbeams against the knit, and a black leather handbag slung on her shoulder completed the relaxed yet polished look.

As the day surrendered to dusk, Bella seamlessly transitioned her outfit for the evening. A cropped black Sturgis moto jacket, thrown on with nonchalant cool, added a dose of rockstar swagger. Replacing her black shades with metallic eye frames, she traded a casual gaze for a hint of mystery. This simple switch transformed the cozy girl into a downtown femme fatale, proving Bella’s sartorial prowess extends beyond just effortless daytime chic.

With each outfit twist, Bella Hadid demonstrates that versatility is the true mark of fashion mastery. Whether conquering cozy brunch vibes or channeling nocturnal allure, she does it all with an ease that leaves us admiring her ability to navigate the fashion landscape with effortless grace. Hadid’s beauty choices were anything but accidental. Straight, sleek hair framed her face like a polished frame, pencil-thin brows added definition, and a bronzy glow kissed her cheeks, all culminating in a glossy pout that stole the show.

After a well-deserved hiatus from the spotlight, Bella Hadid graced the streets of New York City with a sartorial sigh of relief. Gone were the days of paparazzi-induced anxiety, replaced by an air of confident serenity reflected in her outfit. The crisp autumn air seemed to hug her in a luxurious camel trench, its satin lining whispering whispers of indulgent comfort. Beneath, an all-black ensemble of a sleek turtleneck and tailored trousers formed a solid foundation, a canvas for her understated power play.

Chunky boots, stomp-stomping on the asphalt, added a touch of rebel to the refined elegance. But Hadid wouldn’t deny her playful side. Her signature itty-bitty sunglasses, perched like miniature shields above her eyes, added a touch of mystery. The pièce de résistance? A black-and-white Nahui Olin candy wrapper bag, slung carelessly over her shoulder. It was a playful wink, a reminder that despite the high-fashion exterior, a mischievous spirit still danced within.

Here, Hadid wasn’t just a supermodel. She was a woman on her own terms, reclaiming her space with bold strokes of confidence and a dash of whimsy. This wasn’t just an outfit; it was a story whispered in silk and leather, a declaration that Bella Hadid was back, and oh boy, was she ready to play.


  1. What is Bella Hadid’s signature style? 

Known for her off-duty cool aesthetic, Bella mixes vintage pieces with high-end designer labels and athleisure wear. She loves oversized blazers, chunky boots, denim, and playful accessories.

  1. Who are her fashion inspirations? 

Bella has cited her mother Yolanda Hadid, iconic supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, and street style stars like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner as influences.

  1. What are some of her most iconic looks? 

The denim-on-denim Balenciaga cargo suit, the vintage Jean Paul Gaultier mini dress with matching gloves, and the neon green Versace two-piece set are some of her most talked-about outfits.

  1. Has Bella Hadid collaborated with any fashion brands?

 Yes, she has collaborated with major brands like Dior, Fendi, and Versace for both clothing and beauty campaigns. She also has her own swimwear line, Frankies Bikinis.

  1. Has Bella Hadid launched any fashion businesses? 

Besides Frankies Bikinis, Bella co-founded a non-alcoholic aperitif brand called Kin Euphorics with her friend Jen Batchelor.