Taking to social media this week, Britney Spears shared her thoughts on Justin Timberlake’s recent rendition of “Cry Me a River,” a song widely associated with their 2002 breakup. Prior to performing the track at the Fontainebleau hotel opening, Timberlake addressed the audience with “no disrespect.”

On Friday, Britney Spears shared a video snippet on Instagram showcasing leopard cub footage interspersed with shots of male dancers at a shoot. The caption reads: “Interesting behind-the-scenes moments from filming a music video in Arizona’s 120-degree heat! Two versions were shot, and apparently caused quite a stir with the crew.”

She then seemingly shaded Timberlake, adding, “Psss I never mentioned how I beat him in basketball and he would cry … no disrespect!!!”.
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake dated from 1999 to 2002. Their relationship, which began when they were both teenagers, was highly publicized and remained in the spotlight for several years after their breakup.

“Cry Me a River” was released as the second single from “Justified” in November 2002. It became a global hit, topping charts in several countries and receiving awards including Grammy nominations. While not confirmed by Timberlake, many listeners interpreted the song as a direct response to his highly publicized breakup with Britney Spears in 2002. The lyrics express themes of betrayal, heartbreak, and anger, which mirrored the public speculation surrounding the split.

In her memoir “The Woman in Me,” Britney Spears shares her perspective on their relationship, acknowledging infidelity on both sides and suggesting that Justin Timberlake’s song “Cry Me a River,” released shortly after their breakup, influenced public perception of the events. “I felt there was no way at the time to tell my side of the story,” Spears wrote of the song. “I couldn’t explain, because I knew no one would take my side once Justin had convinced the world of his version. I don’t think Justin realized the power he had in shaming me. I don’t think he understands to this day.”

Spears described feeling deeply devastated by the breakup and the public perception that followed.


  1. Why did Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake break up? 

The exact reasons haven’t been publicly confirmed, but conflicting schedules, media pressure, and potential infidelity have been speculated.

  1. Is there any truth to the rumors about infidelity? 

Both Spears and Timberlake have acknowledged infidelity on their parts in their respective memoirs.

  1. Did “Cry Me a River” by Timberlake reference their breakup? 

While not officially confirmed, the song’s lyrics and music video fueled speculation about the connection.

  1. Have Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake ever collaborated since their breakup? 

No, they haven’t officially collaborated on any public projects since their breakup.

  1. How has Timberlake responded to Spears’ comments? 

He has publicly expressed support for Spears’ well-being but hasn’t directly addressed her specific claims in her memoir.