You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve found yourself haphazardly searching for answers to questions like “What is my face shape” or “What face shape do I have.” Perhaps all you’re interested in knowing is if your face is square or heart-shaped. Alternatively, perhaps you’re interested in learning how your face shape can influence some of your future style choices. When choosing a hairstyle, sunglasses, eyebrow grooming, or makeup application, it might be helpful to know and comprehend the form of your face. Interestingly, the shape of your face can indicate how it will age. Just knowing the contour of your face adds another dimension to your decision-making or self-awareness.



The jaw is narrower than the cheekbones and the oval face shape is longer than wide. The oval face shape complements almost every hairstyle since it is very proportionate. Any cut length looks fantastic! Best wishes! To draw attention to the area around the lips, chin, or cheekbones, add layers.


The round face shape is distinguished by fullness below the cheekbones and a wide hairline. Longer hair gives these facial shapes a longer appearance, which looks fantastic. For this face shape, long layers work well, while short layers can draw attention to the face’s roundness. A round face can also appear longer with side-swept bangs.


A broad jawline and hairline define the square face form. The square-shaped face requires width at the sides and height at the top. The square face shape is balanced with soft bangs, texture, and deep side parts. Longer length complements their more angular, strong jawline beautifully. Straight lines should be avoided with this face shape.


The diamond face shape is distinguished by broad cheekbones and a small chin and forehead. Narrower sides and fuller chins are the ideal hairstyles for this type of face. For this facial shape, a bob is an excellent haircut. Straight bangs can also be added to this facial shape to shrink the face. To draw attention to your prominent cheekbones, you should also consider tucking your hair behind your ears!


A narrower chin and larger forehead define this face form. This style’s side-swept bangs assist in covering up the forehead’s breadth. Maintaining a broader style around the jaw helps accentuate the narrower chin.


The skeletal structure of this facial shape is incredibly lengthy and narrow. Longer hair makes the face appear even longer by drawing it down. Keep your hair shorter or add shorter layers if your face is oblong. A broader face can also be achieved by adding body and curls.



Look at your jawline. You probably have an oval or round face shape if it appears to be somewhat curved or on the rounder side. You probably fit into the heart, rectangle, or square face shape family if it’s pointed, angular, or sharp. Later on, more about these! 


After you’ve measured the width and length of your face, take time to eyeball your jawline. Either Team Rectangle or Team Oval best describes you if your face appears longer than it is wide. Makeup experts suggest taking precise measurements of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline if you want to get very detailed. You can use a pencil, a tape measure, or anything you happen to have on hand. 


This face shape recognition method is for you if you like accuracy. It is taking a clear, front-facing image of yourself, preferably a selfie, printing it out, and tracing your face to see which shape it most closely resembles. Simply adhere to these easy steps:

  • You can either take a nice selfie with your hair pulled back for maximum exposure to your facial form, or you can use an existing photo of yourself for this activity. Make sure you are somewhat near the camera, but not too near as to skew the perspective. 
  • Put a thin, transparent layer of paper—wax paper works well for this—over your picture. After that, you can either draw a full circle around your face or only draw dots on the sides of your face that are the easiest to see, such as your chin, cheekbones, jawline, forehead, and temples. Connect the dots, at last!
  • Which form does it most resemble? If it appears oval, you have an oval face shape; if it seems square, your page is square-shaped. You understand. Your face form is represented by the shape that emerges on that page; if it appears to be halfway between two different shapes, you can identify which shape it is.


  • Select whatever black cosmetics item you own; however, avoid using or caring for it too much as you will eventually run out of it. It works perfectly with dark pencil eyeliner, crimson or black lipstick, or even a stick of foundation or contouring.
  • After selecting your product, pull your hair back and position yourself in front of a mirror. For easy, accurate drawing, make sure you are at least an arm’s length away from the mirror, but no closer. Don’t shift your position; instead, keep your head still.
  • Trace your face in the mirror while remaining perfectly motionless and facing forward. Try to maintain your composure, but don’t worry if you make a mistake—the main goal of this approach is to have fun. After you’ve traced your face, stand back and admire your creation.



With a square-shaped face, you can choose to soften your strong jawline or draw attention to the squareness of your face. To accentuate your facial shape, consider a short bob or blunt bangs to accentuate your strong jawline. To counteract the squareness, wear your hair straight and long with layers starting a few inches from the end to draw the eyes down and lengthen your face, or try soft, wispy bangs falling to the side to create diagonal lines and soften the lines on your face. Choose shorter, more delicate bangs that fall just past the cheekbones to draw attention to them if you’re courageous enough to try them.


The primary objective of selecting an appropriate haircut for an oval face shape is to prevent facial elongation. Try a blunt bob with face-framing parts that fall past the shoulder if you want to go shorter. Otherwise, to create volume and prevent your hair from falling flat, go for a shoulder-length cut with delicate layers. A small alteration to your hairstyle might have a significant impact if you intend to maintain your hair long. If you want to balance your appearance without cutting your hair, try side-swept bangs, which work well on oval faces.


Your first objective when styling a round face is to lengthen it and give it an oval appearance. One easy technique to achieve this is to consistently have a small strand of hair sticking out from one side of your face. Your face will appear to be visibly shorter as a result, deceiving the eye into believing it is narrower.

If cut and groomed properly, short hair looks very good on round faces, so go ahead and get that trendy lob. To add more angles to a round face, try a deep side part, or draw your hair up into a high ponytail to lengthen your face. A short pixie cut with volume at the top, if you’re feeling very brave, looks amazing on round face types since it softly adds angles and structure. 


Curls are a great alternative for long face shapes, as the main objective is to make the face appear wider than it is to balance off the longer length. Why do you believe Carrie Bradshaw had such amazing looks all the time? She opened up her facial form with her natural curls, in addition to her opulent closet full of couture designers’ creations.

For a wider appearance, loose curls and waves can be achieved with excellent success with flat iron waves. To give the appearance of a larger face, you want the widest part of your waves to fall around your cheekbones. To do this, begin curling your hair closer to the root. Getting greater volume and width may also be accomplished quickly and easily with a quality salon-style blowout. Remember that you’re looking for width rather than length in any hairdo you choose. 


You can opt to balance out your heart-shaped face by making the bottom half of your face appear broader, or you can choose to highlight your tapering facial form. If you want to draw attention to the heart-shaped shape of your face, wear your hair up in a high ponytail or high top knot. If not, go for a lob that merely reaches the shoulder to accentuate the width of your jawline. Try a deep side part with loose waves that break at the collarbone if you want to leave your hair longer. This will help detract from the forehead.


Your major goal should be to enhance your attractive face shape rather than to balance anything out, although diamond face forms are desired for their symmetry and balance. Choose between a short, textured lob or long, side-swept bangs that draw attention to your cheekbones with long layers. To further highlight your bone structure, try wearing your hair in a neat high ponytail or tucked behind your ears in the middle. 


No one fits neatly into an oval, square, or heart-shaped box; we are all made up of multitudes. That being said, it can be difficult to choose a new hairdo or trademark makeup look among the many possibilities available. However, if you approach the process with some direction, it can be much less intimidating.

Your face shape is one of the easiest things to notice when it comes to attractiveness. When looking for cosmetic ideas, locating celebrities that have similar face shapes to you might help you choose which contouring techniques or haircuts would suit you the best. This is similar to looking for skin tones or eye colors.