Vanessa Marie Bryant is an American philanthropist, who runs businesses and used to be a model. Many people know her because she was married to a famous basketball player, Kobe Bryant. Together, they started the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation in 2007. The foundation gives money for college to students who may not have a lot.

But, something really sad happened. Kobe Bryant and his daughter passed away suddenly in a helicopter crash. This made Vanessa very unhappy, and she went through tough times. One of the hardest things was that she gained weight, and people talked a lot about it. If you want to know more about what she went through, you can read the article.


Kobe Bryant and Vanessa met in 2001 and got married. They were together for 19 years until a tragic accident in early 2020. Kobe, his daughter Gianna, and friends were on a private helicopter when it crashed due to bad weather, leading to the death of everyone on board.

Vanessa and her daughters were deeply affected by the disaster. Besides Gianna, Vanessa has three other daughters with Kobe, each of different ages. After Kobe’s death, Vanessa dedicated herself to charity work, running a foundation that helps underprivileged kids in sports.

Some people noticed that Vanessa gained weight, and there are rumors that she might be pregnant by basketball player Chris Paul. Despite speculation, Vanessa hasn’t confirmed any relationship and maintains good relations with Paul. However, after losing her husband and daughter, Vanessa is currently not married or expecting a baby. She may have gained 40 pounds, but it’s also known that the 41-year-old former dancer and model has had plastic surgery to maintain her youth. Many celebrities, like Madonna, also undergo beauty surgeries that sometimes worry their fans.


Yes, Vanessa Bryant has lost weight. Her recent posts on social media clearly show that she has significantly slimmed down. Losing so much weight is not easy, and it seems she had to plan carefully and be disciplined. The big question is, how did she do it? We’re not sure if it’s from a strict diet or spending more time at the gym.

Before, Vanessa Bryant, who was married to the late Kobe Bryant, used to have a nice figure even though she gained weight. Despite looking good, some people often gossip about her personal life and think she might be having a secret romance. It’s important to know that Vanessa has gained about 40 pounds, but that hasn’t made her any less attractive. It’s also good to mention that she was never too skinny.

Her extra weight doesn’t take away from her appearance. In fact, the added pounds have given her a more desirable, curvy body. We hope Vanessa stays happy and doesn’t pay attention to the negative comments from the haters.



A key aspect involves adopting a healthier eating pattern by consuming smaller, nutritious meals and snacks at regular intervals, as opposed to larger portions less frequently. This approach is believed to boost metabolism and aid in controlling weight gain. Staying well-hydrated by drinking ample fluids throughout the day is also highlighted as a beneficial practice. Vanessa emphasizes the importance of avoiding sugary and processed foods, recognizing the significance of a balanced diet. 

However, she acknowledges the pitfalls of overly restrictive diets, emphasizing the need for a sustainable approach to achieve long-term success. In her lifestyle and diet changes, Vanessa prioritizes incorporating healthy food items and snacks at frequent intervals, promoting not only metabolic health but also effective weight management. Additionally, maintaining proper hydration remains a crucial aspect of her overall wellness routine.


Vanessa Bryant’s commitment to her weight loss journey extends beyond dietary changes; she prioritizes sufficient sleep and rest. Recognizing that a balanced diet alone is insufficient, she understands the importance of incorporating a daily exercise routine to facilitate weight loss. 

Getting enough sleep is really important when you’re trying to lose weight. When we don’t get proper sleep, it can mess up our body’s routine, making it harder to control our weight. Lack of sleep might also make us want to eat more unhealthy food. So, along with eating well and exercising, making sure we get a good night’s sleep is a key part of a successful weight loss plan. It helps our body stay in balance and makes it easier for us to stick to healthy habits.

Doing exercises is a really good idea when you want to lose weight. It doesn’t have to be super hard or complicated – even simple activities like walking or playing outside count. Moving our bodies helps burn extra calories and makes our muscles strong. When we have a regular workout routine, it makes losing weight easier because our bodies get used to being active. Plus, exercising is not just about losing weight; it also keeps us healthy and happy. So, find something you enjoy doing, like dancing or playing a sport, and make it a part of your routine to help with your weight loss goals.

Did Vanessa Marie Bryant use ozempic for weight loss?

People on TikTok are talking a lot about Vanessa Bryant using Ozempic, but those who are sharing their opinions don’t have any real proof. Vanessa lost weight recently and inspired many with her healthy and fit appearance, but she did it by following a good and balanced diet, not by using Ozempic. So, her impressive weight loss has nothing to do with Ozempic.


People on Reddit are surprised by Vanessa Bryant’s recent pictures. They can’t believe how much weight she lost, and some of them are suspicious. They think it’s not just from eating right and exercising. Some are saying her face looks different, almost like she had plastic surgery.

A few people are saying she had some “work” done, but they think it’s done well. They say she still looks like herself, just like a newer version from 2023. People on Reddit are pretty sure she had cosmetic surgery before, like a nose job, facelift, and fillers.


While there are rumors circulating about Vanessa Bryant possibly having plastic surgery, some people are thinking more logically. They’re saying that when you lose a bunch of weight, it can really change how you look, including your face. So, we can’t say for sure if Vanessa had plastic surgery or not. What we can say is, regardless of the rumors, she still looks incredibly beautiful and amazing as ever.


In 2023, Natalia Bryant, who is Kobe Bryant’s daughter, is thought to have about $6 million as her own money. Some people think that’s around 10% of the big amount of money her dad, Kobe, had. Natalia just finished high school and is getting ready to go to the University of Southern California. We don’t know exactly how much she gets paid or what cars she has, but her family has been into sports for a long time. Her dad, Kobe Bryant, had a lot of cool cars. Right now, Natalia lives in a house that belongs to her mom, Vanessa Bryant, in Newport.


1. Does Vanessa Bryant have her own fashion brand?

Yes. In May 2021, Vanessa Bryant started selling Mambacita clothing to honor her daughter Gianna. The money they make from selling the clothes goes to the Mamacita Sports Foundation.

2. Did Vanessa have gastric surgery?

Yes. In an interview with The Times, the host disclosed that she had both gastric band and gastric bypass surgeries.

3. Did Vanessa get her skin removal surgery?



Vanessa Bryant’s weight loss journey is a testament to her commitment to adopting a healthier lifestyle. Through a combination of maintaining a well-balanced diet, incorporating regular exercise into her routine, and prioritizing sufficient sleep, she has achieved a remarkable transformation. While there may be speculations and discussions about the methods she employed, including rumors of plastic surgery, the core of her success lies in making sustainable and positive lifestyle changes. Vanessa’s dedication not only reflects her personal resilience but also serves as inspiration for others on their own paths to wellness.