Summer Walker before surgery. Singer Summer Walker has captivated audiences with her soulful vocals and unfiltered honesty. But beyond her music, her appearance has also sparked public curiosity, particularly surrounding rumors of plastic surgery. Before these physical transformations became widely known, let’s delve into how Summer Walker navigated the initial speculation and scrutiny surrounding her look as a rising star, specifically focusing on the period before any confirmed surgical procedures.


Atlanta-born singer Summer Walker (born April 11, 1986) captivated audiences with her soulful vocals even before her music career took off. While honing her musical skills through self-taught guitar lessons and navigating the world of exotic dance from 2016 to 2018, she laid the groundwork for her future success. Her talent led her to sign with Atlanta label Love Renaissance in late 2017. The following year, her debut mixtape, Last Day of Summer, featuring the hit single “Girls Need Love,” catapulted her into the spotlight, even garnering a remix with Drake. With critically acclaimed albums like Over It (2019) and Still Over It (2021-present), Summer Walker continues to rise as a prominent voice in the R&B scene.


Summer Walker caused a stir online with a steamy video showcasing her figure in a soaking wet white t-shirt. While the clip sent pulses racing, it also coincided with her ex-boyfriend’s birthday wishes for their twins. However, much of the online discussion focused on Walker’s appearance, with fans expressing their opinions on her perceived cosmetic enhancements.

“Her new nose pisses me off 😕,” one person said. “I wish she knew how beautiful she is. She didn’t need to change a thing about her face,” added another. “I love Summer. But y’all gotta leave that surgery and them fillers alone. It disturbs things,” concurred a third. ““Shows us how sexy she looks in the shower” what 😂😂😂,” someone else added, responding to the original Hollywood Unlocked caption.

On Reddit, a user commented  “I used to like her music and she popped up in some headlines defending Future so I checked her out again.”

“My God, what happened to her face? And body? She looks like a completely different person, even her skin is lighter. And now she’s dating a deadbeat father and defending another deadbeat? I feel bad for black women who enter hip hop.” 

“I really hate her nose job, I wish that plastic surgeons would understand that Black women don’t need that pinched/short nose. Her ass job is great, it looks so natural.” Another user chimed in on the Reddit thread.

“She started getting work done pretty much as soon as she got on the scene. Idk what she looks like now though. She has made it clear that she’s wanted all these surgeries for a while so I think it’s more so a her specific thing than her getting into the industry” 


In May 2019, during an Instagram Live session, fans noticed a significant change in Summer Walker’s appearance. Comparisons with older photos sparked discussions about potential plastic surgery. Before the alleged procedures, many observed that Summer had a naturally strong and healthy nose. However, after the perceived changes, fans noted a seemingly removed cartilage, nostrils folding inwards, and a developing deep crease on her nose.

It’s important to note that rumors of a $500,000 lawsuit against a plastic surgeon for a botched nose job surfaced in March 2019. However, these claims were never confirmed, and the surgeon’s identity remains unknown.


Summer Walker’s appearance has been a topic of discussion, particularly regarding the perceived changes in her features. Here’s a breakdown of what’s known about her look before and after:


  • Photos from earlier in her career show a naturally strong and defined nose, with a wider bridge and fuller tip.
  • Fans have observed that her overall facial features appeared more natural and unrefined.


  • Comparisons between older and recent photos suggest potential alterations, primarily focused on the nose.
  • The most noticeable change seems to be a narrower bridge and a more pointed tip, potentially indicating a rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Discussions often center around the possibility of additional procedures like lip fillers or other facial enhancements.

Important Notes:

  • It’s important to acknowledge that Summer Walker has never publicly confirmed undergoing any plastic surgery procedures.
  • The comparisons are based on visual observations and speculation.
  • The focus on her appearance often overshadows her musical talent and achievements.


In her early career, Summer Walker’s talent was discovered by a woman with the same name, the studio manager at Love Renaissance, an Atlanta-based label, leading to her signing with Love Renaissance and Interscope Records in 2017. Her debut commercial mixtape, “Last Day of Summer,” dropped on October 19, 2018, highlighted by the lead single “Girls Need Love,” delving into themes of love, doubt, and womanhood.

Following the success of her mixtape, Walker embarked on the From East Atlanta With Love Tour with 6lack. She was subsequently named Apple Music’s Up Next artist in 2019 and released her first EP, “Clear,” featuring acoustic recordings. Collaborating with Drake on the remix of “Girls Need Love” further boosted her visibility.

Walker’s breakthrough came with her debut studio album, “Over It,” released on October 4, 2019. The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 and topped the R&B Albums chart for several weeks. Despite canceling a portion of her tour due to social anxiety, Walker garnered accolades, including a Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist.

In 2020, she continued to make waves with collaborations, notably with 21 Savage and Justin Bieber, and released her EP “Life on Earth,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard’s Top R&B Albums chart. Her success continued with multiple certifications for her singles and appearances on major platforms like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Walker’s achievements persisted into 2021 with the release of her second album, “Still Over It,” breaking records for R&B debuts on the US albums chart. Notably, her collaboration with Cardi B on the “No Love” extended remix garnered significant attention. She further solidified her presence in the industry with features on Kendrick Lamar’s track “Purple Hearts,” earning her first Grammy Award nomination.

Continuing her momentum, Walker collaborated with Ciara on the single “Better Thangs,” released in September 2022, accompanied by a visually striking music video directed by Mia Barnes.


Summer Walker’s personal life has also garnered significant attention. In November 2020, she announced her pregnancy with then-boyfriend London on Da Track, welcoming their daughter, Bubbles, on March 22, 2021. Though their relationship ended soon after, Summer later revealed another pregnancy with rapper Larry on June 25, 2022. She gave birth to twin boys on December 29, 2022, choosing to keep their names private. Following this, she had a brief romance with BMF co-star Demetrius Flenory Jr. from April to July 2023.


1. How much is Summer Walker net worth?

$4 million.

2. What were rumors surrounding a potential lawsuit?

Rumors surfaced in March 2019 claiming Summer Walker sued a plastic surgeon for $500,000 due to a botched nose job. However, these claims were never confirmed, and no details about the alleged surgeon were revealed.

3. What are the potential risks associated with plastic surgery?

Like any surgery, plastic surgery carries potential risks, including infection, scarring, and adverse reactions.


In conclusion, Summer Walker’s journey before and after the speculation surrounding plastic surgery highlights the societal tendency to prioritize physical appearance over artistic merit. While the focus on her physical changes can be intrusive and overshadow her musical talent, it’s crucial to remember that her true value lies in the soulful voice and relatable lyrics that have captivated audiences.