The weight loss journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience for many people. One such individual who has garnered the attention of fans and admirers is Meri Brown, known for her appearance on the popular reality TV show “Sister Wives.” She has recently posted pictures depicting her weight loss process while on vacation at Disneyland. People believe that she has been having fun since her divorce from Kody Brown, and it seems like her life has significantly improved since the separation. However, Meri Brown’s weight loss journey remains a topic of curiosity for social media users. In this article, we will delve into the secrets behind the slim body she has achieved.


It seems that Meri embarked on her weight loss journey following her breakup with Kody. While it’s important to respect personal matters and refrain from offering commentary, it is evident that her divorce played a significant role in motivating her to lose weight. In a previous interview, when asked about her weight, Meri responded “I knew I had to do it.” I was in the process of determining how. “Because my weight was causing me difficulty in numerous aspects.”

Furthermore, she included several motivational quotes in her journey. One of the quotes she embraced was “A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink” was included in her Instagram post.

Since her divorce, Meri has been engaging in frequent travel, which likely contributed to her weight loss journey. She has visited Disneyland multiple times, attended Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding, explored New York City, and embarked on various other adventures. Additionally, Meri has embraced a more active lifestyle, letting go of her previous sedentary habits. She now spends Friday nights hanging out with friends and fully enjoying life to the fullest.


Meri’s diet mainly consisted of light and healthy food. Here is an overview of her daily eating routine:

Meri would wake up at 5:00 in the morning. She would start her day with a jog and then go to the gym for an hour. Afterward, she would return home for brunch, which usually consisted of a salad. She would have either Gorge Juice or Green Tea as her beverage. Her meal would include vegetables that are rich in fiber, protein, and vitamins. She would sauté the vegetables in olive oil. Meri had a goal of drinking 100 ounces of water every day, which she considered a significant amount. For her evening meal, she would have chicken and sometimes seafood cooked in olive oil. In one of her Instagram posts, Meri mentioned that she enjoys having an early dinner.

Note: The provided information is a simplification and may not capture all the details of Meri Brown’s actual dietary regimen.


Meri sets aside one hour each day for exercising at the gym, but she also includes other physical activities in her routine. She loves practicing Yoga and does it regularly. At the gym, her main focus is on cycling because it helps burn calories, boosts energy, and makes her sweat a lot. When asked about her exercise routine, Meri replied “My initial undertaking of the day is to strive for an early awakening; subsequent to that, I proceed to the gym, where endeavor to exert maximum effort.” According to her fellow gym-goers, Meri is also engaged in weightlifting and boxing.


Meri has faced physical, emotional, and mental challenges during her marriage to Kody. Therefore, her fans were delighted to see her recent social media posts in 2023, which revealed a significant improvement in her health. On Thanksgiving, Meri shared a photo where she looked stunning, wearing a cherry blossom shirt and smiling. She appeared vibrant and had a positive attitude that made her seem almost ten years younger.

In her Thanksgiving post, Meri emphasized that she is the happiest she has been in years. Along with her slimmer appearance, she showcased a radiant look through her new figure and style. Meri now sports a stylish side-swept hairstyle, which accentuates her face and makes it appear more angular. She wore a gold necklace and light makeup to enhance her natural beauty. While Meri hasn’t disclosed the exact amount of weight she has lost, she looks like a completely transformed person in the photo taken at Lake Michigan. It was evident that she was enjoying herself, as reflected in her adorable caption.

The transformation in Meri’s weight loss amazed and delighted many fans of the show Sister Wives. Social media users expressed their support and admiration for Meri, showering her with kind words. One Instagram user commented on how incredible she looked, saying, “It’s almost like you’ve turned back time.” Another user noticed the same and wrote, “Has anyone else noticed that divorcing Kody has made you look 25 years younger?” While many people have asked Meri for her weight loss secret, she has yet to respond. However, it is believed that moving on from her relationship with Kody has played a significant role in her self-improvement journey.


Meri Brown was previously married to Kody Brown, who is known for being on the reality TV show “Sister Wives.” They were married for 32 years but officially ended their relationship in January 2023. Kody Brown is a well-known figure from the show, where he is shown having multiple wives and a large family. He was married to four women, including Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Throughout the years, the family has been in the public eye as they navigate the difficulties of living a polygamous lifestyle.


Meri Brown, who gained fame through the TV show “Sister Wives,” is the mother of one child named Leon Brown. Leon was born in 1995. Meri had dreams of having eight children with her husband, Kody, but they encountered difficulties in getting pregnant due to unexplained infertility. Additionally, Meri experienced the pain of a miscarriage in 2007. As far as is publicly known, Leon is the only child of Meri and Kody. Despite the challenges they faced, Meri’s bond with Leon has been a significant and cherished aspect of her life.


Meri Brown has a diverse career with different roles. She manages a bed and breakfast called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah. This inn has a special meaning for Meri as she renovated a house built by her great-great-grandparents, allowing her to connect with her heritage. Additionally, Meri works as an Independent LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer. She sells clothing and fashion items, often using social media platforms like Instagram, leveraging her fame from the reality TV show.

Apart from her business endeavors, Meri is also a successful author. She collaborated on a book titled “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.” This book, which became a New York Times bestseller, was written together with her fellow cast members from “Sister Wives,” including Kody, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Meri’s career spans across various fields, from managing her inn to engaging in fashion retail and writing.


1. How much is Meri Brown net worth?


2. Is Meri Brown Gay?

No, Meri Brown is not gay

3. Why did Meri Brown lose her job?

According to reports, Meri lost her job when the TV show “Sister Wives” premiered on September 26, 2010. It seems that her employer knew about her marriage being in a polygamist relationship.


Despite facing difficulties in her marriage, Meri Brown remains positive in life. Her weight loss journey has been a notable milestone for her. Meri has shared her progress and happiness through social media, showing off her newfound confidence and positive outlook. While the specifics of her weight loss journey haven’t been disclosed, the visible changes in her before and after photos are inspiring to her fans. They demonstrate the importance of determination and self-care, especially after going through tough times.