Janelle Brown, known for her role in the popular reality TV show “Sister Wives,” has not only captured the attention of viewers with her captivating personality but has also become an inspiration through her incredible weight loss journey. Over the years, Janelle has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding pounds and embracing a healthier lifestyle. How did she lose weight? Scroll down for more information about Janelle Brown weight loss secrets.


Janelle Brown was born May 6, 1969, in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States.


  • Starred on “Sister Wives” which documented the lives of Kody Brown and his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) and their 18 children.
  • Was part of the show for 17 seasons, showcasing their unique plural marriage lifestyle and its challenges.
  • Showed independence and entrepreneurial spirit, running her own business and prioritizing financial security.


  • As of December 2022, Janelle has separated from Kody Brown and no longer considers herself married to him.
  • Though technically not divorced, she’s embracing her single life and pursuing new opportunities.
  • She remains close to her children and some of the other “Sister Wives” cast members.


  • Has six children from her marriage to Kody: Logan, Madison, Savanah, Hunter, Gabriel, and Garrison.
  • Actively engages with fans on social media, offering glimpses into her current life and interests.
  • Has expressed interest in exploring new relationships in the future.


  • Building a fulfilling and independent life post-separation.
  • Spending time with family and friends.
  • Focusing on personal growth and exploration.


Janelle Brown’s weight loss journey has been attributed to the use of Plexus products, along with other lifestyle modifications. She has documented her nutritious meal choices, including cauliflower crust pizza, and has reportedly lost an impressive 100 pounds. Janelle is a dedicated promoter of Plexus products and is often seen holding her “pink drink.” While she may engage in additional weight loss practices such as exercise and calorie control, she remains focused on promoting Plexus. Despite financial challenges and the unsuccessful Coyote Pass venture, Janelle still hopes to own a home there.


Janelle Brown’s trainer emphasized the importance of incorporating vegetables into her diet as the primary and essential step in her weight loss journey. To achieve this, Janelle reduced her intake of dairy and avoided animal products altogether. Previously, her love for fast food had contributed to her weight gain, but she embraced the change and found comfort in adding more vegetables to her meals.

Janelle began sharing glimpses of her dietary regimen on Instagram, gradually revealing her journey to her followers. Alongside consuming vegetables in various forms, she also introduced carrot juice as a morning ritual. Fresh fruits and juices became a regular part of her routine as well.

Her day typically started with cycling, followed by a nutritious brunch centered around vegetables. Janelle also embraced the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” further emphasizing the inclusion of fruits in her diet.

If you are seeking a healthy diet plan that promotes weight loss, Janelle Brown’s approach can serve as a beneficial guide. By prioritizing vegetables and incorporating fresh produce into your meals, you can embark on a similar path to improved health and weight management.


Unlike many people who prefer going to the gym, Janelle Brown opted for exercising at home. She has shared videos of her at-home workouts on Instagram, showcasing her preferred exercise routines. Janelle finds comfort in exercising alongside her trainer, appreciating the guidance and expertise of trained professionals. In addition to her home workouts, Janelle turned to the time-honored practice of yoga to aid her fitness journey. She recognized the benefits of yoga and incorporated it into her routine as a way to enhance her physical and mental well-being. Janelle also expressed her love for walking in one of her Instagram posts, emphasizing the importance of this simple yet effective form of exercise. Walking is not only a great way to improve overall health but can also be a valuable asset in your weight loss journey.

Furthermore, Janelle finds enjoyment in landscaping, a physically demanding activity that can provide an additional means of staying active and burning calories. By combining home workouts, yoga, walking, and engaging in physically demanding tasks like landscaping, Janelle has found a diverse range of activities to support her weight loss and overall fitness goals.


Throughout her time on the show, Janelle Brown has been open about her weight struggles. Her weight management journey became a prominent topic, especially as she faced health concerns. In earlier seasons, she often expressed discomfort with her weight and appeared larger in build.

However, as of February 2024, Janelle has made remarkable progress in her weight loss journey, reportedly shedding around 100 pounds. The transformation is undeniably significant, with a noticeable change in her figure and overall appearance. Janelle proudly showcases her new, slimmer physique on social media, exuding confidence and self-love.


Janelle’s story serves as a reminder that sustainable weight loss requires patience, perseverance, and a commitment to long-term lifestyle changes. Her journey is an inspiration for others, like Brie Larson, Nicola Coughlan, Jenna Ortega, who may be facing similar challenges, demonstrating that with dedication and a positive mindset, significant positive changes are achievable. Overall, Janelle Brown’s weight loss journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-care, healthy habits, and the pursuit of continuous happiness.


  1. How much is Janelle Brown net worth?

An estimated net worth of $400,000, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Janelle earnings are derived from various sources.

  1. Does Janelle Brown  have children?

Janelle Brown has six children.

  1. Who is  Janelle Brown ’s husband?

As of today, Janelle Brown does not have a husband.