LaTocha Scott is a famous name in the music industry. Her powerful vocals made the supergroup Xscape a force of nature on the R&B music charts of the 90s. But when she walked off the stage and the stage lights turned off, the Georgia native was not at all happy. “To be honest, I was really tired of being called the ‘big girl’ of Xscape, so my journey of personal transformation had begun.” After that, she truly surprised the public and became an inspiration for those who are struggling with weight loss. Let’s see what she did.


LaTocha Reney Scott-Bivens, born on October 2, 1973, is an American singer known for R&B music. People call her LaTocha. She became famous in the 1990s as part of the successful R&B group Xscape. In 2002, Scott decided to go solo and released a single and later an album.

In 2004, Scott tried to bring Xscape back with Kiesha Miles, Tameka Cottle, and her sister Tamika Scott. They got together in 2005 and recorded the song “What’s Up,” but it was just for a short time, and the group split up the next year. Additionally, on January 1, 2020, she published a book called “LaTocha’s Planted Lifestyle.”


If the idea of eating only plant-based foods sounded overwhelming, Scott-Bivens understood. “People always think, ‘Oh, you just go in and stop eating everything.’ That’s not how it happened,” she said, smiling. “Baby steps at first, like cutting out pork entirely—that was the initial thing for me to choose a vegan lifestyle.”

Being open to trying new things is also important. “I had to find my way in the kitchen and be creative coming up with meals. But that helped me, too, because I started to learn more about what I was putting in my body,” the singer/author said. And once you got used to this journey, you might find it interesting.

When it came to sharing vegan meals with non-vegans, Scott-Bivens preferred to lead by example. “I just cook,” she laughed. “I cook and I don’t really tell people that it’s vegan. One of the dishes that I like to make for people is spinach dip. Everybody loves a good dip. That’s why I don’t preach. I just try to be a billboard or that voice for people who want to know more about how being vegan works. You just remove the hurdles. To be honest, there’s no right or wrong way.”

As for whether the Black community would embrace a vegan menu, the entertainer was optimistic. “I think we’re slowly starting to embrace a plant-based lifestyle…So, I think it’s a slow transition, but it’s happening. And once we continue to post the narrative of eating healthier and [its] benefits, people will embrace it even more. In my community, in my neighborhood, my husband will invite people over and I’ll cook dishes. I think people want to know what it [vegan food] tastes like. For some reason, I think they think it’s not tasty and that’s so far from the truth. I like to say that I like to ‘veganize’ recipes.”

A vegan diet had lots of good things for your body. When you ate only plant-based foods, like fruits, veggies, and grains, it could help you stay healthy. One big benefit was that it was usually lower in fat, especially the unhealthy kind. This could be good for your heart and could help you keep a healthy weight. Also, a vegan diet was full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that your body needed to work well. People who ate this way often said they felt more energetic and less tired. Plus, it could be kinder to the environment because it used fewer resources like water and land. So, choosing a vegan diet could be a tasty and smart way to take care of yourself and the plane


I don’t really try to do anything special. Whenever my husband invites people over, I just make delicious vegan dishes without telling them it’s vegan. When they find out, they’re surprised and say, ‘Oh my God, Tocha, this is good!’ The toughest person to convince was Tiny, who is really picky. She said, ‘I don’t believe you. Come over, and let me see what you got.’ So, I made lasagna, spinach dip, and vegan oatmeal cookies. Even now, she called me a few days ago and said we should open a restaurant together.

I add a southern touch to my food, just like my mother and grandmother did, but I don’t use animals. That’s the only difference. If you want to discover more about LaTocha’s vegan recipes, you can pre-order her cookbook, LaTocha’s Planted Lifestyle.


Rocky Bivens and LaTocha Scott got married in 1995. Since then, they’ve been like a team, helping each other out. Rocky is the CEO of Biv Global Management, a company that works with people in entertainment like movies, TV, music, and fashion. He first worked as a security guard for R. Kelly and later became the business manager. Rocky has supported LaTocha in many different projects.


LaTocha Scott’s singing career brought in around $3 million. She makes money as a singer, earning between $21,000 and $210,000. She also gets paid for being in movies and on TV, and from her music tours and royalties. We don’t know about the cars she owns. She lives in Peachtree City, Georgia, but there isn’t much information about her house or other properties.


LaTocha Scott left Xscape in 2023, and it’s a bit complicated. There were a few reasons for it. One big reason was they didn’t agree on how things were managed. LaTocha was worried about the person in charge, but the others wanted to stick with the current plan, causing some tension. They also didn’t see eye to eye on what to call the group when LaTocha took a break. She suggested a new name, but the others wanted to keep the original name. There were also personal problems, like issues between LaTocha and her sister Tamika, and some money concerns involving LaTocha’s husband. Even though she didn’t officially leave, LaTocha is taking a break and hopes to come back to Xscape later. Right now, she’s working on her own projects while the rest of the group performs as a trio.


Yes, LaTocha Scott has a son named Jamon, and he was born in August 1997. She and her husband Rocky Bivens, who they’ve been together for 28 years, are Jamon’s parents. Some people talked about rumors in 2023 that Rocky might have another baby with someone else, but we don’t know if that’s true. As far as we know, LaTocha is still known to have only one child, Jamon.


Determining LaTocha Scott’s exact net worth can be a bit tricky since different sources provide different estimates. However, it’s generally believed to be somewhere between $3 million and $4 million. She earned her wealth from various sources:

Firstly, the success of Xscape, the R&B group she co-founded, played a big part. Their albums, tours, and endorsements, especially hits like “Just Kickin’ It” and “Understanding,” contributed significantly to her earnings.

LaTocha also pursued a solo career with albums like “Solo Flight 404,” adding to her income, even though it didn’t reach the same heights as Xscape.

Her songwriting skills, evident in co-writing Xscape hits and songs for other artists, have generated ongoing royalties.

Television appearances, including reality shows like “R&B Divas: Atlanta” and “Xscape: Still Kickin’ It,” likely brought in additional income through appearance fees.

While specific details about her current income are not public, LaTocha appears to lead a comfortable lifestyle, as seen on her active social media, where she shares glimpses of her travels and fashion, suggesting she enjoys the rewards of her hard work.


1. What happened between Kandi and LaTocha Scott?

LaTocha explained that the tension with Kandi started because Kandi “had problems with [her] taking the lead” on most of the group’s tracks.

2. Who stole money from Xscape?

Tamika Scott of Xscape shares proof supporting her claim that her sister LaTocha and brother-in-law Rocky Bivens took $30,000. This comes in response to LaTocha and Rocky denying Tamika’s accusations of theft from almost a decade ago.

3. Did LaTocha steal her sister’s money?

The “Who Do I Run To” singer denied the accusations, hinting that the sisters faced financial difficulties years ago, and she now seeks “clarity” regarding the alleged stealing during that time.


LaTocha Scott’s weight loss journey is an inspiring story of making positive changes for a healthier life. By sharing her tips and tricks, she motivates others who might be struggling with weight loss. Her transformation not only reflects a physical change but also a mindset shift towards well-being. Overall, LaTocha’s story teaches us that with determination and a positive mindset, anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals.