At the age of twenty-five, British actress Janet Montgomery embarked on her career. Her debut in a television series took place in 2008, marking the beginning of her journey to becoming a notable character in horror films. Gaining global fame for her show, Montgomery has built a solid career.

In her thirties, she continues to grow with more opportunities thanks to her beauty, diligence, and dedication. Aside from her acting talent, Janet Montgomery’s weight loss journey has also become an inspiration for many women, sparking curiosity about her approach to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle amid her busy schedule.


Janet Montgomery is an accomplished English actress known for her versatile performances across film and television. Born on October 29, 1985, in Bournemouth, England. She made a significant debut in a made-for-television movie, marking the commencement of a career that would see her become a prominent figure in the realm of horror films.

With her talent and on-screen charisma, Janet Montgomery quickly gained recognition. Her show garnered widespread acclaim, contributing to her rise in fame on a global scale. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to portray diverse characters, showcasing her acting prowess and leaving a lasting impact on audiences.


In 2017, Janet initiated a romantic relationship with Joe Fox, a skilled copywriter known for his creative talents. The excitement peaked in 2018 when the couple joyfully announced they were expecting a baby. In 2019, their child was born. Notably, TV shows typically start filming about a year before airing. Interestingly, during the early months of Janet’s pregnancy, the first season of the TV show she was involved in was being filmed.

As her pregnancy progressed, Janet made the decision to take a hiatus from work, prioritizing her role as a new mom to her daughter. After a period of dedicated focus on motherhood, Janet eventually returned to her acting career, contributing to the third season of the show.

Now, you might have come across discussions about Janet’s weight loss. It’s true, but with a twist. The weight loss occurred post-pregnancy. Following the birth of her daughter, Janet resumed her regular routine, gradually regaining her pre-pregnancy physique. Fans noticed the transformation, applauding her hard work and commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a mother.

Did Janet Montgomery Lose Weight?

As the third season of the TV show New Amsterdam premiered in March 2021, viewers couldn’t help but observe a distinct transformation in Janet Montgomery’s appearance. This sparked a widespread buzz, with news about Janet’s figure circulating across the internet, leaving fans curious about the swift change in her physique.

Yes. Undoubtedly, Janet appears significantly slimmer in the latest season compared to the previous one. While Janet has not openly shared details about her weight loss journey, the evident change in her figure suggests there might be a discreet secret behind her rapid transformation. 

When you look at pictures of Janet Montgomery before and after, you can see a big change in how she looks. People on social media got really excited when they saw the amazing transformation Janet went through as she successfully lost some weight. Her fans were so happy that they started sharing pictures of how she looked before and after, pointing out the incredible difference.

Some people were curious about how she did it, while others just praised her for working so hard. Janet’s transformation became a popular topic among her followers, and they eagerly waited to hear from her about how she made these positive changes in her life to be healthier.



Janet Montgomery faced challenges on her weight loss journey, but she succeeded because of her strong commitment and determination. She knew that making lasting changes needed a steady approach. Instead of quick fixes, she concentrated on adopting healthy habits and lifestyle changes that would bring lasting results.


Montgomery follows a simple diet, sticking to around 2,000 calories daily and opting for organic foods. She emphasizes a plant-based diet and limits her alcohol intake to avoid overeating. Additionally, Janet prioritizes regular hydration by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. She incorporates a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables into her meals for added nutritional benefits.

Janet Montgomery makes sure she keeps her body healthy by eating the right foods. She includes a lot of veggies, fruits, and proteins in her meals, and she regularly eats cottage cheese and sweet potatoes. Janet also likes drinking black tea every day, adding to her overall balanced and healthy diet.


Janet Montgomery emphasizes on regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her day usually starts early at 7 a.m., where she begins the morning with a long, refreshing and energizing walk. This morning ritual not only serves as a cardiovascular exercise but also creates a positive spirit for the new day. Are you worried about not knowing which exercises to practice effectively? Don’t worry, at first start with simple exercises like 12-3-30 treadmill workout and then gradually progress to new weight loss exercises.

After returning from her morning walk, Janet continues with a nutritious breakfast, providing her body with the essential fuel it needs. After two hours of rest, she spends most of the day at the gym. Janet participates in hour-long daily workout sessions that focus on a well-rounded fitness routine. This commitment to regular exercise not only supports her weight management goals, but also contributes to her overall health.


Recognizing the crucial impact of mindset on her weight-loss journey, Janet took proactive steps to overcome mental and emotional obstacles that often hinder progress. Through self-reflection, she gained a deeper appreciation for her self-worth, countered negative thoughts, and fostered positive self-talk. Prioritizing her mental and emotional well-being equipped her to effectively navigate the challenges that emerged during her journey.

Janet incorporated various strategies to enhance her self-awareness and foster a positive mindset. Mindfulness and meditation became integral practices, allowing her to cultivate heightened self-consciousness. Journaling served as an outlet for expressing specific emotions and tracking her progress, providing a valuable tool for self-reflection.

Recognizing the importance of addressing underlying emotional issues, Janet proactively sought remedies and counseling to ensure holistic well-being. Cultivating self-compassion and embracing positive affirmations became essential components of her transformative journey, contributing to a resilient and empowered mindset. Through these intentional practices, Janet not only achieved physical changes but also cultivated a strong foundation of mental and emotional wellness.


Recognizing the pivotal role that responsibility played in achieving her weight-loss goals, Janet actively sought the support of accountability partners. These companions offered assistance, encouragement, and gentle reminders of her unwavering dedication. This external support system not only held her accountable but also served as a crucial source of motivation, especially during challenging moments in her journey.

Janet actively talked to her trusted friends and family about her goals and how she was doing. This helped her stay on track and got her some encouraging words. Janet also joined online groups where people trying to lose weight shared their experiences and tips. She used apps and trackers on her phone to keep a close eye on her progress, making her efforts more organized.

To keep herself motivated and happy about her achievements, Janet made sure to celebrate both the small and big wins along her journey to being healthier. This way of doing things, combining the people around her, online support, phone apps, and personal celebrations, showed how dedicated Janet was to changing her life for the better in a complete way.


Similar to everyone embarking on a weight-loss journey, Janet encountered setbacks and challenges that temporarily disrupted her progress. Yet, she steadfastly refused to allow these obstacles to define her. Instead, she regarded them as moments of growth and resilience, seizing the opportunity to reflect on her approach and make necessary adjustments. Janet’s perspective of viewing setbacks as stepping stones towards improvement and adaptability played a crucial role in her overall journey towards achieving her weight-loss goals.


Janet Montgomery’s weight loss journey evolved into a guided exploration of self-love and body positivity. Throughout her experience, she made it a point to celebrate even the smallest victories, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and acknowledging her progress. Janet’s approach stands as a testament to the essential elements of self-love and self-acceptance in achieving success on a weight loss journey.

A key aspect of Janet’s approach was practicing gratitude for her body’s abilities. Instead of solely focusing on the number on the scale, she embraced non-scale victories such as improved strength and enhanced sleep quality. This shift in perspective allowed her to appreciate the overall well-being benefits of her journey.


1. Did Jennie Garth lose a lot of weight?

The television star mentions shedding an impressive ’30 lbs of excess weight’ from her body.

2. When did Janet Montgomery have a baby?

Janet Montgomery had a baby girl named Sunday Juno Fox on March 1st, 2019. 

3. Is Janet Montgomery married?

‘New Amsterdam’ Actress Janet Montgomery Ties the Knot with Boyfriend Joe Fox

4. What is the net worth of Janet Montgomery?

She has a net worth of $5 million dollars.


Janet Montgomery’s weight loss journey stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment, resilience, and holistic approach to well-being. Facing the challenges that come with transformation, she prioritized sustainable practices over quick fixes, focusing on adopting healthy habits and making lifestyle adjustments. Janet’s dedication to both physical and mental health, coupled with mindful choices in her diet and regular exercise, showcases a comprehensive approach to achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.