Losing weight is a concern for many overweight and obese individuals. Experts state that a high body fat percentage can lead to obesity, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and certain types of cancer. Exercise encourages the body to burn fat for energy, leading to quick weight loss and reducing the risk of some diseases. You don’t need to spend money on expensive gyms; you can perform simple exercises at home and still ensure high effectiveness (if you practice diligently and persevere). Please refer to the exercises below.



Whether you love or hate it, running is one of the best and simplest ways to burn calories—and you don’t need a treadmill to do it. Just lace up your shoes and hit the road. Running in intervals—speeding up and slowing down your pace—will help make the minutes and miles go by quickly. Run in fartleks, which means speed play in Swedish, where you pick up the pace every other street lamp or water hydrant you hit, and then slow down after you pass the next one.

“The best way to burn calories while running is to vary your workouts,” says Natalie Dorset, a running coach in New York. “If you’re doing the same workout week after week, your body won’t have anything to adapt to. Vary the speed within a workout, do some bursts of faster running, but also mix up the types of runs you do. Whether it’s slow and steady, comfortable and hard, or intervals, variety is the key to constant adaptation.”


Walking is a fantastic exercise for losing weight. If you walk at a brisk pace, it’s an excellent way to burn calories. It’s a workout that’s easy on your joints and can be a part of your daily routine.

Studies show that a person weighing 70 kilograms burns about 167 calories in 30 minutes by walking at a speed of 6.4 kilometers per hour. Walking for 50-70 minutes, three times a week, can also help reduce body fat by an average of 1.5% and shrink your waistline by 2.8 centimeters.

Jogging and running are top-notch exercises for weight loss. These exercises work out your entire body, making your legs stronger and effectively targeting belly fat. The main difference between jogging and running is the speed—jogging is between 6 to 9 kilometers per hour, while running is around 10 kilometers per hour.


Jumping rope is also a  great way to exercise and lose weight. It works your whole body, making your muscles stronger, speeding up your metabolism, and burning calories quickly.

Doing skipping exercises regularly not only makes your body healthier but also helps your mind feel better. It can bring a sense of calmness and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Jumping rope also makes your heart beat faster, which helps your blood move efficiently through your body and keeps your heart healthy. At the same time, it takes care of your lungs and keeps them working well.

Since everyone’s body is different, the results of exercise can vary. Losing weight is mainly about burning more calories than you eat, and jumping rope is a good way to do that. This exercise can burn around 1300 calories in an hour, making it a great option for the best workout for weight loss.

Exercise Pattern

  • On a flat surface, stand with your back straight.
  • Make sure your feet are together and pointing straight.
  • Keep your hand straight pointing downwards close to your thighs.
  • Jump off the ground and let your rope pass under your feet and bring it back.
  • Repeat these steps and increase your jumping speed constantly.


This low-impact exercise is accessible to almost everyone and can be easily incorporated into daily routines. Brisk walking helps burn calories, contributing to a calorie deficit that is essential for shedding pounds. Additionally, walking engages various muscle groups, boosting metabolism and promoting overall fitness. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk, taking steps towards incorporating more walking into your daily life can be a sustainable and effective approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.


Walking and hiking are both good ways to exercise. However, if you want to burn more calories and get more weight loss benefits, hiking might be a better choice. Hiking is a bit harder than walking on a flat path because you have to deal with rough terrain, hills, and different elevations. This makes your body work more, strengthening your leg and core muscles and improving your balance and stability. Plus, you burn more calories while doing it. In the end, hiking is a wonderful way to be outside, enjoy nature, and get the advantages of exercise.


The Plank Pose or Plank exercise is a super effective workout for your whole body. One of the best things about it is that it works most of the big muscle groups in your body. It makes your core, shoulders, arms, chest, back, and hips stronger. On top of that, doing Plank exercises helps you burn extra fat and calories quickly.

Even though it seems simple, this workout is tough and makes you work hard. The key is to keep at it for a longer time to see good results. Holding the plank position for a longer period gives you faster and better outcomes.

There are different ways to do the plank exercise, targeting various muscles and parts of your body. Each way is beneficial, improving your core strength, body balance, endurance, and posture.

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This simple yet effective exercise engages multiple muscle groups, helping to boost metabolism and burn calories efficiently. Jumping rope also enhances cardiovascular health by elevating the heart rate. The rapid and repetitive motion of jumping rope serves as an effective cardiovascular workout, aiding in shedding excess pounds. Moreover, it is a versatile exercise that can be easily incorporated into different fitness routines, making it a convenient option for those looking to lose weight and improve overall fitness. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, jumping rope is a dynamic and accessible choice for achieving your weight loss goals.


Lifting weights is good for your body in different ways. It helps you build strong and lean muscles, which can make your metabolism work better. A better metabolism means your body burns more calories and loses more fat.

Also, lifting weights is good for your bones. When you lift heavier things, your bones respond by growing stronger. This not only helps prevent osteoporosis but also keeps your shoulders, hips, and spine strong, leading to a healthier life as you get older.

Here’s a simple dumbbell workout you can try: Grab one dumbbell and do 10 squats, 10 rows with the dumbbell for each arm, and 10 push-ups of your choice. Repeat this for three rounds, taking a short break between each round. If you want to make it harder, use a heavier dumbbell or use two dumbbells.


Push-ups are a popular exercise that anyone can do anytime and anywhere. They are helpful for weight loss because they make your body move away from the ground, using energy and burning calories.

Push-up exercises are good for burning calories quickly and focusing on the bigger muscles in your upper body. They target your chest, shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps. Doing push-ups also strengthens your core muscles, making your body stable and healthy.

When you do push-ups regularly, you build more lean muscles in your chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Over weeks, months, or years of practice, you’ll gain a good amount of muscle mass. To keep these muscles, your body needs to use up calories.

How to do push-ups:

  • Find a flat and non-slippery surface.
  • Put your hands facing forward, a bit wider than your shoulders.
  • Place your feet together or slightly apart for balance.
  • Bend your shoulders as low as you can towards the floor, then push back up and straighten your arms.
  • Repeat these steps for 15 times, doing 3 sets.


Kickboxing is a super way to burn calories, shape your muscles, and let go of stress! By using power from your legs, you can throw strong jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, making it a workout for your whole body. It challenges your coordination and endurance, important things that help you be a better athlete, whether you’re in the ring or not.

Kickboxing does wonders for your core, legs, and especially your obliques. It gets your heart and lungs working hard. Plus, it helps you with balance, coordination, and something called proprioception. It’s like a workout for your mind and muscles.

Here’s a suggestion: Try five kicking combos from the DailyBurn. Do each combo 8 times for as long as you can in 30 minutes. Take breaks when you need to, and play your favorite fighting music to stay strong!


Spinning is a fun way to lose weight and get in shape. It’s like riding a special bike in a class with energetic music and an instructor guiding you. The best part is, it’s easy for beginners! Spinning helps burn a lot of calories, making your body use up stored fat. It also builds strong leg muscles and improves your heart health. So, if you’re looking for a enjoyable workout that helps with weight loss, spinning is a great choice. Just hop on the spin bike, pedal away, and have fun while getting fit!

Try a spinning interval routine: Warm up on the bike for 10 minutes. Go as hard as you can for 30 seconds; pedal easy for 60 seconds. Repeat four times except after the fourth work interval, pedal easy for four minutes. Repeat the whole cycle three more times for a total of 37 minutes of exercise.


HIIT workouts are super effective for burning calories and making your metabolism work faster. The cool thing is, these workouts don’t have to take a long time. Some HIIT sessions can be just 10 minutes, but you need to give it all your energy to make it work. Studies have found that HIIT is good for burning belly fat.

The important thing during these workouts is to pay attention to your form. Even though you’re doing intense movements, it’s crucial to prioritize good form to avoid getting hurt. Focus more on doing the exercises correctly and safely, and less on how heavy the weights are.


If you haven’t tried the rowing machine at your gym, you’re missing out on an awesome cardio and strength exercise. It works many parts of your body like your legs, back, arms, and core, giving you a full-body workout that will make you sweat a lot. Surprisingly, most of the power in rowing comes from your legs, not your arms. You push back with your legs and pull the handle towards your chest.

Rowing is great for losing weight because it combines the benefits of both cardio and strength exercises, emphasizing pulling and opening up your hips and shoulders. It’s good for your heart and lungs too. Many people have jobs where they sit a lot, and that can make our backs rounded. Rowing helps fix this by opening up your spine, hips, and shoulders.

Here’s a simple 15-minute rowing routine to try: Begin with a 5-minute warm-up, rowing at a slow, steady pace. Then increase to a medium pace (around 22 strokes per minute) for 5 minutes. Finish the workout with a 5-minute cooldown.


Squat exercises are great for making your muscles stronger, especially in the lower part of your body. The main goal of this exercise is to improve your legs and bum. Squats also help burn calories and stop fat from gathering in your lower body. Doing squats can make you more flexible and better at balancing. If you’re just starting, try doing 3 sets of 12-15 reps of one type of squat for better results.

How to do squats:

  • Stand straight with your feet wider than your hips, toes pointing forward.
  • Bend your knees and push your hips back.
  • Lower yourself into a squat by keeping your heels and toes on the ground.
  • Keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, like you’re sitting in a chair.
  • Straighten your legs by pressing your heels and stand back up.


Burpees are a fantastic exercise for weight loss as they engage multiple muscle groups and get your heart pumping. This full-body workout not only burns calories but also boosts your metabolism. To do a burpee, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Drop into a squat position, placing your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into a plank position, do a push-up, then jump your feet back towards your hands. Finish by jumping up with your arms raised. The intensity of burpees makes them an efficient calorie-burning exercise, making them a great addition to your weight loss routine. Aim for 3 sets of 10-15 burpees with short breaks in between to experience the benefits.


The amount of weight you can expect to lose from exercise varies widely and depends on several factors, including your starting weight, diet, genetics, and the type and intensity of your exercise routine. While regular exercise is a crucial component of weight loss, it’s important to note that diet plays a significant role as well.

As a general guideline, a safe and sustainable rate of weight loss is considered to be about 1-2 pounds per week. This equates to a daily calorie deficit of around 500 to 1,000 calories, achievable through a combination of diet and exercise.

It’s essential to approach weight loss with realistic expectations and focus on overall health and well-being rather than just the number on the scale. Combining a balanced diet with regular physical activity, including both cardiovascular exercise and strength training, can lead to effective and long-term weight loss. Additionally, factors like improved muscle tone, increased energy levels, and enhanced overall fitness are valuable outcomes of an active and healthy lifestyle.


Weight loss is not a suitable journey for everyone and what is proven effective for one person may not have the same effect for another. However, a goal of losing 1 to 2 pounds per week (equivalent to 4 to 8 pounds per month) is considered a safe and sustainable rate of weight loss. Rapid weight loss from fad diets or extremely restrictive eating plans can lead to a variety of problems, including disordered eating, metabolic problems, and significant muscle loss. , nutrient deficiencies, gallstones, constipation, low energy, hair loss, reduced bone strength and weakened immunity.

Wearing a waist trainer while exercising is also a solution for faster weight loss because it will help burn excess fat in the abdominal area more effectively. However, comfort during exercise is still the most important and weight loss must be approached by focusing on health and sustainable habits to avoid potential risks


The best time of day to work out can vary based on individual preferences, lifestyle, and goals. Here are some considerations for different times


Pros: Boosts metabolism for the day, enhances mood and energy levels, may lead to more consistent exercise.

Cons: May take time to adapt if not a morning person.


Pros: Body temperature and muscle function tend to peak, reducing the risk of injury, strength and endurance may be higher.

Cons: Busier schedules in the evening, potential for interference with sleep if done too close to bedtime.


Pros: Good compromise between morning and evening benefits, body temperature is higher than in the morning.

Cons: May not be practical for those with work commitments.


Embarking on the journey of achieving weight loss through the best workout options is an ever-evolving experience. This year presents a diverse range of choices tailored to different preferences and fitness levels, emphasizing the importance of finding the best workout for weight loss. Recognizing that successful weight loss extends beyond the selection of a workout routine, it hinges on consistency, dedication, and a holistic approach. A balanced diet and lifestyle changes are integral components in this transformative process. In the dynamic fitness landscape, these workouts not only promise physical transformations but also play a significant role in enhancing mental well-being, boosting energy levels, and promoting overall health.