Having The Best Summer with These 12 Best Summer Outfits with Birkenstocks

Summer is coming to town! Sneakers are too hot to wear on a hot summer day, it may stink our feet. A pair of Birkenstocks is worth wearing these days, making wearers feel extra comfortable. If you have no idea what to wear with them, we can help you with that. Keep reading to find the 12 best summer outfit ideas featuring Birkenstocks. 


When looking for an outfit enhancement that will provide a tiny flash of something special without overpowering an optic-white jumpsuit, choose a pair in metallic copper. Not only is it suitable for a day roaming around the town, but it can also fit in a formal event with your friends. 

T-shirt and Midi Skirt

Try pairing a midi skirt and t-shirt with a pair of birkenstocks, whether you’re leaving for vacation or starting another workday. It is simple, stylish, and cozy. It may win your heart right away. 

Blazer and jeans

Wear a single-button blazer with a pair of light-wash jeans to maintain the casual-cool look. The effortless appearance is made ageless by wearing timeless sandals. Do you believe that it might be the ideal attire for a date?

A Long Sleeve Shirt and Khakis

Choose timeless pieces like a long sleeve shirt, khakis, and a box bag to carry on your body. Hippie-cool sandals will spruce up the preppy vibe. The entire ensemble can give the wearer a fun yet elegant appearance.  

Mini Dress

Although it should go without saying, a pretty, feminine dress with a pair of clunky sandals can be effective. Your fashionable Birkenstocks will stand out even more because of the understated nature of this style. Depending on the mood you want to convey, wear a blazer or a denim jacket on chilly days — très elegant!

Linen Dress

Because they are so breezy, linen dresses are perfect for summer. As it turns out, they are the ideal ensemble to wear with Birkenstocks. They look fantastic paired with any color of sandal!

Oversized Shirt and Jeans

Jeans (or shorts, if you want) and an oversized unbuttoned shirt are another wonderful outfit pairing for Birkenstocks. Although you may add a few items to this outfit to make it contemporary and even dressy, it can also be worn casually.

Graphic Tee and Jeans

Everyone has more than a few pairs of jeans in their closets since they are a very versatile item of clothing. Choose a graphic shirt if that’s more your thing and wear it with your favorite pair of light-wash or dark-wash jeans for the ultimate cool chick look.

Shirt and Tennis Skirt

The two best garments to wear with Birkenstocks are a shirt and a tennis skirt. Choose a blouse that fits loosely, but not too loosely, and a midi skirt that is knee-length or longer for the perfect midday look. 

Tank top

A tank top is a straightforward, airy garment without sleeves. It may be worn alone or beneath a cardigan or blazer, making it the ideal summer outfit. You can wear it free and casually or tucked into a pair of shorts, depending on your style. Of course, don’t forget your favorite pair of Birkenstock sandals.

Maxi Skirt and Shirt

A bohemian-inspired appearance can be achieved by wearing your Birkenstocks with a flowing maxi skirt and a crocheted shirt. Layered necklaces and a fringed crossbody bag are good accessories.

Linen top

When using Birkenstocks with shorts, cropped pants, or culottes, you may put together a very stylish outfit for a hot day. Enjoy the look by adding your pick of a shirt or linen top and a straw bag. 

Summertime is a perfect time to wear Birkenstocks as footwear. There is a Birkenstock attire to meet your needs, whether you’re heading to the beach, running errands, or going out for the evening. Birkenstocks, with their cozy and fashionable appearance, are guaranteed to become a mainstay in your summer wardrobe. So why not give some of these outfit suggestions a try and see how you can design your summer wardrobe with Birkenstocks?