14 Eye-Catching Summer Nail Designs 2023

With so many manicure options available, we felt it was time to organize our hues in preparation for pedicure season. And although we normally choose pink hues for the summer, we can’t help but swoon over fluffy blue tones and gleaming metallic hues. Here is a list of 14 eye-catching nail designs for manicure fans if you’re having trouble selecting the best new polishes.

Matte Navy Blue Nails

Navy blue manicures are always in trend and work well with warm silver tones, copper, or rose gold. They are chilly, dark, and mysterious. How stylish does this matte navy blue outfit with silver specks look?

Green and Gold Nails

You have the option of going with an acrylic nail plate or keeping your claws natural because green and gold manicure patterns look lovely on a variety of nail lengths. To add extra variety to your manicure design, explore with gold accents and gemstones of various shapes. 

Black and Orange Nails

This manicure has a playful, whimsical look because of its simple geometric forms. Use a detailed brush to paint as many designs as you like after your base coat is complete. 

White and Silver Nails

White and silver nail designs are always the go-to manicures for many people out there. Pick a silver glitter nail paint with tiny glittering particles if you want your nails to seem sparkly. Use white nail paint to give your nails a unique look.

Pink and Purple Nails

Pink and purple tones are the ideal tints to choose if you want to give your nails a more feminine flare. When paired, these two hues initially seem strange, yet they may completely change the look of your hands.

Rose Gold Ombre Glitter Nails

Rose gold ombre glitter nails are the ideal way to add a dash of glitz to your appearance, whether for a night out or your everyday style. The slightly extravagant style will stick out and highlight your individuality and poise. It’s all up to you what you want to accomplish with this stylish, adaptable option.

Chrome French Tip Nails

This is a quietly stylish approach to updating your classic French manicure for the modern era if you enjoy them (and who doesn’t?). Maintaining the distinctive appearance of the original design while remaining fashionable is possible by adding a glittering finish on top with chrome powder or eyeshadow.

Matte Olive Green Nails

Square-shaped nails look amazing with a matte green manicure polish, especially if you add some chromed powder. Undoubtedly captivating is the fusion of matte and shiny glossy effects!

Red and Silver Nails

For a summer day manicure, red and silver are usually always the colors of choice. A dark red lacquer and solid or glittering silver can be combined in an infinite number of beautiful ways. 

Yellow and Green Nails

If you enjoy geometric designs, try combining yellow and green to make a striking manicure design. Using a thin brush or striping tape, make geometric designs in various hues of green using a vivid neon yellow shade as the base color. This design has an eye-catching, contemporary, and edgy appearance.

Peachy Matte Nails 

Nothing beats a gorgeous but straightforward manicure just in time for the sweltering summer days. Peachy colors contrast beautifully with a summer tan. ‘Big Spender’ by Trust Fund Beauty nail polish was used as the foundation color.

White French Tips Nails with Hearts

Nothing beats a gorgeous but straightforward manicure just in time for the sweltering summer days. Peachy colors contrast beautifully with a summer tan. ‘Big Spender’ by Trust Fund Beauty nail polish was used as the foundation color.

Blue Swirl Nails

You’ll feel fantastic this season with swirl nail art like this one. With the lovely pastel blue and white-lined nails, you can smile. Don’t you think the soft blue color would be appropriate for a day at the beach? 

Ombre Orange Nails

We adore this charming appearance. The holiday season will see a welcome trend of warm, vibrant orange colors. Excellent with white or contrast at the other end of the color spectrum with light blues. Your orange ombre nails will brighten up your excursions from the beach to the poolside.

Everyone may find a manicure design they like thanks to the wide variety of possibilities, which range from detailed nail art to bold colors and patterns. Whether you favor a simple or maximalist approach, having fun and experimenting with various tools and techniques are the keys to creating a great nail design. So why not give some of these striking nail art designs a try and see how you can use your manicure to accentuate your style and make a statement? You can create an eye-catching and distinctive style with a little imagination and practice.