Chelsea Houska has always been attentive to her appearance. After giving birth to twins, she gained some weight.  However, she did not let this hinder her. In fact, Chelsea swiftly made decisions and took actions to address her weight gain issue. How did she lose weight? Read our article to discover more about her weight loss journey.



Chelsea Anne Houska, also known as Chels, was born on August 29, 1991, in Vermillion, South Dakota. Her parents are Mary Knelp Houska and Randy Houska. Chelsea has three older sisters named Melissa Houska Schnell, Angie Houska McDaniel, and Emily Houska.

For her education, Chelsea attended a high school in Vermillion, South Dakota, where she actively played softball for the school’s team. In 2008, at the age of 16, she began dating a person named Adam Lind and eventually dropped out of school when she became pregnant with his child.

On the first day of her senior year, Chelsea Houska went into labor, five weeks early. At the age of 18, she gave birth to a girl named Aubree Skye Lind-Houska in 2009. Despite her young age, Chelsea received support from her parents and siblings. Following the birth of her daughter, she began attending online classes to complete her education.

Upon obtaining her GED, Chelsea enrolled in beauty school and simultaneously secured a part-time job at a salon. Additionally, she attended cosmetology school, ultimately becoming a licensed beautician. During this period, Chelsea faced challenges in her relationship with Adam, who displayed a declining interest in their child. Struggling with the decision between her feelings for him and providing a stable family for her daughter, Chelsea made the difficult choice to end her relationship with Adam for good in 2012, at the age of 21.


She embarked on her career journey after giving birth to her daughter and being cast for the second season of the MTV reality TV series, “16 and Pregnant.” The show premiered on February 16, 2010, and concluded on December 21, 2010. Chelsea Houska appeared on the show alongside her daughter, Aubree Skye Lind-Houska, and her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind. The series portrayed her life as a young mother striving to pursue her education while simultaneously caring for her child.

Chelsea shared the screen with other participants such as Jenelle Evans, Nikkole Paulun, Valerie Fairman, Lori Wickelhaus, Samantha Hernandez, Nicole Fokos, Leah Messer, Lizzie Waller, Brooke Smitherman, Felicia Cooke, and more.


Chelsea has consistently maintained physical fitness. She managed to maintain a stable weight until giving birth.

For that reason, Chelsea has always received comments from her fans on her Instagram. They ask, “How do you stay fit and fine?” “I want to follow your routine,” and “How do you stay thinner everywhere?” 

However, like any other woman, Chelsea faced some challenges with the birth of her daughter, Layne. This led to some weight gain. Fans noticed changes in her appearance and turned to Chelsea Houska’s Instagram account. She regularly shares her lifestyle and activities, including details about her weight loss journey. 

In one of her posts, Chelsea said, “You know me. I like to stay healthy and thin. Whenever something challenges my fitness, I send red alert signals to my body.” It is a habit that everyone should follow. Being healthy should be our first priority.


Once Chelsea regained her former appearance and shed some pounds, fans began speculating and sharing their theories. Chelsea’s fans were curious about her fitness. She began addressing their questions by sharing details about her diet and workouts on Instagram.


In one of her social media posts, Chelsea posted a picture of vegetable juice. She captioned it “A little juicy to start the day, Yum.

It’s evident that Chelsea chooses to begin her day with a refreshing sip of vegetable juice. She does this instead of opting for the usual unhealthy choices like tea or coffee.  Various vegetable juices are available. Chelsea seems to favor options like gorge and spinach juice. They are known for their effectiveness in supporting weight loss.

Chelsea prioritizes a healthier start to her day. Though it may not be as indulgent as chocolate coffee. Chelsea openly shares details about her diet in a health-conscious manner. If you’re curious about her lunch and dinner choices. She posted a college photo featuring delicious dishes. It included grilled vegetables and protein-rich foods. She emphasized her commitment to balanced and nutritious meals. 

Chelsea has also shared plenty of photos of pizza. In one post, she wrote, “Pizza life chose me”. Though the pizza, Chelsea eats is always homemade.

Indeed, Chelsea takes a hands-on approach to her meals. She often prepares homemade pizza.  Fruits play a significant role in her diet, while she consciously steers clear of junk food.

Chelsea consistently provides insights into her dietary choices through her Instagram account posts. 


Chelsea Houska updated her fans about her regular walks. “I did not know what to expect when this whole workout thing started and it has been a lot longer than I thought it was going to be and even crazy to think that I don’t know when it is going to end.”

She said, “I just wanted to share a few ways with you guys by which I have been staying healthy, mentally and physically.”

Chelsea further said, “One thing I have finally taken advantage of is the peloton that I’ve had sitting around. It’s pushing me to work out a little bit more and has been making me feel really great”. She ended with “We are getting outside, when the weather is nice, the kids love going for walks.”

She has also posted videos showcasing her workout routines, including weightlifting, cycling, and running.


Chelsea shed 50 pounds after the birth of her daughter and before her wedding by adhering to the healthy diet and workout regimen mentioned earlier.


Following the birth of her third child, Chelsea experienced weight gain, reaching 166 pounds. However, with deliberate choices in her eating habits, she has successfully reduced her weight to approximately 115 pounds.


Having transformed both physically and into a healthier version of herself, Chelsea Houska radiates genuine happiness. Chelsea is open about her lifestyle changes, from dietary adjustments to incorporating exercise, sparking a positive conversation around body positivity and health. As she continues to prioritize her well-being, her journey becomes a guiding light of encouragement. It resonates with those seeking motivation on their own paths to happiness, much like Jennifer Coolidge and Pauline Chalamet.


  1. How many children does Chelsea Houska have?

Chelsea Houska has four children.

  1. Who is Chelsea Houska’s husband?

Her husband is Cole DeBoer

  1. How much is Chelsea Houska net worth?

Chelsea Houska’s net worth was estimated to be around $2 million.