If you get gel manicures regularly, you’ve probably heard about BIAB nails. What are they, and will they work for you? BIAB, named one of the top 2024 nail trends, promises a nail-strengthening treatment that can be topped with anything from neutral tones to glittering nail art and is more durable than gels while also being friendlier on your natural nails. This is, of course, a bold promise because most nail treatments fall into one of two categories: traditional polish, which provides great nail care but chips in a matter of days. Alternatively, dip powder nails and acrylic nails are more durable but may cause nail damage. In contrast, a BIAB manicure is claimed to provide both gentleness and perseverance. So, if you’re still deciding between BIAB or gels, this article will give you the answer you want. 

What Are BIAB Nails?

BIAB nails, which stands for “builder in a bottle,” are a structured gel manicure designed to strengthen your natural nails. The GelBottle Inc. created them in the UK. They are identical to the gels commonly used for manicures, except they come in a bottle for easier application. Even though it is applied like conventional nail polish, BIAB nails can extend the nail and help you achieve the desired form. Unlike gel polish, which damages natural nails, BIAB nails strengthen them by forming a protective layer. They are not only soak-off gels, but they are also firmer than regular gel polish, which prevents brittle nails. BIAB nails can be worn alone or in combination with gel nail paint. 

The Difference Between BIAB Nails And Gel Nails 

BIAB nails are considerably more expensive than gel nails, which may turn some individuals away. However, BIAB nails are expected to last longer than normal gel nails, making them more cost-effective despite their greater initial cost.

Another distinction between BIAB and normal gel nails is how they feel. Standard gel nails will be soft and flexible, allowing them to bend. On the other hand, BIAB nails are more robust, with nails that do not bend. BIAB nails also appear thicker and more luxurious, making for some gorgeous finishes.

BIAB Nails And Their Benefits

While the majority of gel nail paints on the market contain animal byproducts, PureWow claims that builder nails are vegan. They are also cruelty-free, which means no animal experimentation was used in the production of the product. Aside from being vegan and cruelty-free, one of the best features of BIAB nails is their capacity to cure and restore damaged nails.

If you’re a nail-biter who’s hesitant to try gels or acrylics, the BIAB formula will repair and shape your nails as you see fit. Builder nails are also available in a variety of neutral hues that reflect your nails, making them ideal for a natural look and occupations that do not allow wacky-colored manicure polish or acrylics (via Refinery29).

The long-lasting formula allows you to change the colors and designs of your nails regularly without having to remove the nail itself. If you’re worried that wearing the nails for a few weeks would color your natural nail beds yellow, don’t be. GelBottle Inc. devised their BIAB solution to be non-yellowing and non-shrinking.

How To Take Care Of BIAB Nails ?

According to Get the Gloss, BIAB nails last much longer than gel nails, lasting chip-free for up to three weeks versus 10 days to two weeks. These nails, like acrylic nails, can be filled in. This implies that instead of fully removing your nails when you have fresh growth, you may simply apply builder gel to “fill in” the gap.

To extend the wear of these nails, take care of them, especially after the first 24 hours of having them done. Avoid activities that entail heat, such as taking hot baths and doing dishes. Treatwell recommends applying cuticle oil and washing your hands frequently.

The removal technique for BIAB nails is comparable to that of gel nails. They should be carefully buffed and then bathed in acetone, according to the Stylist. Because BIAB nails have a firmer texture than regular gel nails, they may take longer to remove. Regardless of the time required for removal, this new nail style is well worth trying.

BIAB Nails Inspo For Beginners

Milk White Nails With Design

The best design may come from floral! Nothing speaks elegance like a lovely floral arrangement. With Biab nails, you can have a garden on your fingertips every day. Delicate roses, blooming daisies, and ornate vines are all options at your fingertips, literally.

Spring Nails 2024 Short

The holiday is coming, so why not try nails with a diamond pattern? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and Biab nails allow you to wear them on your fingers. 

Swirl Nails

This is the perfect nail for red dress. Add swirls and twirls to your claws to create these amazing swirl nails. These captivating designs create a sensation of movement and fascinate with their intricate patterns. 

Pink Nails With Hearts

Pink nails with hearts are a popular and flexible Valentine’s Day manicure design that may also be worn throughout the year! 

Red And Pink Nails

Red and pink nails are a gorgeous combination that provides limitless opportunities for artistic nail art!


How Long Does BIAB Last?

With regular care, BIAB can help keep your nails looking strong and healthy for up to four weeks.

Is BIAB Good For Your Nails?

BIAB may be a viable alternative for some people searching for stronger, longer-lasting nails, particularly those with naturally weak or brittle nails. However, it is critical to prioritize adequate nail care with BIAB use and to be aware of any downsides.

Should BIAB be removed every time?

It is preferable to have the BIAB nails removed or replaced every three to four weeks, or whenever they begin to lift. 


So there you have it. The definitive guide to BIAB nails. From learning the benefits and cons to selecting the ideal design and mastering the application procedure, you’re now ready to flaunt magnificent, long-lasting nails that turn heads. Remember, healthy nails are happy nails, so make regular nail care a priority alongside your BIAB treatments. Embrace your creativity, try out new designs, and most importantly, have fun!