As spring approaches, it’s time to shed those layers and bulky winter boots in favor of cool, comfortable footwear. And what better way to embrace the warmer weather than slipping into a stylish pair of slides? Offering both comfort and a touch of laid-back luxury, slides are the perfect choice for lounging by the pool, running errands, or simply adding a casual vibe to your outfit. In this guide, we’ll showcase 12 top picks for women’s slides, catering to different styles, preferences, and budgets. So, get ready to step into spring with effortless ease and confidence!



The Reef Cushion Vera Cruz Slides are really nice-looking sandals inspired by nature. They come in natural, whisper white, or midnight black colors, so you can match them easily with different outfits for both day and night. These sandals are super comfy right from the start because of their soft sole and really soft vegan leather straps. You won’t feel any rubbing or pinching wearing these.

They have a strong rubber sole that gives good support, with hibiscus patterns on the bottom for extra grip. I’ve tried them on different surfaces like grass, floors, carpet, and cement, and they’ve always felt stable. I like that they stay put on my feet and are easy to slip on. They fit just right without squeezing too much on the top of my foot. Make sure to get the right size when ordering. And even after wearing them a lot, they still look brand new with no signs of wear and tear.


Oofos offers sizes ranging from 5 to 16 in a selection of six colors, including Black and Neptune Blue. Crafted from closed-cell foam, their bestselling OOahh slides prioritize foot recovery, gently stretching and relaxing foot muscles. The footbed provides excellent arch support, alleviating stress on knees, ankles, and other joints. Available in modern colors, these slides are both machine washable and odor-resistant. Unsure if they’re right for you? Oofos offers a 30-day trial period, allowing you to return the slides hassle-free if they don’t meet your expectations.


The Cushionaire Women’s Luna Cork Footbed Sandal offers exceptional comfort with its cork footbed that molds to the shape of your feet and gentle faux-leather straps. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. The cork footbed and suede insoles provide immediate comfort and support without causing any discomfort or blisters. The ridged bottom makes them suitable for city walks, but they might not be ideal for bad weather due to the suede and open-toe design. Additionally, there’s a risk of staining the suede from the buckles when adjusting the straps. Overall, these sandals are highly comfortable and have been mistaken for Birkenstocks, making them a stylish choice for everyday wear.


The BEEK Pelican Leather Platform Sandal is a cool and versatile choice for your feet that you can wear for many different things. They’re made from really good leather, so they’re tough and comfy. These sandals give you some extra height because of the platform sole, but they still keep you steady on your feet, which is great if you’re going to be wearing them all day. They have a simple but classy look that can make any outfit look better, whether you’re dressing up or keeping it casual. The little details in how they’re made, like where the straps go and the small stitches, make them look really nice. Basically, these sandals are both stylish and useful, so they’re a smart addition to any closet.


Lululemon’s latest slides offer comfort and support for those active days, whether you’ve been running or working long hours. Available in sizes 5 to 12 and seven colors, including Black and Misty Pink, these slides feature a dual-density foam construction with a strap upper and rubber outsole. The foam ensures a cushioned feel, while the rubber outsole provides slip-proof traction. Plus, with Lululemon’s 30-day trial offer, you can try them risk-free and return them for a full refund if they don’t meet your expectations. Remember, though, they require hand washing for care.


The Message Mullen Slide is really good for keeping your feet safe and comfy, no matter what you’re doing. But one thing that could be better is the strap might feel a bit tight at first. These slides are made by hand in Portugal and they’re all about making sure your feet stay in place, even when you’re moving around a lot. The strap might feel tight at first, but it stretches and fits your foot snugly. They look cool too. The bottom part is made from recycled cork, which gives good support and feels nice to walk on. And when they get dirty, you can just wash them in the machine with cold water and let them dry. Easy!


We really like these slides because they fit your feet just right, have soft cushioning inside, and look stylish with lots of color options. But it’s better to wear them with socks in humid weather to prevent rubbing. The Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed Clog is a fashionable choice with a suede upper in colors like taupe, mocha, mink, or black. It’s best to follow the size guide to get the perfect fit. They’re comfy to walk in, and they shape your feet quickly. The cork footbed has foam inside for extra comfort, and the slides have sturdy soles that provide good support without feeling heavy. They’re made of high-quality materials and still look new even after lots of wear. They come in sizes 4-4.5 to 12-12.5 with options for regular/wide or medium/narrow fits.


We really like these slides because they’re like a cheaper version of Birkenstocks but still give you the same comfort, style, and performance. However, the buckles might look a bit cheap. They have rugged soles made of EVA with good grip, so you won’t slip on wet or dry surfaces. Even though they might look like they’d get worn out easily, they still looked new after testing. You can get them in white, brown, or black, and they go well with different outfits. If you’re not sure about the size, it’s better to go up a size. They come in sizes 5 to 10 and are made of leather, suede, cork, and EVA.


The Squish from J Slides comes in sizes 5 to 11 and offers 8 colors, including Black and Light Pink. They’re made of EVA, and you can clean them by spot cleaning and letting them air dry. These slides are really soft and squishy, with two layers of cushioning for extra comfort. They have a tall platform sole, measuring 1.75 inches at the highest point, which makes them super comfy to walk in. One reviewer said they feel like walking on air.


The Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandals are praised for being sturdy, comfortable, and incredibly lightweight, making them barely noticeable on your feet. However, finding the right size can be a bit challenging due to the absence of half sizes. These sandals are ideal for beach outings as they are crafted from Crocs’ special foam, which dries quickly and provides exceptional comfort both in and out of the water. They require no breaking-in period and are exceptionally lightweight. Even if you’re prone to blisters, they won’t cause any discomfort. The straps are flexible, ensuring a snug fit without being difficult to put on or remove. You can wear them all day without feeling fatigued. The grooves on the sole enhance flexibility and prevent water buildup, offering excellent traction on wet surfaces. While durable and offering good value for money, it’s worth noting that they are relatively flat and may not provide ample arch support.


Madewell’s Charley Double-Strap Slide offers sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11 and comes in three colors, including True Black and Desert Camel. Crafted with a leather upper and lining and a manmade sole, these slides prioritize both style and comfort. The leather used is sustainably sourced from a tannery certified by The Leather Working Group. The chunky manmade sole features padding for added cushioning, ensuring cloudlike comfort with every step. Reviewers emphasize that this pair is comfortable right from the start, requiring no breaking-in period. Unfortunately, care instructions are not listed.


Everlane’s The Day Crossover offers sizes from 5 to 11 and comes in three colors, including Black and Light Taupe. Crafted with a leather upper, these sandals are designed for everyday wear with minimalistic style. They’re easy to care for with spot cleaning only. Made at a family-owned factory known for traditional shoe-making techniques, these sandals prioritize comfort and durability. The criss-cross leather straps are folded over to minimize foot friction, ensuring blister-free wear. Reviewers rave about the immediate comfort of this pair, noting that there’s no break-in period required. With a flexible footbed, square toe, and slight heel-raising wedge, these slides provide surprising comfort, making them ideal for travel or work.


When picking out your next pair of slides, Dr. Cory Clement, a podiatrist from California, suggests looking for ones with cushioned rubber or EVA soles that give good support to your arches and keep your feet stable. He says this helps prevent your feet from getting tired, especially since flat slides don’t absorb shock well. Dr. Clement also recommends slides with rugged outsoles or grooves for better grip on different surfaces, making them more versatile for wherever you go.

Think about where you’re going to wear your slides. If you’re going to a city where you’ll be walking a lot, you might not need slides with as much traction as you would for the beach or hiking. If you’re heading to more adventurous places, it’s better to prioritize durability and support over fashionable looks. Consider the weather too – some materials are better for wet conditions, while others are more breathable in humid climates.

Make sure your slides fit properly before you travel. Even if they look nice or are well-made, if they’re not the right size, they won’t be comfortable. It’s important to find a balance between snug and tight. Test your new slides properly to avoid discomfort later on. Buying them ahead of time gives you a chance to break them in. While some slides feel comfy right away, others need a few wears to mold to your feet and become truly comfortable.


Finding the best slides for women involves considering factors such as comfort, durability, traction, and fit. Whether you prioritize cushioning and stability for all-day wear, or versatility for various activities and environments, there are options to suit every preference and need. From trendy designs with sustainable materials to classic styles with reliable construction, the ideal pair of slides enhances both fashion and function. By following expert recommendations and considering destination and climate, women can make informed choices that ensure comfort and enjoyment wherever their adventures take them. Ultimately, investing in well-fitting, high-quality slides provides the perfect blend of style, support, and practicality for any occasion.