20 Best Women’s Winter Boots Of 2023-2024

When winter arrives, our feet feel the cold first. That’s why having warm boots is crucial to staying cozy outside. We went hiking in snow and ice to discover the top winter boots for women that keep their feet warm and comfortable. After checking many options, we’ve chosen the best 20 boots for you. Stay with us and scroll down to see the names on the list!

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot

The Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot has garnered widespread acclaim for its outstanding features, boasting a waterproof construction that ensures optimal protection against the elements. The inclusion of a 6mm washable felt inner boot not only provides exceptional warmth but also adds a layer of convenience for easy maintenance. The boot’s sole is specifically designed for superior traction on icy surfaces, enhancing safety during winter endeavors. Additionally, its comfort quotient is noteworthy, making it suitable for extended periods of wear, ensuring a cozy experience throughout the day. However, these boots may run a tad large, potentially causing them to be too warm and posing challenges when it comes to putting them on and taking them off.

The North Face Chilkat 400 V

This boot proves to be an ideal choice for a range of activities, including hiking, snowshoeing, and everyday winter wear. Its impressive features include a waterproof and breathable membrane, ensuring optimal protection while maintaining breathability. With 400g of PrimaLoft Eco insulation, it guarantees warmth in cold conditions without compromising on eco-friendliness. The boot is further enhanced by a robust Vibram Arctic Grip outsole, providing exceptional traction for various terrains and winter environments. However, a few users still find the design of the boots to be a bit small.

Columbia Heavenly Omni-Heat Waterproof Boot

This budget-friendly option stands out with its remarkable combination of warmth and traction, all attributed to Columbia’s cutting-edge Omni-Heat technology and a dependable Omni-Grip outsole for enhanced grip on various surfaces. Engineered to be waterproof, it guarantees dry and protected feet, making it a reliable choice for diverse weather conditions. Beyond functionality, its thoughtful design prioritizes comfort, ensuring that it’s not just a technical solution but also an ideal companion for everyday wear, offering a seamless blend of performance and style. The drawback of this product is that the stitching on the bottom of the shoes is not secure and might come loose.

Kamik Nation Plus

Priced affordably, this boot offers excellent value with its array of features. Boasting a waterproof construction, it ensures your feet stay dry in various conditions. With 200g of insulation, it provides ample warmth for chilly days. The comfortable fit adds to its appeal, making it suitable for extended wear. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose from a diverse range of colors and styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for your preferences and outfit. It is important to note that, according to some opinions, these shoes do not have good heat retention properties.

Kamik Momentum 3

The Kamik Momentum 3 Boots cater to budget-conscious consumers seeking reliable winter footwear. These boots feature a practical 9-inch shaft height, striking a balance between ankle support and freedom of movement. The design is geared toward providing ample coverage and protection against cold weather conditions, making them a suitable choice for various winter activities. Crafted from a waterproof and insulated synthetic material, the Kamik Momentum 3 Boots excel in keeping your feet dry and warm. The waterproof feature ensures that moisture is kept at bay, making them ideal for trudging through snow or navigating slushy terrains. The insulation adds an extra layer of defense against the biting cold, making these boots a reliable companion during chilly winter days. Because the price is not too high, the manufacturer used hard rubber to make the sole. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to observe that soles crafted from hard rubber might exhibit greater slipperiness compared to those made from alternative materials.

Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated

Try pampering your feet with these boots. One of the standout features of the Oboz Bridger boots is their Vibram outsole, known for its exceptional traction on snow and ice. This ensures a surefooted grip, enhancing your stability and confidence as you navigate through winter landscapes. With a 7-inch shaft height, the Oboz Bridger boots strike an ideal balance between ankle support and flexibility, ensuring you can traverse various terrains with ease. The boots boast a waterproof and insulated leather upper, a combination that not only keeps your feet dry in wet conditions but also provides crucial insulation against the biting cold. However, there are still mixed opinions about the boots’ ability to provide warmth.

Blundstone Thermal Chelsea

The Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boots are a great option for women who want a stylish and comfortable winter boot. They are made with a waterproof and insulated leather upper and have a comfortable EVA footbed. They also have a durable rubber outsole for excellent traction. The inclusion of a comfortable EVA footbed enhances the overall wearing experience, providing support and cushioning that makes these boots suitable for extended periods of wear. To further elevate their performance, the boots feature a durable rubber outsole, particularly valuable in winter conditions where slip resistance is crucial. The stylish and versatile Chelsea boot design adds a fashionable touch, ensuring a seamless transition from outdoor adventures to urban settings without compromising on style. Equipped with quality materials, these boots come with a higher price tag compared to other brands, with a suggested retail price of $240.

Baffin Impact

Baffin combines leading molding technology with a foam inner boot system, creating a high-performance hybrid shoe. This equates to more warmth, better fit, and more comfort. Baffin boots are different from most work shoes and boots because the sole and midsole are molded into the sole in a continuous process. The sole itself is a marvel of modern engineering, as it is made up of a number of advanced thermosetting polymers combined together to achieve the right balance of warmth, protection, weight, and durability. Lightweight with excellent grip. The bungee ski collar adds the perfect finishing touch to these cold-weather boots. However, according to certain reviews, this item is mentioned as not being as waterproof and has a more compact design than competing brands. 

Ugg Adirondack III 

The UGG Adirondack III boots are a notable and popular choice, especially for those seeking a combination of style and functionality in cold weather. These boots are temperature-rated to withstand temperatures as low as -32 degrees Celsius (-25.6 degrees Fahrenheit), making them a reliable choice for extremely cold climates. Constructed with premium waterproof leather and suede uppers, the Adirondack III ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable even in wet and snowy conditions. The waterproof membrane adds an extra layer of protection against moisture, making it a reliable choice for various winter activities. For insulation, the boots are lined with UGGpure™ wool, a luxurious and natural material that provides warmth and comfort. The Ugg Adirondack boots may appear expensive, with a cost of about $250.

Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Tall

Boasting a tall 16.9-inch shaft height, a waterproof rubber upper, and a thick yet flexible neoprene collar, the Arctic Sport is well-equipped for demanding outdoor tasks, whether you’re tackling ranch work or clearing your suburban driveway. We’ve put the Arctic Sport to the test, wearing it daily throughout the winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It has adeptly handled a range of conditions, from waist-deep snow to spring slush. Beyond its ability to keep the elements at bay, the boot provides substantial warmth (Muck Boot generously rates it from -40 to 40˚F) and impressively extensive coverage. Once you’ve experienced the knee-height collar, there’s simply no turning back. A drawback of this product is the poor breathability. Additionally, it is challenging to put on and take off.

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boots

This product is really cool because it lasts a long time. You can change old parts instead of buying a whole new boot. It’s about 12 inches tall, reaches halfway up your leg, and stops most snow from getting in. The waterproof suede part has a lining that keeps you dry, unlike some winter boots where you have to empty out water. Also, these Sorels have 6mm recycled laces and a flowery lining to keep out snow and cold. Another notable feature of the Joan of Arctic boots is the 6mm longer liner. The liners stay in place by pushing against the support head, although occasionally, they might come loose. Additionally, these boots might be a bit too big and could be tricky to put on and take off.

The North Face Shellista IV Mid 

The North Face has given its classic winter boot a modern update – the waterproof Shellista IV Mid WP. It’s made of fancy full-grain leather, and durable nylon, and has a padded tongue for added warmth and comfort. These outdoor boots are durable and keep your feet dry and warm, so you can comfortably explore even in really bad weather. Stay warm with 200 grams of Heatseeker Eco Pro insulation and a padded ripstop tongue, even when it’s wet. For comfort and support, the lightweight molded EVA midsole keeps you cozy and protected from the ground. The high-grip outsole is perfect for winter, giving you confidence and stability on cold adventures from peak to peak. Although praised for its benefits, some reports limited shaft height results in reduced coverage and warmth.

Keen Revel IV Polar

The Keen Revel IV Polar is a really good winter hiking boot. We like that it keeps your feet warm, is tough, lets your feet breathe, and keeps them dry. It’s great for walking on icy and bumpy trails, and you can use it with things like microspikes or snowshoes. It’s comfy to wear all day, but it looks more like a technical and outdoorsy boot, not very stylish for everyday wear. The front part of the boot is wide, so it’s good if you wear thick socks, but it might feel too loose if you have narrow feet. Overall, if you work outside and love winter adventures, this boot is reliable.

Baffin Chloe Snow Boots

Canada-based Baffin is known for their Arctic-ready winter boots, but they also have a nice lineup of casual offerings for everyday use in the lower 48. The Chloe here combines the warmth-capturing technology of the Impact above with a stylish, feminine silhouette for a boot that gives designs like the Ugg Adirondack and Sorel Joan of Arctic a run for their money. On the outside, you get a suede leather upper with a faux fur collar, while the Polar Rubber outsole specializes in cold-weather grip on icy terrain. Under the hood, a removable inner bootie features a polyester-wool blend and thick foam lining. For an everyday winter boot that can dress up or down, the Chloe is well deserving of a spot on your list. Chloe’s drawback lies in its weight, exceeding 4.5 pounds, potentially making it unsuitable for smaller individuals, especially girls.

Baffin Escalate

The Baffin Escalate isn’t all about looking stylish, but it really impresses with how well it works in terms of weight, warmth, and coverage. We really like its full coverage design and the B-Tek Heat insulation by Baffin that kept us super warm in really cold weather. Plus, it’s super light, only 10 ounces per boot for a US women’s size 7, and it feels like a big cozy slipper with good traction. There are a few things about the design that we didn’t love. It fits snugly, which might be too tight for wider feet or bigger calves. Additionally, it’s not the most stable option for really intense outdoor activities. If you can overlook these quirks, especially if you really care about staying warm and protected in freezing conditions, the Baffin Escalate might be just what you’re looking for.

Columbia Ice Maiden II

Columbia’s Ice Maiden is a popular winter boot for women that has been part of their collection for a long time. It’s well-liked for everyday wear in mild winter conditions. The boot is comfortable due to its light insulation and soft materials. The woven upper feels nice and is less bulky than some other options, like the Shellista IV and Sorel’s Joan of Arctic. However, it may not be as reliable in deep snow. The Ice Maiden uses 200-gram synthetic insulation, which provides decent warmth, but it’s not the warmest option. Despite this, many people choose it because it’s comfortable, affordable, and stylish. It’s not as stable as specialized winter hiking boots, and it’s not recommended for backcountry use due to the faux fur collar, which can become heavy with snow and ice. 

Merrell Moab 3 Thermo

Similar to Oboz and Keen, Merrell is an expert in crafting hiking boots and has several high-quality winter designs that highlight their expertise. Among their practical trail options, the Moab 3 Thermo Mid Waterproof stands out. This boot takes Merrell’s popular hiking boot, the Moab, and adapts it for cold weather. The Moab 3 Thermo features premium materials, including 200-gram PrimaLoft Gold Eco fill and a Vibram Icetrek outsole, providing winter-ready performance for snowy and icy trails. It’s designed for temperatures ranging from the mid-teens to the low 30s Fahrenheit. The boot also comes with a quality in-house membrane, making it suitable for slushy shoulder-season conditions. Additionally, you can enhance the leather’s protection by using an aftermarket conditioner. Only a few people who bought the Moab 3 Thermo Mid Waterproof said that it lacks protection and durability.

Timberland Authentics

The Timberland Fleece Fold Down Boot is a cool and strong boot with a special touch. It’s made from really good, waterproof leather and a waterproof layer to keep your feet dry. The leather on top is tough against bad weather, and we feel safe wearing these shoes. The part that covers your leg is made of soft suede, so you can roll it down easily. The top part changes to suede, which is soft. When we tie the laces, the top of the boot hugs our ankle and lower leg. You can also fold the top part down for style or to let out heat, but we’ve never done that. Some people say the product is difficult to put on and take off and lacks substantial structure, but has reasonable waterproofing.

L.L. Bean Bean Boots 8” Shearling-Lined

Our famous Bean Boot, made in Maine, is crafted with soft leather and a super comfy shearling lining, just like our favorite slippers. It is lined with warm shearling and hand sewn in Maine by skilled craftspeople. Keeping feet warm has been cool for over 100 years! The leather is high-quality and soft, the shearling inside adds extra warmth and the iconic stitching makes them durable. They lace up for a snug fit, but the laces aren’t waterproof. The rubber bottom keeps your feet dry, and it’s insulated for more warmth. These boots are great for rain, slush, snow, and chilly weather, but are not meant to be underwater for long. However, they may seem expensive and challenging to find in the right size.

Danner Arctic 600 Side-Zip 

Winterizing a popular hiking boot isn’t a new idea, but Danner’s Arctic 600 really stands out as one of the best. They took their Mountain 600 boot and made it winter-ready by adding high-quality 200-gram PrimaLoft insulation, Vibram’s special Arctic Grip outsole for snow and ice, and nice details like exposed wool on the collar and tongue. To make it easier to put on and take off, they even added a zipper along the instep of each boot. What’s also great is what Danner kept: the smooth suede exterior looks fantastic anywhere, and the boot still feels light and lively despite being designed for winter. If I had to point out a downside to these boots, it would be that they are quite high-priced at approximately $250.


The perfect pair of women’s boots can elevate any outfit, adding both style and substance. From the classic elegance of knee-high boots to the rugged versatility of ankle boots, there’s a pair out there for every woman and every occasion. When choosing your ideal boots, consider both function and fashion, ensuring they complement your style while offering the comfort and support you need to conquer your day. Whether you’re trekking through the woods or strutting down the street, the right pair of boots can empower you to embrace every adventure with confidence and grace. So, step out in style and explore the world with confidence, knowing your boots are ready to take you wherever your heart desires.