Unbelievably, hair clips, with their lengthy and illustrious history, were the earliest style devices. Aside from handcrafted tool kits, women in prehistoric human society fastened their hair with pins composed of wood and stones. After that, those pins passed down through the generations to become bobby pins, an essential Victorian-era fashion accessory.

The 19th century saw the invention of pins in their current form. And that’s when their adaptability becomes useful. Hair clips have evolved since then, becoming stylish accents meant to give women’s hairstyles a unique look. Wearing clips is really common these days. Let’s now explore the variety of types of hair clips.


It’s likely that you have our first hair clip hidden away in your home. Claw clips are worn by women because they are user-friendly and comfy. A claw clip type will usually sit squarely at the back of the skull.

Tinier versions can be used to fix a half-upstyle, pinback bangs, or low ponytail. Finally, they avoid denting or creases in hair, unlike traditional hair ties.


The bobby pin, the tiniest and most basic clip on this list, can be used to create intricate couture looks or used alone to casually pin up a section of hair.

Out of all these different kinds of hair clips, bobby pins provide the strongest hold since they have one straight side and one grooved side.


Wave setting hair clips, made for professionals but ideal for you, hold the hair in place after styling so makeup can be applied. They are great for securing almost any hairdo without leaving a ding, but they are especially great for retro-glam looks like finger waves. Wave setting clips are a great way to elevate your beauty connoisseurship. No doubt, this is definitely one of the best hair clip types for curly hair.


You ought to feel a little nostalgic after watching these clips. They are ideal for children beginning to style their own hair because of the simple snapping action. The fact that they are frequently colorful adds to their fun factor! They are ideal hair clips for short hair because they don’t hold a lot of hair at once.


These extra-large hair clips work well for securing a large amount of hair at once. It is the greatest choice for longer and thicker hair because of its central teeth and the outer circle that locks together on one end.

Ladies with kinky, thick hair might look for larger versions available in the market that are composed of flexible, bending material. For a significant occasion, such as a wedding, go for an adorned one made of exquisite materials, or choose a basic style for daily use.


This look incorporates a variety of hair clip styles, including banana clips and bobby pins. These styles work best when they are covered in pearls, either of different sizes or of equal size, regardless of the shape of the clip.

Pearl hair clips are perfect for showing off a sophisticated, coquette look, and they’re especially suitable for brides-to-be and romantic occasions.


Hair ribbon clips are most frequently seen on your mother’s or young girls’ adorable 90s hairstyles! The ludicrous trouble of tying up hair and molding ribbon into a bow is avoided with clip bows.

These bows have a snap clip already connected to them. Look for little or large styles that will let you style your hair in a half-up or low ponytail.


These hair clips make it easy to quickly create a range of updos. A hair stick is a robust, thin object that resembles a stick and is used to hold hair in place.

For people who struggle to tie their hair because of their longer hair, this is an incredibly useful tool. For new users, it may be confusing, so you have to get the hang of it first.

Additionally, hair sticks are incredibly soft on hair, breaking or harming it even after repeated use.

They are constructed of various materials, such as plastic, metal, and wood, and have been utilized for ages in Asian cultures. For shorter hair lengths, shorter hair sticks are helpful.


If you wish to divide your hair into sections for styling, these are excellent options. For this reason, salons and hairdressers frequently have these. They also assist in bunning your hair.

The majority of their materials are plastic or metal. They make tasks like blow-drying, straightening hair and detangling easier. 

They often have lengthy bills that make it easier to divide up big pieces of hair, particularly textured hair, which can be challenging to handle.

This is a really useful hair clip that can help you, even though it isn’t meant for hair accessories.


Hairpins with bumps create the appearance of lumps on your hairstyle. This haircut, which was highly fashionable in the past, has returned in recent times.

To equally distribute the section over the hair accessory, pull a piece of your hair forward and place a bumpit hairpin under it. To make the updo look neat, you must fasten the comb that is attached to the bumpit to your hair.

For people who are new to using the item, bumpits composed of foam and velcro work better at disguising it than plastic or metal bumpits.

For newcomers, it could be a little challenging at first, but with practice, you can master it.


A comb is fastened to comb clips, making them useful for creating a clean updo. Additionally, it aids in taming flyaways.

These clips are typically adorned with pearl, metal, lace, and other materials, and they are worn during formal occasions like weddings.

These are the greatest kind of hair ornaments for updos. 


With a little adjustment, hair clips are a subtle yet noteworthy fashion accent that can elevate your hairstyles. Every situation and hair type can be accommodated with a hair clip, ranging from our most popular claw clips for work to elegant sequined ones. Take a look at these 11 different styles of hair clips that work with any length and style of hair so you can instantly update your appearance.