Young Thug weight gain: Young Thug’s recent appearances have sparked a buzz online, with fans noticing a significant change in his physique. His signature slender build has given way to a more muscular frame. But what’s behind this transformation? Was it a conscious effort to bulk up, or a result of his current circumstances? Let’s dive into the possible reasons for Young Thug’s weight gain.


Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He gained prominence in the early 2010s with his unique vocal style, eccentric fashion sense, and innovative approach to hip hop. Young Thug is known for his versatility, often blending elements of trap, rap, and melody in his music. He’s released several successful albums and mixtapes, including “Barter 6,” “Jeffery,” “Beautiful Thugger Girls,” and “So Much Fun.” He’s also collaborated with numerous other artists across various genres and is considered one of the most influential figures in contemporary hip hop.

In May 2022, Young Thug’s arrest alongside YSL associates sent him to Fulton County Jail. Recent court appearances have shown a dramatic change – a significant weight gain estimated at around 100 pounds. While the cause is unclear, fans speculate it’s due to his forced sobriety and potentially different eating habits in prison.


Young Thug’s appearance has changed due to a weight increase. The specific amount is not publicly known.

Over a year into his arrest on RICO charges, Young Thug remains incarcerated.  The nature of the charges often makes securing bail difficult. Though facing legal challenges, his fans still show support, even with new music released from behind bars. Public appearances are now limited to court hearings, where a recent one sparked discussion about his weight gain.

The transformation is striking – fans initially struggled to recognize him due to the substantial weight gain. This unexpected physical change came as a surprise, with many more concerned about Young Thug’s mental state than his appearance.

A recent court photo of the YSL founder, impeccably dressed in a suit, has gone viral, but not for the fashion statement. Fans’ attention is captured by Young Thug’s noticeable weight gain.

Social media reactions to Young Thug’s weight gain are mixed. Some resort to humor, while others express concern.  Considering the ongoing trial and reports of poor prison conditions, including limited access to healthy food (as claimed by his attorney Brian Steel earlier this year), it’s understandable that Young Thug might be under significant stress, which can impact weight.

Steel’s claims suggested Young Thug’s access to healthy food choices was severely restricted, with chips and chocolate being the only readily available options. These foods, if consumed heavily, can contribute to weight gain. Aside from his diet consisting of “zero health benefits,” the attorney also called attention to an alleged lack of sleep and access to sunlight that the performer was subjected to behind bars. “The jokes are funny, but in reality this man is likely severely depressed and may be eating to cope,” one social media users speculated. “Drugs play a role, but so does one’s mental state.”


Fan theories about Young Thug’s weight gain abound.  Some speculate it’s a consequence of quitting drugs in prison, viewing his previous slim physique as evidence of past substance use.  They celebrate this as a positive sign of a drug-free lifestyle, believing his current weight reflects his “true self” and a healthy transformation.

“That’s what happens when you’re no longer on drugs and lean and all the bad stuff!”

Another comment said:

“When you remove all those substances from your body, your appetite increases.”

“The eyes play tricks… His skin looks lighter because they’ve only been giving him an hour of sunlight each day. He’s bigger because they’ve been feeding him unhealthy jail bullshit…”

“I’m not one to argue with a healthy weight but slime looks like a snapping turtle”


Young Thug, born Jeffery Lamar Williams, emerged from Atlanta’s Sylvan Hills neighborhood in 2011.  He quickly gained recognition for his unique rap style, characterized by eccentric vocals, unconventional melodies, and a lyrical approach often described as “mumble rap.”  His debut mixtape, “I Came from Nothing,” caught the attention of Atlanta legend Gucci Mane, who signed Thug to his 1017 Records label.

Thug’s rise to prominence continued with the critically acclaimed mixtape “1017 Thug” in 2013. This project solidified his reputation as a creative force in hip hop, garnering praise for his infectious hooks and genre-bending sound.  He continued to release a steady stream of mixtapes, collaborating with established artists like Drake and Kanye West, while also fostering new talent through his own label, Young Stoner Life Records (YSL).

Young Thug’s influence extends beyond music.  His eccentric fashion sense and charismatic persona have made him a cultural icon.  He has defied traditional rap conventions, pushing boundaries with his music and image.  Despite his recent legal troubles, Young Thug remains a significant figure in contemporary hip hop, inspiring a generation of artists with his unconventional approach.


Young Thug has six kids with four different moms: three boys and three girls. He became a dad when he was just 17. He got engaged to Jerrika Karlae in 2015. She’s in charge of a swimwear line and her mom used to manage Young Dolph, a rapper. Thug got his first house in 2016, after his mixtape Jeffery came out. The house is huge, with six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a bar, a movie room, and space for four cars.

When he was young, one of Thug’s older brothers got shot and killed in front of their house.

In April 2020, during a live concert stream, Thug talked about a scary moment when he felt like he was dying. He couldn’t move and had to call an ambulance. Turns out, he had liver and kidney failure, and he even felt like he had died for a bit.

He broke up with Jerrika Karlae in December 2020. Then in 2021, he started dating Mariah the Scientist, who’s a singer from Atlanta.


Young Thug has faced a lot of legal issues over the years. In 2015, he was sued after a shooting incident involving Lil Wayne’s tour bus. He’s also been sued for not showing up to concerts he was paid for. He was accused of slapping a woman outside a club, but the charges were dropped due to lack of proof.

In 2017, police raided his house and found drugs and guns, but some charges were dropped because they didn’t have a warrant. He’s been arrested multiple times for drug possession and having guns. In 2022, he was arrested again on gang-related charges and has been in jail since then.

His criminal trial started in 2023, but it got delayed after one of his co-defendants got stabbed in jail. The trial finally resumed in January 2024.


While Young Thug hasn’t yet secured any major awards, his talent and influence haven’t gone unnoticed. Throughout his career, he’s racked up a number of nominations from prestigious award shows. Here’s a breakdown of some of his most notable nods:

Grammy Awards: Thugger might not have a Grammy on his shelf himself, but he did contribute to Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” which won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 2019.

American Music Awards: In 2018 and 2021, Young Thug found himself nominated for American Music Awards. These nominations included Favorite Song – Pop/Rock, Favorite Music Video, Collaboration of the Year (for “Go Crazy” with Chris Brown), and Favorite R&B Song. He even took home wins for Favorite Music Video and Collaboration of the Year in 2018.

iHeartRadio Music Awards: This award show has recognized Young Thug’s talent with nominations across various categories. He’s been nominated for Best Lyrics (voted by fans), Hip-Hop Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, and R&B Song of the Year (which he won in 2021).

Other Nominations: Young Thug has also received nominations from BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and MTV Europe Music Awards throughout his career. These nominations recognize his achievements in categories like Song of the Year, Video of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Best Hip-Hop Video.


1. What is Young Thug’s real name?

Young Thug’s real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams.

2. What is Young Stoner Life (YSL)?

YSL is Young Thug’s record label, which he founded. It has fostered new talent and helped shape Atlanta’s rap scene.

3. How much is Young Thug net worth?

 $4 million.


While Young Thug’s recent weight gain has sparked conversation and theories, the true cause remains unclear. Limited access to healthy food options in prison and potential stress are possibilities. Ultimately, Thugger’s health and well-being are the top priorities. Fans wait to see how this situation unfolds, hoping for a positive resolution to his legal troubles and a chance for him to thrive, physically and creatively.