What to Wear to a Concert: 10 great outfits for Every Type of Show

Attending a concert is an excellent way to enjoy live music, socialize with friends, and create lasting memories. However, deciding what to wear to a concert can be challenging, especially if you are not sure about the dress code or the type of music that will be played.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Scroll down and check out 10 best concert outfit ideas to slay at your nex music event. Keep reading!

what you need to consider before dressing up for a concert

Dress Code: Depending on the venue and the artist, there may be a specific dress code you need to follow. For example, some concerts may require formal attire, while others allow casual wear.

Weather: Check the weather forecast ahead of time to ensure your outfit is suitable for the temperature and conditions. If the concert is outdoors, make sure to bring a jacket or umbrella if necessary.

Type of Music: The type of music being played at the concert can also influence your outfit choice. For example, a rock concert may call for edgier clothing, while a classical music performance may require more formal attire.

Comfort: Comfort should always be a priority when choosing a concert outfit. You’ll be standing, dancing, and possibly even jumping around, so make sure you wear shoes and clothes that won’t restrict your movement or cause discomfort.

10 best concert outfit ideas

What to wear to a Rock Concert

Rock on, concert-goer! For a rock or alternative show, you can’t go wrong with a comfy band tee showcasing your favorite group. Slip into some worn-in jeans or denim shorts, and lace up those trusty sneakers or maybe even some cool combat boots. Top it off with a leather jacket or a casual flannel shirt for that perfect grunge vibe. You’re ready to headbang the night away!

What to wear to a Pop Concert

Go for a trendy crop top paired with high-waisted jeans or a cute skirt that makes you feel like a superstar. Step into statement sneakers or platform shoes for a little extra pizzazz. Don’t forget to accessorize with fun items like hoop earrings or a chic choker necklace. Get ready to dance like nobody’s watching!

What to wear to a Country Concert

For a country concert, it’s all about embracing that western flair. Cowboy boots are a must, and you can pair them with classic denim jeans or a denim skirt. Top it off with a plaid shirt or a fringed top for that rustic charm. If you’re feeling adventurous, grab a cowboy hat or a wide-brimmed one for some added authenticity.

What to wear to a EDM/Electronic Dance Concert

Time to shine under those neon lights! EDM concerts call for bold and vibrant outfits. Think glow-in-the-dark clothing, sequins, or metallics that will light up the night. Comfy sneakers or colorful boots are a must, and don’t be shy with body glitter and face paint for some extra flair. Let the music move you on the dance floor!

What to wear to a Classical Music Concert

To make a fashionable impression at a classical concert, consider donning contemporary styles, luxurious fabrics, timeless designs, and classic silhouettes to achieve a stunning, contemporary appearance. Slip into an elegant cocktail dress or a sharp suit that makes you feel like a star. Keep the footwear dressy but comfortable (flats or low heels). Opt for minimalist jewelry to keep the focus on the music, and consider bringing a light jacket or shawl for cooler venues. It’s time to enjoy some classical tunes in style!

What to wear to a Indie/Folk Concert

Embrace your free spirit for an indie or folk concert. Picture yourself in a bohemian-style maxi dress or skirt that flows with the music. Ankle boots or comfy sandals complete the look. Layers are your friend; throw on a cardigan or kimono for that effortlessly chic vibe. Think earthy tones and natural fabrics to blend in with the indie crowd and enjoy the laid-back tunes.

What to wear to a Hip-Hop/Rap Concert

It’s all about that urban street style. Grab those baggy jeans or joggers and slip into an oversized hoodie or a graphic sweatshirt that reps your favorite artist. High-top sneakers or any trendy streetwear shoes will complete the look. Don’t forget the bling – chains, snapback caps – and you’re set to rap along with the best of them.

What to wear to a Jazz/Blues Concert

Think timeless and vintage-inspired fashion for this concert. A classy dress or a sharp suit is the way to go. Dress shoes or elegant heels complete the ensemble. Keep the accessories classic with pearls or statement pieces. Consider a tailored blazer or jacket for that extra touch of sophistication, and get ready to snap your fingers to the rhythm.

What to wear to a Reggae/Caribbean Concert

With its lineup of electric guitars and drums, this soothing folk music, played at a leisurely pace, will transport you back to the cherished days of yore. Vibrant colors and patterns are your go-to choices. Slide into flip-flops or comfy sandals because you’re in for some dancing. Don’t forget to incorporate some Rasta-inspired accessories like a beanie or bracelets into your look. Opt for flowy, tropical-inspired attire, and get ready to sway to the sweet reggae rhythms.

What to wear to a Symphony Concert

The customary dress code for audience members at orchestra performances usually entails selecting formal or semi-formal attire. For men, this often translates to a suit paired with a tie, while women often opt for dresses, skirts, or elegant pants ensembles, aligning with the concert’s formal ambiance. Choose dress shoes or classy heels for comfort during the evening. Accessorize with a tie or bowtie for the gents, and pearls or a statement necklace for the ladies. You might want to bring along a coat or shawl for a touch of sophistication and warmth in case it gets chilly.

Tips for Accessorizing Your Concert Outfit

When deciding which accessories to complement your concert ensemble, consider both the music genre and the artist’s unique style.

For a country concert, cowboy boots are practically a must-have, adding that touch of authentic flair to your look. Pop fans, inspired by trendsetters like Harry Styles, have taken to feather boas to exude a playful and flamboyant vibe – because if they can rock a feather boa, so can we!

Elevating your concert outfit with fun statement jewelry is always a win. Show-stopping earrings can instantly jazz up your attire. Don’t shy away from other bold accessories, like vibrant sunglasses or a bedazzled western hat. After all, if you can’t go all-out for a concert, when can you?

While aesthetics are crucial, practicality matters too. Wearing comfortable shoes is essential for a concert, as you’ll be standing and moving around for hours. Sneakers, boots, or sandals with a low heel are all good options. Large bags can be cumbersome and difficult to carry during a concert. Opt for a small crossbody bag or a wristlet that can hold your essentials, such as your phone, wallet, and keys.


  1. What should I wear to a concert when it’s cold? Start with a cozy and insulating base layer, such as a thermal shirt or turtleneck, to keep your core warm. Layer it with a stylish jacket or coat, and don’t forget a fashionable scarf, beanie, and gloves to protect against the cold.
  2. Can I wear jeans to a classical music performance? Depending on the dress code, you may be able to wear jeans to a classical music performance. However, it’s best to choose dark wash jeans and pair them with a blouse, blazer, and heels.
  3. Should I wear makeup to a concert? Wearing makeup to a concert is a personal choice. If you enjoy wearing makeup, go for it! Keep in mind that the venue and weather may affect your makeup, so choose products that are long-wearing and waterproof.
  4. Can I wear a hat to a concert? Depending on the venue and dress code, hats may or may not be allowed. If hats are allowed, consider wearing a baseball cap or a fedora to add a stylish touch to your outfit.

Final Takeaway

Deciding what to wear to a concert is a delightful opportunity to express your personal style while considering the music genre, venue, weather, and your own comfort. Whether you’re rocking out at a lively pop concert, swaying to the tunes at a classical performance, or dancing the night away at an EDM festival, the key is to strike a balance between fashion and practicality. So, remember to stay true to your style, adapt to the occasion, and have a fantastic time enjoying the music in your perfectly chosen concert attire. What to wear to a concert ultimately depends on the unique blend of your taste, the musical experience, and the atmosphere of the event.