Get ready to boogie! Dust off your platform shoes and dig out your bell-bottoms, because we’re taking a trip back to the era of all things groovy – the 70’s disco scene! This guide will transform you into a dazzling disco queen or a funky dance floor king. We’ll cover all the essential threads, from head-to-toe glitter to iconic silhouettes, so you can rule the dance floor in authentic 70’s style. Let’s get ready to shine bright under the disco ball!


The 70s were a decade of bold style and infectious grooves.  A 70s party is your chance to unleash your inner flower child or disco diva!  Here are some tips to help you create a killer outfit that’ll have you dominating the dance floor:

  • Embrace the Flare: Bell-bottoms are a must-have for any 70s look. Pair them with a flowy top or a crop top for a casual vibe, or dress them up with a sequined jumpsuit.
  • Get Groovy with Prints: Think paisley, florals, and geometric patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for a truly psychedelic look.
  • Shine On: Sequins, metallics, and anything that shimmers under the disco ball are perfect for capturing the glam spirit of the 70s.
  • Accessorize Like a Champion: Platform shoes, chunky jewelry, headbands, and wide-brimmed hats will take your outfit to the next level. Peace signs and fringe are always groovy additions.
  • Don’t Forget the Hair and Makeup: Big, bouncy curls, feathered hair, and smokey eyes were all popular in the 70s. Have fun experimenting and creating a look that complements your outfit.

Bonus Tip:  Think about the different subcultures of the 70s. Did you channel your inner hippie with tie-dye and fringe? Or maybe you’re a disco king in a polyester leisure suit?  Choosing a specific style can make your outfit even more unique.



When it comes to making a statement on the 70s disco dance floor, dramatic velvet flares are a guaranteed showstopper. The luxurious texture of velvet instantly elevates your look, while the dramatic flare silhouette screams “disco queen.”  Imagine the fabric catching the light from the disco ball as you spin and groove – it’ll be mesmerizing!  Pair these pants with a fitted top that tucks in to accentuate your waistline, or go for a halter top to balance the volume on the bottom. For an extra dose of 70s glam, consider a top with sequins, ruffles, or a plunging neckline. Don’t forget platform heels to further elongate your silhouette and make those flares truly flow. 


A zip-up jumpsuit can be a perfect choice for a 70s disco party!  It captures the era’s love for all-in-one pieces and can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric and details.  For a classic disco look, opt for a form-fitting jumpsuit in a bold color or with a touch of metallic shine. A wide-legged jumpsuit with a plunging neckline is another glamorous option. If you’re aiming for a more casual vibe, a denim jumpsuit with bell-bottoms and a funky patterned top underneath is a great way to go. Accessorize your jumpsuit with platform sandals, a chunky belt, and big hoops for a complete and unforgettable 70s disco outfit.


When it comes to outfits, don’t forget about your accessories and hairstyle. Look to famous stars for ideas. You can go for a straight and cool look like Marcia Brady or try something fun with feathered hair like Farrah Fawcett. Other popular hairstyles from this time include the shag cut, Afro, and mullet. If you don’t want to change your hair for your outfit, you can easily use a wig instead.


Bell sleeves are like the disco ball itself – a symbol of the era’s dazzling flair. They instantly add a touch of whimsy and movement to any outfit, perfect for throwing your arms up and grooving to the beat.  For a classic disco look, pair a flowy, long-sleeved bell-sleeve top with high-waisted flared pants. The silhouette creates a beautiful, elongated line that flatters most body types. But bell sleeves are versatile! You can also go for a more playful look with a bell-sleeve crop top and high-waisted shorts. This combination keeps things cool for dancing and lets the sleeves take center stage. And don’t be afraid of bold colors or patterns!  Paisley, florals, and even stripes can work with bell sleeves, depending on the overall vibe you’re aiming for. 


One of the most famous moments in movies is John Travolta’s dance move from “Saturday Night Fever.” It sparked a fashion trend with the leisure suit becoming really popular. These suits were slim-cut and had wide lapels, giving off a sexy vibe that was typical of 70s fashion. It’s no wonder people still love wearing them today to remember the 70s. To get the classic 70s look, wear a white leisure suit and grow long sideburns. For something different, you can try a bold color like purple, orange, or yellow.


For a disco outfit, a shaggy faux fur coat is a must-have outerwear piece. In the disco era, big fur coats were very popular, and now you can enjoy the trend in colorful faux fur without harming animals, thanks to brands like Rotate Birger Christensen. Complete your disco look with a matching mini-bag.


No 70s disco party is complete without a pair of go-go boots! These knee-high wonders, often with a chunky heel and a platform sole, are the epitome of disco footwear. They instantly elevate your outfit and add a touch of playful rebellion. Go-go boots come in a variety of materials and colors, allowing you to personalize your look. Classic black or white leather is always a safe choice, but don’t be afraid to experiment with metallics, patent leather, or even bold colors like red or purple. The platform sole not only adds height but also makes dancing more comfortable, letting you strut your stuff on the dance floor all night long.


A glam duster jacket can be a surprisingly versatile addition to your 70s disco outfit, adding a touch of unexpected coolness. While not the most traditional choice, it injects a dose of 70s glamor in a different way. Imagine a long, flowing sequined duster shimmering over a sleek jumpsuit or a mini dress. The dramatic silhouette creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, perfect for a grand entrance. The key to rocking a glam duster jacket at a disco party is to choose the right fabric. Sequins, metallics, or even crushed velvet will catch the light and add a touch of disco flair.


A front-tie crop top is a perfect pick for a 70s disco party, offering a cute and playful vibe that’s ideal for showing off your moves. It captures the era’s love for midriff-baring silhouettes and allows for some fun customization.  Choose a vibrant solid color or a groovy patterned fabric to make a statement. The beauty of the front-tie element lies in its adjustability. You can create a more revealing look for maximum dance floor confidence, or leave it looser for a relaxed vibe.  Pair it with high-waisted flared jeans or denim shorts for a classic 70s combination. For a touch of glam, opt for a sequined or metallic crop top.


A gold mini dress is the epitome of a 70s disco dream! It embodies the era’s love for all things glamorous and eye-catching.  Imagine the fabric catching the light from the disco ball, transforming you into a dazzling disco queen. Whether it’s made of shimmering sequins, metallic lamé, or a luxurious gold satin, this dress will ensure you shine all night long. The beauty of a gold mini dress lies in its versatility. You can keep it simple and let the dress be the star of the show, or add layers of 70s flair with accessories. Pair it with platform sandals and chunky gold hoops for a classic disco look. For a touch of drama, consider a long, flowing sequined duster jacket draped over your shoulders.


Disco balls are the heart and soul of any 70s party, reflecting light and creating a mesmerizing dance floor atmosphere. But you can take your love of disco balls a step further by incorporating them directly into your outfit! Disco ball accessories are a fun and festive way to add a touch of sparkle and shine to your look. There are endless possibilities when it comes to disco ball accessories. Think headbands adorned with miniature disco balls, earrings that dangle with reflective facets, or even a purse shaped like a miniature disco ball. For a truly eye-catching look, consider a belt or a statement necklace that incorporates disco ball elements.



Background: Use bold colors, geometric patterns, or a psychedelic swirl design.

Text: Write in a groovy font like bubble letters or a classic 70s typeface.


  • You’re invited to a totally groovy 70s bash!
  • Dust off your platforms and dig out your bell-bottoms!
  • Get ready to boogie on down to the funkiest tunes of the decade.
  • When: [Date] at [Time]
  • Where: [Location]
  • RSVP: [Contact info]


Background: A black background with a giant disco ball reflecting colorful squares.

Text: Glittery silver or gold font that pops against the black background.


  • It’s time to shine bright like a disco ball!
  • You’re invited to a night of groovin’, shakin’, and movin’ to the hottest 70s disco hits!
  • Dress to impress (think sequins, flares, and platforms)!
  • When: [Date] at [Time]
  • Where: [Location]
  • RSVP: [Contact info]


  • Add a little extra to your invitations! Include a small peace sign sticker, a cutout of a platform shoe, or even a mini disco ball ornament.
  • For a digital invitation, consider using a fun online invitation maker with 70s themed templates.

Get creative and let your invitations set the tone for a far out and funky 70s party!


1. What’s the overall vibe I should aim for?

Go for bold, colorful, and glamorous! Sequins, metallics, and anything that shimmers are perfect. Don’t be afraid of prints, flares, and platform shoes.

2. Are there different substyles within 70s fashion I can choose from?

Answer: Absolutely! You could channel your inner flower child with tie-dye and fringe, or go full-on disco diva in a sequined jumpsuit. There’s also the 70s rocker vibe with leather pants and band tees.

3. I’m not a huge fan of dresses or skirts. Can I still achieve a 70s look?

Definitely! High-waisted flares or wide-leg pants with shoes paired with a crop top or a tucked-in blouse is a classic 70s combination.


So, there you have it! With these tips and ideas, you’re well on your way to rocking the dance floor at your next 70s disco party. Remember, the key is to embrace the era’s bold spirit and have fun with your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match, and unleash your inner groovy self. Now get out there, dig out those platforms, and boogie on down!