What to Wear Over a Dress: 20 Stylish Outfit Ideas

As the weather begins to cool down, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your wardrobe for fall. One of the most versatile pieces in any woman’s closet is the dress. But, what do you wear over a dress in the colder months? 

Check out 20 outfit ideas to know how to style your dresses for autumn.

Denim Jacket over a Floral Sundress

Pair this combo with your favorite ankle boots and toss on a floppy hat for a chic boho vibe. Don’t forget to layer those necklaces and grab that cool fringe bag.

Leather Jacket over a Bodycon Dress

Get your rocker-chic on with ankle boots or studded heels. Finish the look with some statement earrings and a bold clutch for that edgy edge.

Blazer over a Shift Dress

Opt for classic pumps or heeled ankle boots – they’ll never go out of style. Add a statement belt and some elegant pearl earrings to feel extra fancy.

Cardigan over a Maxi Dress

Keep it easy-breezy with slip-on sneakers or comfy espadrilles. Layer on some delicate necklaces and tote around a cute woven bag for that laid-back vibe.

Trench Coat over a Wrap Dress

Slip into knee-high boots or classic pumps for an effortlessly timeless look. Toss on a silk scarf and some chic leather gloves for that extra touch of class.

Kimono over a Boho Dress

Go full-on boho with suede ankle boots and a wide-brimmed hat. Stack those bangles high and sling a fringe crossbody bag over your shoulder.

Faux Fur Coat over a Cocktail Dress

Strap on some strappy heels or glitzy pumps to dazzle the night away. Shine bright with chandelier earrings and a clutch that sparkles.

Bomber Jacket over a Midi Dress

Embrace the sporty trend with chunky sneakers or platform kicks. Add some hoop earrings and carry a cool backpack for that effortlessly cool look.

Cropped Sweater over a Fit-and-Flare Dress

It’s all about ankle booties or those cute Mary Jane shoes. Layer those dainty necklaces and grab a mini backpack for the final touch.

Shawl or Wrap over a Gown

Strut your stuff in elegant heels or strappy sandals. Accessorize with a statement cocktail ring and a clutch that’s all about the bling.

Longline Cardigan over a Bodycon Dress

Time to rock those knee-high boots or over-the-knee ones. Accessorize with a statement belt and flaunt a pendant necklace – you’ve got this!

Jean Shirt (Chambray) over a Sundress

Pair this combo with ankle booties or slip-on sneakers – it’s all about comfort and style. Stack on those bracelets and carry a woven tote bag for that easy-going look.

Utility Jacket over a Shirt Dress

Choose lace-up combat boots or rugged hiking boots. Amp up your style with a cargo-style belt and some cool aviator sunglasses.

Turtleneck under a Sweater Dress

Time to slip into knee-high boots or heeled loafers. Accessorize with a chunky statement necklace and why not top it off with a trendy felt fedora?

Poncho over a Sheath Dress

Pair this combo with ankle boots or cozy suede moccasin boots. Wrap up with a wide belt and flaunt those chunky bracelets.

Vest over a Shift Dress

Keep it stylish with knee-high boots or those versatile heeled ankle boots. Add a touch of elegance with a pendant necklace and a structured tote.

Cropped Blouse over a Wrap Dress

Rock those block-heeled sandals or comfy mules. Elevate your look with a layered necklace and a clutch that’s got some metallic pizzazz.

Plaid Shirt around a Tee dress

Opt for ankle boots or lace-up flats. Accessorize with stacked bracelets and a crossbody bag with some fun fringe.

Sweatshirt over a Shirt Dress

Slip into your fave white sneakers or high-top kicks. Keep it simple with stud earrings and a backpack for that effortless cool.

Fitted Sweater Dress over a Slip Dress

Go for knee-high boots or those trendy heeled ankle boots. Accessorize with a long pendant necklace and a faux fur clutch to complete the look.


  1. Can I still wear sandals with a dress in the fall? It’s possible to wear sandals in early fall, but once temperatures start to drop, it’s best to switch to closed-toe shoes like ankle boots or pumps.
  2. What type of scarf should I wear with my outfit?  Choose a scarf that complements your outfit – a chunky knit scarf looks great with a sweater and jeans, while a silk scarf adds sophistication to a blazer and trousers.
  3. Can I wear a jacket with a sleeveless dress? Yes, layering a jacket over a sleeveless dress is a great way to wear it in cooler weather. A denim or leather jacket would work well for this look.
  4. What color tights should I wear with my dress? Black opaque tights are a classic choice and pair well with almost any color dress. However, you can also experiment with other colors like burgundy or navy.
  5. How can I make my outfit more colorful for fall? Try adding a statement accessory like a bright scarf or bold jewelry. You could also opt for a patterned dress or choose a colorful outer layer like a red or mustard-colored cardigan to brighten up your outfit.


When it comes to what to wear over a dress in fall, the options are endless. From cozy sweaters to edgy leather jackets, there’s a style for everyone. Remember to layer your clothing and mix and match textures and colors for a unique and personalized look. With these outfit ideas and tips, you’ll be ready to tackle the autumn weather in style.