Calling all cleavage connoisseurs! Ever wondered about demi bras? The name itself hints at something, with “demi” translating to “half” in French. But what does that mean in the world of lingerie? Buckle up, because we’re about to delve into the delightful details of demi bras, exploring what they are, the unique coverage they offer, and how they can elevate your undergarment game.


A demi bra is a type of bra that covers only a small part of your chest and has low-cut cups. It lifts your breasts with small padded cushions, creating a sexy cleavage. These bras leave the top part of your breasts exposed for a revealing look. They’re sometimes called shelf bras or half bras because of their style. Demi bras are not the same as balcony bras, which have straighter cups. You can find a variety of demi bras in our online store at marlies dekkers. Check them out to find the perfect bra for you.


A full coverage bra covers your entire breasts, while a demi bra only covers about half of them. Demi bras leave the upper part of your breasts uncovered, stopping just above or below the nipples. If you want a modest look, go for a full coverage bra. But if you prefer a more revealing style, choose a demi bra instead.


Demi bras are popular among many women for several good reasons. Firstly, they lift the breasts nicely without covering them completely. The little padded parts in demi bras make the breasts look more natural and shapely, which can make a person feel more confident and attractive.

Another good thing about demi bras is that they can go with lots of different outfits. Because they have lower-cut cups, they work well with scoop necks, V-necks, and tops with sweetheart necklines. You can wear them every day or for special occasions, and they always feel comfy and stylish.

Plus, demi bras are really comfortable to wear. Since they don’t cover as much as full coverage bras, they’re lighter and let your skin breathe more. This is especially nice in warm weather or if you don’t like bras that feel too tight. And even though they’re comfy, they still give enough support to keep you feeling good all day long.

Lastly, demi bras can make you feel more confident and sexy. They show off a bit more skin, which can be fun and make you feel attractive, whether it’s just for yourself or for someone special. So, wearing a demi bra can make you feel good inside and out, giving you comfort, style, and a little extra boost of confidence.


The world of demi bras goes beyond just a single style. While they all share the signature half-cup silhouette, variations exist to cater to different preferences and provide a range of looks. Here are the three most common types of demi bras you’ll encounter:

  • Balconette: This demi bra offers a touch more coverage compared to others. The cups have a rounded shape that extends slightly wider on the sides, offering a lifting effect from underneath. The wide-set straps add to the supportive and flattering design, making it perfect for lower-cut tops and dresses.
  • Plunge:  Embrace the deep V with a plunge demi. This style features a low-cut neckline that dips towards the center, ideal for showing off more cleavage. The cups have a contoured V-shape to provide some lift and shape, while the narrow straps aim to disappear under clothing.
  • Push-up:  Calling all cleavage queens! The push-up demi bra is designed to maximize lift and create a fuller bustline. Lightly padded cups provide subtle enhancement, while the curved neckline creates a beautiful frame. This demi style offers a touch more coverage than a plunge demi but still delivers on the cleavage front.


Demi bras are suitable for every woman because their half-cup shape tends to complement most breast shapes. They’re particularly great if your breasts are fuller at the bottom than at the top, as they provide a comfortable fit. While offering slightly less support compared to full cup bras, demi bras remain a versatile and flattering choice for many.


1. Are demi bras comfortable?

Comfort can vary depending on the style and fit. Some demi bras, especially those with good support features, can be comfortable, while others might feel restrictive.

2. What kind of clothing do demi bras work well with?

Demi bras are ideal for clothing with lower necklines or plunging necklines where you want to show more cleavage.

3. Do demi bras provide good support?

Support can vary depending on the design. Some demi bras, particularly those with wider straps and underwire, offer good support. However, others with a focus on cleavage enhancement might prioritize lift over full encapsulation.

4. How do I choose the right size demi bra?

Getting properly sized is crucial for both comfort and support. It’s recommended to get fitted by a professional or use a reliable size guide.

5. Are demi bras visible under certain clothing?

The visibility depends on the bra’s material and the clothing’s fabric. Opt for demi bras made from sheer or nude-colored materials for minimal visibility under lighter clothing.


The demi bra stands out as a trendy and adaptable lingerie piece that not only accentuates the breasts but also leaves the upper part exposed, making it suitable for different necklines and events. Designed to cater to women of diverse body shapes and sizes, it offers both comfort and allure, providing a comfortable fit alongside a seductive touch. These bras emphasize lift and support, enhancing confidence and self-esteem. With its distinctive features and advantages, the demi bra continues to be a favored option for individuals seeking a blend of style and comfort in their intimate wear collection.