Dagen McDowell, a trusted journalist, is renowned for her insightful commentary on financial and business matters, providing viewers with the latest updates on the economy. But recently, her fans noticed that she’s not feeling well. They’re worried and curious about what’s going on with her health. They hope she gets better soon. Now, there are rumors that she lost weight because of the sickness she’s dealing with at 54 years old. What’s the sickness, and is it true that she lost weight because of it? Let’s find out the real story here.


  • Full name: Mary Dagen McDowell
  • Born: January 7, 1969 (age 55) in Brookneal, Virginia
  • Occupation: Anchor and co-host of The Bottom Line on Fox Business, commentator and guest host on Fox News
  • Education: Wake Forest University
  • Spouse: Jonas Max Ferris (m. 2005)
  • Known for: Being a sharp and witty commentator on business and politics, with a conservative perspective. She is also known for her love of golf and her Irish heritage.

McDowell’s career:

  • Began her career as a financial journalist at the Institutional Investor and SmartMoney magazine.
  • Joined Fox News Channel in 2003 and was a founding anchor of FOX Business Network when the channel launched in 2007.
  • Has served as a panelist on Cavuto on Business and hosted Bulls and Bears.
  • Currently co-hosts The Bottom Line with Sean Duffy on Fox Business.

McDowell’s personal life:

  • Married to Jonas Max Ferris since 2005.
  • Has two children.
  • Enjoys playing golf and spending time with her family.

Here are some additional facts about Dagen McDowell:

  • She was once a beer cart girl on a golf course.
  • She is a graduate of Wake Forest University with a degree in Art History.
  • She is a regular guest on other Fox News programs, such as Hannity and Gutfeld!
  • She is active on social media, with over 500,000 followers on Twitter.


Let’s clear things up about Dagen McDowell’s health – she’s doing well and hasn’t talked about any health problems. You can see her on Fox News shows like The Bottom Line, Outnumbered, The Five, and Gutfeld!, and she seems perfectly fine. People might be talking about her health because they noticed she lost some weight.

But here’s the important part: there’s no proof that she lost weight because of being sick. Even though McDowell hasn’t had health issues, she did go through a tough time when her mom passed away from lung cancer that had spread. She kept it a secret until she talked about it on World Cancer Day in 2022.

Even after going through such a hard time, McDowell keeps doing great at her job on Fox News. So, to sum it up, Dagen McDowell isn’t dealing with any serious health issues, and those rumors about her health aren’t true. She’s strong, professional, and keeps going even when things get tough.


It is likely due to adopting a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise.


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As of 2024, Dagen McDowell is 55 years old. She finished studying Art History at Wake Forest University in 1991 and began working as a financial journalist at Institutional Investor’s Newsletter Division. Dagen is happily married to Jonas Max Ferris, who is an economist and investment advisor. They met while working on Cashin’ In, a business show on Fox News. Dagen isn’t just a talented journalist; she’s also into fitness and loves dogs. Despite her successful career, she enjoys staying active and spending time with her furry friends.


Dagen McDowell’s husband is Jonas Max Ferris, and they make a great team in the finance and media world. Jonas is a financial expert and media personality known for his work on Fox Business Network. He’s done a lot of cool things, like producing a documentary called “If the Trees Could Talk.” Jonas went to Harvard University and New York University Law School for his education. He used to be a financial advisor at places like Smith Barney and PaineWebber. He hosted a show called “Cashin’ In” on Fox News Channel and now regularly talks about markets and the economy on Fox Business Network. Jonas and Dagen got married in 2005, and they often share their knowledge together on TV. Besides being serious about finance, Jonas is also a licensed attorney, loves playing golf with Dagen, and has a bunch of followers on Twitter. They’re like a power couple in the financial world!


Dagen McDowell has made a successful career at Fox News, and her net worth reflects that. She started as an accountant and gained popularity for giving smart business advice on “Imus in the Morning,” a radio show. This led her to Fox Business Network, where she discussed things like stock markets and financial topics. She’s known for speaking her mind, especially criticizing President Biden’s handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Before Fox, she worked for Institutional Investor’s Division and wrote for “SmartMoney” magazine. Dagen hosts “Markets Now,” co-hosts “Mornings with Maria,” and appears on shows like “Your World” and “The Five.” She even won the challenge on “Cashin’ In” three times in a row. According to various sources, she earns around $350,000 a year at Fox, and with her financial smarts, her net worth has likely grown a lot.


Dagen McDowell is married, but she and her husband don’t have any children. Before, she was married to someone else, but they got divorced in 2003. After that, she found love again and married Jonas three years later. What’s interesting is that when Jonas met Dagen, he wasn’t married. So, they both started a new chapter in their lives together. Even though they don’t have children, they seem to enjoy their time together as a couple. Life can take different turns, and for Dagen and Jonas, it led them to each other in a special way.


1. Is Dagen McDowell a vegetarian?

Yes. She stopped eating meat because of her love for animals and also lost a few pounds for the sake of her health.

2. Is Dagen McDowell a Millionaire?

Yes. As of the year 2021, it’s estimated that Dagen McDowell’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

3. How old is Jonas Ferris?

53 years (2024)


Though the exact details of her weight loss methods might not be known, it seems like Dagen has chosen a path of healthy living, including good food choices and staying active. While there may have been rumors about her health, the truth is that she appears to be in good shape and dedicated to her well-being. Whatever the secret behind her weight loss, Dagen McDowell’s journey serves as an inspiration for those looking to make positive changes in their own lives. Remember, it’s not just about losing weight but about adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.