The Rise of Barbiecore Fashion Trend: Top 13 Barbiecore Items

Barbie’s trademark hue, as well as nostalgia for the ’90s and ’00s, are also major components of Barbiecore. Pink can come in a variety of hues, such as neon, bubblegum, and fuchsia, but its tone is almost always quite lively. More than 12 accessories and apparel products that embody the Barbiecore style are listed below. You might be interested in them as the Barbiecore fashion trend is making a comeback.

How Did Barbiecore Aesthetic Start

Barbiecore as we know it had its start with the ascent of early 2000s celebrity fashion icons like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears. Their attire was extremely feminine, frequently pink or glittering, and neatly covered in pearls.

Pop musicians played a big part in accelerating the trend in the late aughts, starting with Ariana Grande’s excessively feminine look, which has Barbie to thank. Through an alter persona known as “the Harajuku Barbie,” Nicki Minaj has been channeling the doll since 2010. She uses allusions to the doll in her lyrics, song names, and album art, as well as donning a pink wig and a necklace with the Barbie insignia.

Barbiecore has lately been a popular fashion trend, thanks to the Barbie film’s return. Barbiecore will undoubtedly be a mainstay of this summer with her pink platform heels and pink plastic handbags.

Barbiecore and How It Empowered Women

We can totally perceive Barbiecore as a less sexualized aesthetic of Bimbocore. Throughout the history of the fashion industry and feminism, the rise of Barbiecore has empowered women who want to express themselves without fearing judgment. 

Since the 90s, women were praised for their physical faculties, rather than mental faculties, especially those who were blonde. Fast forward to the 2000s, around this time, women seemed to suppress their femininity as femininity was associated with weakness and a lack of intelligence. These are the toxic stereotypes that the media was spreading about femininity, making young girls refuse to embrace girly interests. Overall, the “Bimbo” paradox made women police their behavior and appearance to not be seen as too “Ditzy”, denying themselves the pleasure of being girly and wearing pink.

People started to feel nostalgic, wanting to revisit those y2k, 2000s memories of them when hyper-femininity was everywhere as the lockdown hit. Thanks to those factors, the y2k aesthetic, which consisted of Barbiecore, Bimbocore, and Mcbling was popular again. The comeback of those fashion trends allowed women to express themselves through feminine clothes without being sexualized and associated with unintelligence. This simple yet significant movement helped many women to embrace their femininity, break the harmful stereotypes of feminine women.

13 Must-Have Barbiecore Items

Jeffrey Campbell Bubblegum Platform Sandal

Nothing a good pair of bubblegum shoes can’t remedy, and we especially adore the sassy vibe of this open-toed design in sparkly, bright pink. The shoe’s doll-like look fits in perfectly with Barbiecore, and we are really smitten with its understated platform style. For a nice fashion moment, use this sandal with a pair of casual jeans or a skirt.

Superdown Mallory High-Neck Dress

Although we adore it for summer in particular, this colorful and sleeveless dress has such a deep pink hue that it is guaranteed to make a major impact in any season. Unlike other midi dresses, this figure-hugging garment has a sheer pattern that gives the outfit a more fun flare. The waist is tightened in just the right places to highlight your curves. Combine it with a pair of strappy sandals for a stylish look that will surely get praised.

Aldo Aseelax Shoulder Bag

With this structured handbag from Aldo, you can add a splash of color to your summer wardrobe. The accessory’s bold pink hue fits the Barbiecore trend well, and if you’re looking for something a little more subdued, it also comes in black. It’s simple to dress up or down thanks to the gold hardware embellishments, and it goes well with all of your favorite delicate gold jewelry.

Reformation Aubree Linen Dress

Think pink in this gorgeous, fun, and effortlessly breezy Reformation dress. You may get the best fit possible by adjusting the ties at the straps. Although this dress is also available in black, green, and a striped pattern, the hot pink version is more Barbie-appropriate. This minidress is so ideal for summer, whether you’re flying out on a tropical vacation or simply doing errands on a sweltering day in the city.

C7 Hot Pink Roller Skates

With these vintage roller skates, you can at least capture Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s carefree enthusiasm for a genuinely unique (and fashionable) Barbeicore moment, even if you don’t look quite as great as they do skating through Venice in matching hot-pink outfits. The skates have an acrylic heel and a lace-up strap style.

Favorite Daughter The Pant Pleat Pants

With these pleated pants from Favorite Daughter, often known as the internet’s favorite clothing company, the Barbiecore trend strikes once more. With a hot-pink exterior and a four-pocket style, you’ll stand out in any setting and make a serious (bubblegum-pink-infused) statement. For a sporty but still cozy style, pair it with a crop top.

Aire Ceres Sunglasses

These hot-pink sunglasses will continue to be a reliable item you can rely on time and time again, regardless of what new fashion movement has swept over TikTok, even after the Barbiecore fashion trend has passed (if it ever will). They’re also a fantastic eco-friendly alternative that you can feel wonderful about wearing as they’re made from recycled plastic components.

Ivory Rose Mesh Microfiber Bodysuit

The ideal piece to display your devotion to Barbiecore is this pink bodysuit, which you should add to your wardrobe. The delicate pink color of the design is incredibly stylish, and its lacey lining and modest bow accent are eye-catching. You can stand out more by wearing it with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts made of denim.

PrettyLittleThing’s Knit Crop Top

You better believe Barbie has perfected being fashionable and comfortable at the same time because she has been an It Girl since ’59. With PrettyLittleThing’s Knit Crop Top, you may achieve the same result. The knit material is really comfortable, yet the raw hemline is still fashionable.

MACY’S International Concepts Mini Backpack

This little backpack is perfect for carrying a little bit more than just the essentials. Even though it’s still considered tiny, you could probably put your wallet, keys, phone, and cosmetics bag inside. You can carry it on a short day trip if you have to bring your stuff with you or wear it for extra pink addition to your outfit.

FRANCESCA’S Sena Thick Matte Hoop Earrings

Pink is a must for total Barbiecore, even when it comes to jewelry. These massive hoop earrings will boost your everyday hoops and give you the chance to branch out if you’re tired of glittering accessories.

LULU’S Hot Pink Wide-Leg Two-Piece Jumpsuit

Nowadays, it’s very much a need to get dressed without giving it too much thought, and jumpsuits are a stylish no-brainer. Stretchy fabric allows you to sit, jump, and run around the world in complete comfort thanks to Lulu’s Hot Pink Jumpsuit.

A Diamond in The North High Leg Vintage Bikini Bottom

Ribbed fabric in Barbie pink is used in the retro bikini pattern to give you a classic, timeless appeal with a contemporary twist. The style is both trendy and durable, making it a great option for beachwear. The fabric provides all-day comfort because it is lightweight and breathable. Pink often matches all skin tones.

Try the trend, don’t allow your fear of going completely magenta to stop you. Whether you choose a dress, co-ord, suit, or even an accessory done in various hues of pink, there are “truly no restrictions or guidelines to realize your Barbiecore desires.