Choosing where to get a tattoo is a personal decision, and the back of the neck is a cool spot for it. It’s right under your hairline, so you can show it off or hide it easily. This spot gives off a private vibe, and you can decide when to flaunt your tattoo. 

If you’re thinking about tattoos for back of the neck, we’ve got some design ideas to help you decide and provide you with considerations before having it. Let’s delve in!


No. Tattoos for the back of the neck are not unprofessional. The perception of professionalism is subjective and depends on various factors. The size, design, and number of tattoos and how well they complement each other play a role in how they are perceived in professional settings.

For example, a small, elegant floral tattoo may not prevent any opportunity in many high-end customer service jobs. However, a large, bold, or offensive body artwork might be viewed differently. Therefore, individuals’ choices, social norms, and specific workplace expectations influence professionalism.

Tattoos at the back-neck are not unprofessional. Source: Wallpaper Flare


Before having a tattoo at back of neck, you should carefully consider size and design. Age and gender can influence pain levels, with women often experiencing more discomfort. Besides, adequate skin preparation, choosing a skilled artist, and aftercare contribute to a successful back-of-the-neck ink.


When getting a tattoo on the back of your neck, you need to consider the size and design. It might hurt more if it’s a big one or has lots of details because it takes more time to do. On the contrary, a simple ink hurts less than a complicated one.

Moreover, the back of your neck is a good spot for tattoos because it’s flat and not exposed to the sun a lot. However, the skin there is thin, so it might hurt more if you can’t tolerate pain well.

The size of the design depends on how big your neck is, usually around 2 to 4 inches long and 4 to 6 inches wide. Many neck tattoos are square or rectangular in shape. It will help if you talk to your artist to determine what size works best for your design.


When considering a tat on your back neck, it’s best to consider factors like age and gender. Women may feel more pain than men, as they usually have a lower pain threshold. 

Also, as we get older, our skin becomes thinner and less flexible, making tattoos more painful. Younger folks often handle pain better because their skin is more elastic.

In addition, body artworks in exposed areas tend to fade faster, but the back of the neck is usually a safe choice. The tattoo can age well and keep looking good if you care for it. 

This place doesn’t get too much sun or wind exposure, and keeping your hair down helps protect your tattoo and maintain its good look.


Before getting inked, preparing your skin is important. The skin in this area is thinner and more sensitive, so proper preparation is key. You can start by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water to keep your skin healthy.

In the days leading up to your tattoo appointment, use a moisturizer on your neck to keep the skin in good condition. Also, avoid too much sun exposure and other things in the environment that can harm or irritate your skin.


Choosing the right tattoo artist is crucial when getting a tattoo at the back of the neck. You should choose an experienced and skilled artist specializing in neck tattoos, known for their gentleness and patience.

It’s always good to look for reviews and recommendations from friends or online communities to ensure the tattooist has a solid track record of creating high-quality, comfortable, and visually appealing skin art.


Tattoos on the back of the neck, known as the nape, are quite popular but can be more sensitive. The pain levels in this area are often described as a deep, achy sensation resembling dull pain.

Additionally, there may be a throbbing agony that lingers for hours after the tattoo session and a numbness or tingling sensation that can last a few days.

It’s beneficial to practice deep breathing and mindfulness techniques. These methods help ease stress responses in the body, calming nerves and relaxing muscles. 

You can apply techniques that may include deep breathing exercises, meditation, or distractions like listening to calming music or white noise.

Considerations when getting a tattoo – Source: Pexels



Minimal tattoos are becoming popular because they’re simple, elegant, and leave a subtle impression. Keeping the design simple for a small area like the back of the neck is a good idea to avoid it looking too busy.

Delicate lines can make the body artwork interesting without being too much. If you’re thinking of a basic shape like a heart or circle, getting it done a few times can add depth without complicating it.

The cool thing about minimal tattoos is that they can have a big impact without being overwhelmed. Designs like a simple crown with thin lines and empty spaces show this style well. 

Besides, semicolon tattoos, which can mean a lot to someone, can look good with a clean and simple design. However, if you want more flair, you can add shading or empty spaces for a cooler look.

This minimalist style works for everyone – guys and girls alike. Brides looking for something simple yet meaningful might like a tiny anchor to show commitment or a snowflake to symbolize a unique love. A small musical note could be a great reminder of a special song if you’re into music.

Minimal tattoos are popular for everyone – Source: Flickr


Personal tattoos whisper your own story through ink. The back of the neck is a good spot for a specific symbol that means something to remind others of something important. You can add your personal touch, like using colors to make it yours.

A small lotus flower tattoo on back of the neck is a nice way to portray something meaningful, like purity or spiritual growth. You can make it even more yours by adding a personal sign, like a letter or two tiny carps around.

Another cool one is the mountain tattoo. It’s all about strength and the journey of life and symbolizes facing challenges and trying to grow personally. 

Personal tattoos are awesome because they tell your own story. Whether it’s a symbol or picture, it’s a perfect way to express yourself in your own way.

Lotus designs show purity and spiritual growth – Source: Flickr


Abstract inks offer a unique and creative way for individuals to express themselves through unconventional designs. 

The back of the neck is like a small canvas, challenging enthusiasts to consider spacing when crafting abstract tattoos. It encourages a thoughtful approach to design, ensuring that the elements, such as line thickness, shapes, and detailing, are well-spaced to avoid overwhelming the limited area.

One attractive abstract choice is the sword tattoo, a powerful symbol of bravery, strength, and protection. This design allows for bold and more abstract interpretations, providing a commanding and meaningful aesthetic.

Another common abstract idea is calligraphy, which adds an artistic flair and offers a blend of neo-tribal and graffiti-style fonts. Besides, the abstract geometric neck tattoo is another option for those seeking a visually complex and stylish design.

A calligraphy tattoo at the back neck – Source: Flickr


Word or phrase body artworks are a common and heartless way to express personal beliefs, values, and aspirations. They serve as powerful expressions of one’s story and can be a homage to a loved one or a reminder of a special place or memory.

You have a wide range of options in terms of design. The possibilities are diverse, from simple, thin-lined black inks to bold and colorful choices.

Back-neck tattoos are easy to conceal, allowing for bolder and more noticeable designs. Choosing a heavier font or thicker letters can make the words or phrases stand out when revealed.

You can choose a simple or small to intricate ornamental, with different script options like cursive, calligraphy, or block letters. It might be a quote from a favorite book, a mantra for focus, or a personal motto reflecting one’s outlook on life.

Your skin art reflects your personal motto – Source: Flickr


Introducing many elements in skin art can be really unique and attractive. We don’t have to stick to one design just because the space is small. For example, a tattoo with three different elements looks light and delicate thanks to the thin lines and how they space out. 

Common complicated tattoos are animal ones, such as tiger and eagle, representing strength and beauty. It’s detailed and fierce, symbolizing courage and a connection to the wild. 

Another one, the Buddha tattoo, is peaceful and spiritually meaningful. It reminds us of enlightenment, peace, and inner wisdom. You can also choose eye tattoos, which capture the mystery of your soul, revealing your intuition and the power of observation.

More detailed tats with many elements might need several sessions, lasting a few hours or even days. It shows that creating intricate designs takes time and patience. 

Complicated tattoos take time – Source: Flickr


In short, tattoos for back of the neck offer a canvas for diverse expressions, from minimalistic designs to personal narratives and abstract creativity. Factors like size, design, and artist play a vital role in the tattoo experience. 

You can choose words, symbols, or multiple elements; each body artwork becomes a unique form of self-expression that helps you tell stories, beliefs, and aesthetic preferences through the art of ink.