Sweater dresses have long been a winter wardrobe staple, but there are now more sweater dresses available that are suitable for any season, from lightweight, crochet versions for the summer to thicker midi and maxi sweater dresses for the fall and winter.

If you have a few sweater dresses in your wardrobe, you may find yourself styling them the same way with the same shoes, but that’s where we come in! This list of the 13 best shoes to wear with sweater dresses will help you style your sweater dresses in fresh and stylish ways.

The diverse shoe selection allows you to customize your sweater dress for casual weekends, workdays, or evenings out – let’s get started!


A sweater dress with sandals may seem unusual, but it can be stylish, especially on warm autumn days! Avoid flip-flop sandals and instead choose a slide style.

A midi sweater dress is ideal for this look since it elongates your figure even when you wear flats. When it’s hot outside, roll your sleeves up, then down at night.

This outfit is ideal for the transitional season from summer to fall. 

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are a classic way to style a sweater dress, and they may also be worn with a small, midi, or maxi sweater dress! Black or brown knee-high boots work best with any sweater dress in your closet, followed by a heeled boot for a sharper, more sophisticated style or a flat boot for a more casual finish.

To improve your appearance, try mixing and matching certain accessories from your collection. These knee-high boots would be the perfect item if you wanna pair your sweater dress with boots. 

Ankle Boots

If you wonder how to wear a sweater dress with ankle boots then this is for you. Ankle boots are fashionable and elegant, and they look great with any dress, including sweater dresses.

Ankle boots look great with sweater dresses ranging from short to midi length. The rule for maxi dresses is to leave adequate room between the hem of your dress and the top of your boots. Not only that but a long sweater dress with boots also looks good too. 

When wearing a small sweater dress in the cold, pair it with matching leggings or hose. Otherwise, keep it simple with short socks that peek out just over the boots, or go sockless.

Calf Height Boots

Calf-height boots look nice with sweater dresses. They are more casual than their classic cousins and take inspiration from cowboy boots. These boots look best with short and midi-length sweater dresses, which allow you to highlight the boots’ appearance. Longer sweater dresses with a side slit, on the other hand, can provide enough mobility for your boots to play peek-a-boo! Feel free to belt the sweater dress around the waist and finish the style with a shoulder purse and dangly earrings! With these boots, you may keep your legs naked and without leggings.

White Sneakers

If you want to add some variety to your fall wardrobe, try teaming a long sweater dress with basic white shoes. This combination is an excellent way to add a little edge to your clothing while being warm. This look includes a long sweater dress, white sneakers, and a tote bag. The long sweater dress is comfy and easy to wear, and the shoes bring a touch of sportiness to the overall look. Finally, the tote bag is ideal for holding all of your things.


Looking for footwear that provides a little more coverage than sandals? Simple slip-on flats or mules are an excellent alternative! The closed-toe leather flats give them a sophisticated air in the autumn. Mules, with their open back, are ideal for warmer fall weather. It is the finest of both worlds!

Midi sweater dresses go great with flats. When duplicating this outfit, opt for a lighter knit sweater dress. You’ll still have that cozy fall feel without becoming overly warm.

Heeled Sandals

To achieve a sleek and sophisticated image, wear your sweater dress with heeled sandals to dinner or an evening out. There are numerous heeled sandal styles to choose from, including dazzling and embellished for a glam look, a fitted heel for an elegant and polished image, and complicated and strappy for a spring or summer look.

Heeled sandals are very adaptable, as they may be worn with sweater dresses as well as other wardrobe classics.


Clogs are some of the most comfortable shoes available, and they go with almost anything, from jeans to joggers and even gowns. A sweater dress and clogs are ideal casual clothing.

When dressing up to meet out with friends or go shopping and it’s cold outside, put on a maxi-length sweater dress and clogs and you’re ready to go.

Clogs look best with snug, long sweater dresses, and loose, knee-length dresses.


These lovely traditional loafers and loafer mules aren’t just for pants and jumpsuits. They feel totally at home in your sweater dresses, too!

There are an infinite number of loafers to go with your sweater dress. Platform loafers, basic loafers, or loafer mules go well with mini, midi, or maxi-length dresses.

Wear traditional loafers with a mid-length sweater and a belt that matches your shoe for a professional look. Dress casually with a short, loose-fitting dress or a long, fitted dress with loafer mules.

Chelsea Boots

I know that there are lots of sweater dresses with boots recommended in this list, but listen to me, you would never go wrong with a pair of Chelsea boots. This season, chunky Chelsea boots will compete for your money!

This boot, available in a range of colors, styles, and heel heights, is an excellent choice for sweater dresses. Some even have contrasting elastic to add some color-blocking.

It’s adaptable; numerous items can be worn with these boots. 

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats will give your sweater dress an elegant and feminine look. These shoes are both elegant and comfy enough to wear all day, making them ideal for everything from a coffee date to running errands to strolling around a farmers’ market.

We adore the look of black ballet flats with a striped black and white pullover. It provides a coherent design that is basic but elegant, and it has a cozy vibe that is perfect for fall and winter. 

Mary Janes

We love Mary Janes right now, and they look great with a sweater dress in the spring and summer. Flat Mary Janes in glossy black or red leather look best with a summery, small sweater dress, but you may also use low-block heel Mary Janes with a midi sweater dress for a more professional business look. A pair of Mary Janes can also be worn with different styles; they are worth purchasing at least once. 


A bootie is the result of combining a shoe and a boot. Booties are somewhat shorter than ankle boots to show off your ankles. Most stylish booties today are flat or low-heeled. When worn with a sweater dress, they provide a relaxed yet classy look.

Mini sweater dresses look well with boots, especially low-heeled ones because they provide a comfortable and modest style without emphasizing the length of the dress.

Midi sweater dresses go great with booties, either with or without stockings or leggings. Even with long dresses, there will always be enough space between the dress and the booties for the desired effect. 


You now have a list of shoes to wear with sweater dress. Trust me when I say that every shoe on this list deserves to be here because they look amazing with sweater dresses.

Remember that the length and design of your dress should complement your shoe just as much as your shoe provides the ideal appearance. Avoid concealing the design or style of your chosen shoe by pairing it with the wrong outfit.

With this instruction and a mirror in front of you, I’m confident you’ll be able to make stunning outfits from your shoes and sweater dresses.