Renowned American actress and talk show host of “Sherri,” Sherri Shepherd, has embarked on an inspiring weight loss journey in her 50s, motivating countless women to shed excess weight and embrace fitness. Curious about the secret behind her remarkable transformation? Let’s delve into Sherri Shepherd’s journey to discover the key to her impressive weight loss.


Sherri Shepherd is a multi-talented American entertainer who wears many hats: actress, comedian, author, broadcaster, podcaster, and currently, a television host. Here’s a breakdown of her career highlights:

  • Talk Show Host: Sherri currently leads her own daily syndicated daytime talk show simply called “Sherri.”
  • Comedic Roles: She’s known for her comedic talents. You might recognize her from sitcoms like “The Jamie Foxx Show” (1996-2001) and “Less Than Perfect” (2002-2006). She also had recurring roles on “Suddenly Susan” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” in the late 1990s.
  • The View: Shepherd was a co-host on the popular talk show “The View” from 2007 to 2014, where she won a Daytime Emmy Award alongside her fellow hosts.
  • Other Ventures: She’s a published author, competed on “Dancing with the Stars,” and has experience as a producer on several shows, including her current talk show “Sherri.”


Sherri Shepherd began her weight loss journey prior to the pandemic, shedding approximately 46 pounds. However, she experienced some weight regain during the quarantine period. “I gained 25 pounds during the quarantine because there was just nothing to do,” she said in an interview.

Beginning her weight loss journey with a fitness website that offered financial incentives for weight loss, the “30 Rock” actress set out to lose 15 pounds. However, Sherri Shepherd surpassed her initial goal, shedding over 20 pounds since the start of the pandemic and approximately 35 pounds overall on her quest for improved fitness.

Currently weighing around 163 pounds with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 24.8, Sherri Shepherd has transformed into a fit and healthy individual. Despite reaching her desired figure, she remains committed to maintaining her healthy habits for the long term.


Sherri Shepherd shared with People magazine that witnessing the health challenges faced by many during the pandemic motivated her to make a change. Recognizing the impact of age and being diagnosed with diabetes, she embarked on her weight loss journey. Sherri, now 56 years old and with her next birthday approaching in a couple of months, began documenting her progress on social media. She consistently advocates for women to prioritize weight maintenance for their overall health.

“A word to my Queens in their 50s… we don’t have an option about working out.,” she wrote in her IG post. “Working out & lifting weights is a must for building our bone density & coordination – which means if we fall, we will be able to get up and not worry about broken hips. Come on ladies let’s get into it.! You got nothing to lose and all your health to gain.”

She also finds her diabetes diagnosis as a second chance at life and a motivation to lose weight:

“I don’t see it as a death sentence; I view it as a second chance at life. It compelled me to become more knowledgeable about my dietary choices and exercise. I began to understand the profound link between exercise and its impact on my mental well-being, particularly the release of endorphins. It illuminated the powerful mind-body connection that stems from regular exercise.”

Her son serves as her daily inspiration, encouraging her to make healthy dietary choices and remain dedicated to her fitness regimen. Sherri has frequently expressed her desire to live a longer life for the sake of her son, reinforcing her commitment to her health and well-being.


Sherri Shepherd prioritized nutrition, aiming for a sustainable and wholesome diet. She transitioned to a well-balanced meal plan, foregoing junk food and opting for nutritious options. Maintaining a caloric deficit to aid her weight loss, she ensured her meals contained an appropriate balance of macros.

A significant component of Sherri Shepherd’s dietary approach is her commitment to preparing meals at home. She frequently shares her delicious and healthy recipes on Instagram, often highlighting the support she receives from her son Jeffrey in making them. Below is an example of one of Sherri’s nutritious dishes she showcases on Instagram:


During the initial phase of her weight loss journey, Sherri Shepherd acknowledged using a ketogenic diet. She adhered to this regimen for the first six months before transitioning to more sustainable options. Notably, the ketogenic diet is characterized by low carbohydrate intake, high protein consumption, and increased fat consumption, all aimed at promoting fat loss.

In an Instagram post, she detailed her dietary approach, stating, “I am doing keto… IF… no dairy… no beef… no pork… no alcohol (water & tea only)… no sugar … no artificial sugar … no eating after 7 pm (8 pm at the latest)… hope that helps.” Additionally, Sherri incorporated intermittent fasting into her routine, a practice known to aid weight loss. She adjusted her eating schedule to conclude her last meal before 8 PM, promoting improved digestion and stabilizing her circadian rhythm.


Sherri Shepherd adopted a holistic approach to her workout routine during her weight loss journey, incorporating a diverse range of activities. Her regimen included cardio exercises, home workouts, strength training, weightlifting, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, and sports. Rather than seeking shortcuts, she remained dedicated to daily hard work to achieve her weight loss goals and sculpt her physique.

Some of the key exercises in Sherri’s routine include squats, lunges, assisted pull-ups, leg presses, and deadlifts. Additionally, she targets her entire body on certain days with exercises like push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, and planks. In addition to these strength-building exercises, she engages in daily jogging or running sessions and incorporates skipping rope into her routine.

In a recent Instagram post, Sherri shared her journey of learning boxing, emphasizing its effectiveness as a sport during a weight loss journey. Boxing serves as an excellent way to strengthen the core and burn calories simultaneously.


Sherri Shepherd’s approach to weight loss offers invaluable lessons for anyone seeking to embark on a similar journey. Foremost, she underscores the importance of setting realistic goals, maintaining discipline, and holding oneself accountable. Moreover, her journey emphasizes the significance of prioritizing mental well-being and cultivating inner peace as essential elements of achieving optimal health.

Additionally, Sherri advocates for creating a well-balanced and nutritious diet plan, adhering to portion control, and staying hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water. She also demonstrates the effectiveness of incorporating intermittent fasting and establishing a consistent eating schedule.

Sherri’s weight loss journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, particularly through the positive energy she radiates in her social media posts. She highlights the possibility of attaining health goals without imposing overly strict rules and relying on fundamental principles. Her journey exemplifies that with dedication and a positive mindset, achieving a healthy lifestyle is within reach for anyone.


Sherri Shepherd’s weight loss journey serves as a powerful testament to the transformative effects of dedication, discipline, and a holistic approach to health. Through setting achievable goals, maintaining accountability, and prioritizing mental well-being, she exemplifies the importance of a balanced lifestyle. By embracing nutritious eating habits, portion control, hydration, intermittent fasting, and consistency in exercise, Sherri demonstrates that sustainable weight loss is achievable. Her journey inspires others to pursue their health goals with positivity, resilience, and a belief in their own ability to succeed. 


1. How much is Sherri Shepherd net worth?

Sources report her net worth to be somewhere between $10 million and $13 million.

2. Who is Sherri Shepherd’s husband?

  • First husband: Jeff Tarpley (married 2001, divorced 2010).
  • Second husband: Lamar Sally (married around 2011, divorced by 2014).