Snook, the acclaimed Australian actress celebrated for her remarkable roles in numerous TV shows and films, stirred discussions among fans following noticeable changes in her appearance during an episode of the HBO series “Succession.” Various theories circulated regarding her weight gain, with some speculating that she might be expecting a child. If you’re curious about how much weight she has gained, then scroll down to read our article!


Sarah Snook is a celebrated Australian actress known for her captivating performances, particularly in the HBO series “Succession” (2018-2023).


  • Award-Winning Actress: Snook has garnered critical acclaim, receiving two Golden Globe Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Shiv Roy in “Succession.”


  • Early Success: After graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Australia, Snook secured roles in Australian television shows. Her performance in “Sisters of War” (2010) earned her an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Award.
  • International Acclaim: She gained recognition in international films like “Steve Jobs” (2015) and “The Glass Castle” (2017).
  • Breakthrough with “Succession”: Her portrayal of the ambitious Shiv Roy in the critically acclaimed drama series “Succession” launched her to international stardom.


  • Diverse Filmography: Snook possesses a versatile acting range, having acted in various genres throughout her career.
  • Recent Work: She continues to be actively involved in the entertainment industry. In 2024, she received a prestigious Laurence Olivier Award nomination for her role in the West End revival of “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

The reason behind Shiv Roy’s weight gain 


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In Sarah Snook’s weight gain journey, nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting muscle growth and overall health. A well-designed diet with a surplus of calories provides the necessary energy and nutrients for building muscle, with protein being essential for tissue formation, carbohydrates fueling workouts, and healthy fats supporting bodily functions. Real-life examples, like Snook’s preparation for “Thor: Ragnarok,” highlight the effectiveness of personalized nutrition plans in achieving weight gain while maintaining health and performance. Understanding the link between nutrition and weight gain is vital not only in fitness but also in medicine, where tailored nutrition plans aid individuals with underweight conditions or recovering from illness, promoting overall well-being and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.


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In Sarah Snook’s journey to gain weight, exercise was thoughtfully integrated into her training routine to bolster her objectives. Her regimen encompassed a blend of resistance training, cardiovascular exercises, and periodization, all customized to align with her individual needs and aspirations. By committing to a comprehensive exercise plan, Snook successfully achieved her weight gain goals while upholding a superior level of fitness.


Sarah Snook doesn’t adhere to Hollywood’s beauty norms, prioritizing acting over appearance. In an interview with Vogue Australia, she emphasized this stance. Despite her clarity, she’s often questioned about her weight, including during past instances of weight gain. This scrutiny is a downside of fame, where constant spotlight fuels speculation, like pregnancy rumors. However, Snook seems unfazed, unswayed by societal pressures for women to maintain a certain physique. She remains resolute in her individuality amidst the demands of fame.


Sarah Snook’s weight gain has been a topic of public interest and speculation, particularly in the context of her career in Hollywood. Despite the scrutiny and rumors surrounding her physique, Snook remains steadfast in her commitment to prioritize acting over conforming to societal beauty standards. Through her candid interviews and public appearances, she has demonstrated resilience against the pressures of fame and the relentless scrutiny of her appearance. 


1. How much is Sarah Snook net worth?

Estimate Sarah Snook’s net worth to be around $6 million.

2. Who is Sarah Snook’s husband?

Sarah Snook’s husband is Dave Lawson.