Sam Smith, renowned for their powerful ballads like “Stay With Me” and “Lay Me Down,” gained recognition with their debut album in 2014. Notably, since 2015, Smith has undergone a significant transformation, shedding over 50 pounds through substantial alterations to their diet and exercise regimen. Although the majority of the weight loss took place in 2015, Smith has successfully maintained their new physique and even made further progress over the past two years. A recent cover photo for L’uomo Vogue magazine surprised fans, as they noticed the discernible slimming of Smith’s face. Keep reading to learn more details about Sam Smith weight loss journey.


Samuel Frederick “Sam” Smith (born May 19, 1992) is a British singer-songwriter known for their soulful vocals, emotionally charged lyrics, and genre-bending musical style. Here’s a glimpse into their remarkable career:


  • Born in London, Smith had a passion for music from a young age.
  • Influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Adele, Smith honed their vocal skills in choirs and theatre productions.


  • In 2012, Smith’s featured vocals on Disclosure’s single “Latch” propelled them into the spotlight.
  • Their debut album, In the Lonely Hour (2014), became a global success, earning four Grammy Awards, including Best Pop Vocal Album and Song of the Year for “Stay With Me.”
  • The album explored themes of heartbreak, vulnerability, and self-acceptance, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide.


  • Smith’s subsequent albums, The Thrill of It All (2017) and Love Goes (2020), showcased their evolution as a musician, experimenting with electronic and pop influences while retaining their signature soulful sound.
  • In 2023, Smith collaborated with Kim Petras on the viral hit “Unholy,” further solidifying their position as a genre-defying artist.


  • Openly identifying as non-binary, Smith has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and body positivity, empowering and inspiring many.
  • Their music’s emotional honesty and vulnerability have connected with millions, offering solace and strength to listeners dealing with similar experiences.


  • Multiple Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards.
  • Collaborations with renowned artists like Normani, Calvin Harris, and Demi Lovato.
  • Headlining tours and performances at prestigious events like Glastonbury Festival and the BBC Music Awards.


  • With their powerful voice, introspective songwriting, and willingness to push boundaries, Sam Smith continues to be a force in the music industry.
  • Their future holds promise for further artistic exploration, impactful collaborations, and inspiring messages.


  • Explore Smith’s discography to discover their emotional depth and musical versatility.
  • Follow their social media to stay updated on new releases, performances, and advocacy efforts.
  • Dive deeper into their life and perspectives through interviews and documentaries.


Sam Smith’s weight gain journey began in their childhood, as they struggled with emotional eating. In a 2017 interview, Smith candidly shared their experiences, revealing that food had always exerted control over them from a young age. They turned to food as a source of comfort during times of unhappiness and loneliness, using it as a coping mechanism.

Furthermore, Smith disclosed that they had been subjected to bullying due to their body during their childhood. This led them to undergo liposuction surgery at the age of 12, hoping to address the issue. Unfortunately, the surgery did not bring the desired changes, and their unhealthy relationship with food continued.

During the filming of their initial music videos, Smith also expressed feeling self-conscious, which triggered an obsession with controlling their appearance on camera. This further complicated their journey and fueled their determination to make significant changes in their lifestyle.


Since 2015, Sam Smith has achieved a remarkable weight loss of over 50 pounds by implementing significant changes to their diet and exercise routine. Although the majority of the weight loss occurred in 2015, they have made ongoing efforts to maintain their new weight in the subsequent years. While Smith has openly shared their weight loss journey in various interviews, their Instagram account does not heavily feature gym selfies or diet-related pictures.

In a previous Instagram post, Smith expressed gratitude towards nutritional therapist Amelia Freer for her collaboration in their weight loss journey. They credited Freer for helping them lose over a stone (14 pounds) in two weeks and transforming their relationship with food. Smith’s post conveyed appreciation, stating, “Love you Amelia & thank you for making me feel so happy inside and out.” Now, let’s delve deeper into their dietary approach to gain further insights.


Sam Smith’s weight loss journey was guided by the principles outlined in nutritionist Amelia Freer’s book, “Eat. Nourish. Glow.” Following these principles, Smith adopted a diet focused on real, whole foods and made significant changes to their eating habits. Here are the key dieting tips that played a pivotal role in Smith’s transformation:

  • Preparation is crucial: Clear out unhealthy foods from your pantry and stock up on lean proteins and fresh produce.
  • Choose wisely: Opt for fresh, natural, and preferably organic options. Avoid pre-prepared and processed foods, as well as those with added sugars.
  • Embrace a colorful plate: Experiment with a diverse range of fruits and vegetables, as their vibrant colors often indicate high antioxidant content.
  • Say no to sugar: Avoid sugary drinks, alcohol, fruit juices, and flavored waters. Stick to still or sparkling water and herbal teas.
  • Stick to three meals a day: Avoid overeating and snacking between meals to prevent weight gain.
  • Focus on fresh, sensible portions: Instead of obsessing over calorie counting, prioritize eating fresh food in appropriate amounts.
  • Consider eliminating dairy and wheat: Cutting out wheat and dairy may contribute to a flatter stomach, although the impact on weight loss may vary.
  • Body brushing: Stimulate your lymphatic system by brushing your body in sweeping motions, starting from your feet. This may aid in toxin elimination and potentially reduce the risk of obesity.
  • Prioritize sleep: Aim for at least 8 hours of quality sleep per night, as proper sleep supports healthy metabolic functions and may facilitate weight loss.
  • Keep a food journal: Maintain a record of your food intake to increase awareness and mindfulness about your eating habits.


Sam Smith’s weight loss journey has evolved to include a strong focus on incorporating regular gym sessions into their routine. They have been sharing glimpses of their workouts on social media, providing insight into their fitness regimen.

Smith is committed to working out three times per week with a fitness trainer, engaging in a combination of cardio exercises and weightlifting. Their goal is to build lean muscle and improve their overall physique. Their workouts consist of a variety of exercises, including battle ropes, dumbbell rows, and rowing machines. These exercises help with strength training and contribute to the development of lean muscle mass.

Additionally, Smith has been seen enjoying brisk walks as part of their fitness routine. Walking is a beneficial form of exercise as it helps increase daily activity levels, burn calories, and support body fat loss. It is a low-impact activity suitable for most individuals.

By incorporating both gym sessions and brisk walks into their routine, Sam Smith has embraced a comprehensive approach to fitness that combines strength training and cardiovascular exercise.


  • Start small and make gradual changes for long-lasting progress.
  • Consider adding more plant-based foods to your meals, as a vegetarian diet may support weight loss.
  • Personalize your workout and diet with the help of professionals to find what works best for you.
  • Avoid quick fixes and focus on sustainable, healthy approaches to weight loss.
  • Say no to processed foods and opt for whole, natural ingredients cooked from scratch.
  • Find physical activities that you enjoy and prioritize your well-being.
  • Practice self-acceptance and cultivate a body-positive mindset throughout your weight loss journey.


These are Sam Smith’s before and after images from 2014 and 2018 respectively.


In summary, Sam Smith’s weight loss journey is a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a commitment to self-care. Sam has successfully achieved their weight loss goals and transformed their relationship with food and fitness. Overall, Sam Smith’s weight loss journey is a prime example of how individuals can reach their objectives by applying a balanced and comprehensive approach to health and well-being. If you want to learn more about the weight loss journeys of other stars like Jorge Garcia, Damaris Phillips, etc., stay tuned to our website for more details.


  1. Who helped Sam Smith lose weight?

 Amelia Freer.

  1. Why did Sam Smith get surgery?

To repair bleeding in his vocal cords that stemmed from a hemmorage.

  1. Does Sam Smith have MS?

Sam was diagnosed with MS in 2015.