Perfect Pout: Mastering the Art of Lip Liner and Lipstick Duo

When it comes to achieving the perfect pout, using the lip liner and lipstick duo is a game-changer. Lip liner not only helps to define and shape your lips, but it also acts as a barrier to prevent your lipstick from bleeding or feathering and gives you that pouty, plumping lips. For all the girls out there who are still confused about using these 2 amazing makeup items, we are here to help.

Choosing the Right Lip Liner and Lipstick

When it comes to makeup, especially lip products, it’s important to consider your undertone and preference before purchasing them as they’re quite expensive and you do not want to waste your money on items that don’t suit you.

Check your skin tone: How to choose lip liner and lipstick shades won’t be a difficult task anymore if you know what is your undertone. Shades that flatter your skin will enhance your natural beauty and create a more connected look, whereas, colors that don’t match your tone will make your whole look less cohesive.

Match or go well with your lipstick shade: Lip liner should either match your lipstick shade or complement it. If you want a more defined lip shape, choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade. If you want to create a gradient effect or add depth to your lips, go for a lip liner that is slightly darker or lighter than your lipstick shade.

Choose the right finish: Lipstick and lip liner come in a variety of finishes, including matte, satin, and glossy. Consider the occasion and your personal style when selecting a finish. Matte finishes are great for a bold, statement lip, while satin and glossy finishes are perfect for a more natural, subtle look.

For perfect lips makeup, we highly recommend you use the best waterproof lip liner as they can stay still for a long time, even underwater. If you haven’t found any, you should try out the best mac lip liners ever, they come in a variety of colors, as well as a usable, stunning formula. These lip liners can pull off every makeup look you can think of and blend very well with most lipsticks that you can find.

Prepping Your Lips

The preparation for the lips is very underestimated, compared to other skincare steps before putting on makeup. Without proper lips preparation, your lips might end up looking cakey and crusty, and you do not want it to happen. So it’s best for you to spend at least 5 minutes on the lips if you want to get that juicy, perfect makeup.

Exfoliate: Use a lip scrub or a soft toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips. This will help remove any dry or flaky skin, leaving your lips soft and smooth. You can use other chemical exfoliators for a faster result.

Moisturize: Apply a lip balm or a lip conditioner to hydrate your lips. This will help prevent your lips from becoming dry or chapped, which can make your lip liner and lipstick look patchy and uneven. For all broke girls who can’t afford Laneige or something expensive, Vaseline can do the job very well.

Prime: Use a lip primer to create a smooth base for your lip liner and lipstick. This will make your lip products adhere better to your lips and avoid them from feathering or smudging. This step is not as necessary as the previous steps but if you can afford a lip primer, you should get one because it will improve your makeup look a lot.

Blot: Before applying your lip liner and lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess lip balm or primer. This will ensure that your lip products stay in place and last longer.

See, with just a few easy steps, you now can have the most fabulous, stunning lips ever. It’s never a waste to invest in you, so don’t hesitate to get some high-quality lip moisturizers and primer for a gorgeous, perfect look.

How to Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick

After properly taking care of your lips, it’s time to do the step that we’re all waiting for, putting on lip liner and lipstick. You might want to slow down at this part because this is the part that you don’t want to mess up the most.

Start at the Cupid’s bow: Begin by drawing a small “X” at the Cupid’s bow on your upper lip. This will help guide you as you outline your lips.

Outline your lips: Using short, light strokes, begin to outline your lips starting at the center of your upper lip and working your way outwards towards the corners of your mouth. Repeat this process on your lower lip.

Connect the corners: Once you’ve outlined your lips, connect the corners of your mouth with a straight line. This will help prevent your lipstick from getting all over your lips.

Fill in your lips: For a longer-lasting lip look, fill in your lips with the lip liner. This will create a base for your lipstick to adhere to. 

Blend: Using a lip brush or your fingertip, blend the lip liner towards the center of your lips. This blending process will give you a seamless transition between the lip liner and your lipstick.

Now that you’ve applied your lip liner, it’s time to apply your lipstick. Follow these steps for a flawless application:

Choose your lipstick: Select the lipstick that matches or complements your lip liner. If your lip liner is too dark, choose a lighter lipstick shade. If your lip liner is too light, choose a darker lipstick shade. Always remember to match your lipstick with the lip liner for a more cohesive makeup look.

Put on the lipstick: Start at the center of your upper lip and apply the lipstick toward the corners of your mouth. Repeat this process on your lower lip.

Blot: Using a tissue, blot your lips to remove any excess lipstick. This will help your lipstick last longer and keep it from not smudging.

Clean up any mistakes: Use a small brush or a cotton swab to clean up any mistakes around the edges of your lips.

If you’re into a more intense, darker lips shade, go for another layer.

Lip Liner and Lipstick Pairing Ideas

Even when you have amazing, skilled makeup techniques, you still need to learn about color matching, especially when it comes to lips. In case you’re still confused about this color thing, we’re here to help.

Nude lip: Pair a nude lip liner with nude lipsticks for a natural, subtle look. This is perfect for a daytime look or a casual occasion and goes well with every eyeshadow and blush you can think of.

Red lip: If you don’t know which is the lip liner for red lipstick, all you have to do is pick the liner that has a slightly darker shade than the lipstick. This is perfect for a night out or a special occasion as red is a very standing-out and sexy shade which kinda looks too much for a casual event.

Pink lip: For a fun, flirty and feminine look, a pink lipstick and liner combo is all you need. To those who are planning on a night out with the girls, consider pink as your next makeup look if you’re going for a youthful, cute vibe.

Ombre lip: Create an ombre lip by pairing a darker lip liner with a lighter lipstick shade. Apply the lip liner to the outer corners of your lips and blend to the center. Then, apply the lighter lipstick shade to the center of your lips and blend towards the lip liner. This Ombre lips look will definitely give your lips a plumper illusion as well as add some boldness to your overall look.

Lip liner and gloss combo: This lip combo is perfect for a natural, understated look that still has a touch of glam. It’s also a great option for those who want to add shine to their lips without the heaviness of traditional lipsticks. 

Makeup is all about creativity so don’t be afraid to show people your interest and personality through your makeup, especially the lips as you can wear them in any color, shade or style you want. As long as you like them, they are all gonna look perfect on you.