Pauline Chalamet is an actress on the rise, making her mark in both film and television. You might recognize her from her hilarious role in the HBO Max series “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” but her filmography goes beyond that. This introduction will delve into Pauline’s career, exploring her filmography, writing credits, and the projects that have brought her acclaim.



Pauline Chalamet, following her breakout role in “The King of Staten Island” in 2020, has quickly established herself as a versatile talent in both acting and producing. In 2021, she showcased her acting chops in the short film “Adulting” and “After Dark,” demonstrating her range in various roles.

Transitioning into producing, Chalamet made her mark in the industry with several short films in 2022. In “Evil Seaweed,” although not credited with a role, her involvement as a producer highlighted her multifaceted talents. She continued to expand her producing credits in 2023 with “The Appraisal,” “Lemon Tree,” and “What Doesn’t Float,” showcasing her commitment to fostering innovative storytelling.

By 2024, Chalamet’s career had reached new heights with her leading role in “Between the Temples.” This likely served as a testament to her acting prowess and growing reputation in the industry. Additionally, her involvement as a producer in “Chimera,” set for release in the near future, indicates her continued dedication to both sides of the filmmaking process.

Overall, Pauline Chalamet’s filmography reflects a trajectory marked by diverse roles and a burgeoning presence behind the scenes. Her ability to seamlessly transition between acting and producing positions her as a talent to watch in the coming years, with the potential to leave a significant impact on the film industry.


Pauline Chalamet’s television career spans a variety of roles showcasing her talent and versatility. Beginning with a brief appearance in “One Life to Live” in 1999, she made a notable return to television in 2009 with a role as the Lead Ballerina in an episode of “Royal Pains.” Despite the gap between her early and later television roles, her presence in these shows hinted at her potential as an actress.

In 2021, Chalamet’s television career gained momentum with appearances in “Les Engagés,” where she portrayed Sveta in two episodes, demonstrating her ability to immerse herself in diverse characters. However, it’s her role as Kimberly in “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” which she began in 2021 and continues to portray, that has truly solidified her presence on the small screen. As a main character, Kimberly allows Chalamet to showcase her acting range and comedic timing, contributing to the show’s appeal and success.

Expanding her television repertoire further, Chalamet secured a recurring role as Paola in “Split” in 2023. This recurring character likely provided her with the opportunity to delve deeper into a complex role, adding depth to her television portfolio. Overall, Pauline Chalamet’s television career showcases her ability to tackle a range of characters across different genres, establishing her as a versatile talent in the medium. Her consistent presence and memorable performances hint at a promising future in television.


While Pauline Chalamet is primarily known for her acting roles, she has also dipped her toes into the podcast world.

In this instance, Pauline lent her voice acting talents to the comedic podcast “Meet Cute.”  The specific episode title is “Kerri,” suggesting Pauline plays the titular character.  Unfortunately, without more details about the episode, it’s difficult to say exactly what the plot revolves around.

It’s interesting to see Pauline explore voice acting, and this appearance could hint at her interest in expanding her artistic endeavors beyond film and television.


Pauline Chalamet’s accolades in the realm of independent film underscore her talent and dedication to her craft. 

In 2020, her performance in “Adulting” earned her the Independent Shorts Awards’ Best Acting Duo alongside Dylan Raffin, highlighting her ability to collaborate effectively on screen. The following year, Chalamet’s individual prowess was recognized with multiple Best Actress wins.

 At the Milan Gold Awards and the Chicago Indie Film Awards in 2021, her performances left a lasting impression, solidifying her status as a standout talent in independent cinema. Additionally, her portrayal in “Seasick” garnered her another Best Actress award at the New York Indie Shorts Awards, further affirming her versatility and skill as an actress across various projects. 


1. What languages does Pauline Chalamet speak?

English and French.

2. Where did Pauline Chalamet go to college?

Bard College.

3. How much is Pauline Chalamet net worth? 

Around $2 million.


Pauline Chalamet’s career is on a clear upward trajectory. With her hilarious performance in “The Sex Lives of College Girls” and her promising film debut, she has established herself as a comedic talent to watch. Her foray into voice acting shows an openness to exploring different creative avenues. Additionally, Pauline Chalamet’s weight loss has attracted considerable attention, with many following her journey, which proves her awareness of maintaining a star image.