Paris Hilton has a reputation for many things, and her dazzling engagement rings are definitely one of them! Over the years, she’s been proposed to four times, and each time the sparkler on her finger has been a showstopper. From multi-million dollar giants to unique, custom designs, Paris’s engagement rings have always turned heads. Let’s dive into the details of these fabulous rings, and see the bling that’s captured the hearts (and headlines) alongside Paris herself.


Jason Shaw was Paris Hilton’s first beau when she turned 21, and he swept her off her feet with a grand proposal, presenting her with a stunning 10-carat pear-shaped solitaire ring crafted with a natural diamond set in 18kt yellow gold. This exquisite ring boasted exceptional craftsmanship, featuring a flawless symmetry with precisely cut facets and perfect anatomical balance, enhancing its brilliance and sparkle. Valued at approximately $1 million, the ring’s remarkable quality, attributed to its internally flawless (IF) and very, very small included (VVS) diamond clarity, added an extra allure, elevating its worth by nearly $100,000.


In the glitzy world of celebrity engagements, Paris Hilton’s romance took a stunning turn when her then-fiancé, Paris Latsis, gave her an eye-popping $4.7 million canary diamond ring. This wasn’t just any ring—it was a grand gesture of love that left everyone amazed.

Imagine a platinum or white gold band with a dazzling yellow canary diamond stealing the show. The 24-carat yellow diamond ring screams luxury and class. But what makes it stand out is its special design with elongated and uncropped corner emerald-cut diamonds.

The unique cut of the ring creates a mesmerizing display of light, making it look like chocolate diamonds. The diamond’s perfect quality reflects light beautifully, giving it a luxurious shine that’s usually found in top-notch jewelry.

What makes Paris Hilton’s ring even more special is its flawless symmetry. This perfect balance not only creates distinct reflections but also makes the ring look royal and captivating.

As we explore this $4.7 million masterpiece, there’s a chance it might have an excellent symmetry grade too. Plus, the ring is perfectly sized for comfortable wear.

Whether it’s the flawless symmetry, the stunning yellow color, or the sheer extravagance of the 24-carat diamond, Paris Latsis truly gave Paris Hilton one of the most valuable and expensive engagement rings ever. A symbol of their remarkable love story, this ring continues to shine as brightly as the love that inspired it.


Paris Hilton once again made headlines in 2018 when she announced her engagement to actor Chris Zylka. Their romantic moment took place on a mountaintop in Aspen, where Zylka presented her with a stunning pear-shaped engagement ring. This remarkable ring, weighing 20 carats and valued at approximately $2 million, featured a pear-cut center stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds and set on a double diamond pavé band.

However, despite the grand gesture, Hilton wore the ring for only 10 months, as the engagement came to an end in November 2018. Sources revealed that the relationship had progressed rapidly, leading Hilton to realize that it wasn’t the right fit for her.

According to TMZ, Hilton initiated the end of the engagement that autumn. While California law required her to return the ring, reports suggested that she had no intention of doing so at the time.


Picture a fairy tale moment: Mr. Carter Reum made Paris Hilton’s 40th birthday unforgettable during a Private Island vacation. Amidst the magic, he surprised her with a stunning 20-carat natural emerald diamond ring, oozing elegance and charm. It wasn’t just any engagement; it was a celebration of their love.

This extraordinary ring, with its three beautiful stones, symbolizes love, romance, and promise. Alongside the 20-carat emerald centerpiece, modern Baguette and Trapezoid cut diamonds add grace, all set on a platinum band.

Choosing a three-stone ring isn’t just about looks; it’s a promise of deep commitment and love, often seen as a pre-engagement or promise ring.

Now, let’s talk money—a $2 million price tag for this exceptional piece. What makes it rare isn’t just its size but also the lack of imperfections, which are seldom found in 20-carat natural emerald diamonds.


Paris Hilton is an American media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, and DJ. She gained fame in the early 2000s through her appearances on reality television shows like “The Simple Life” alongside Nicole Richie. Hilton’s lavish lifestyle and party-going image contributed to her rise to prominence as a pop culture icon during that era. Beyond her media persona, Hilton has ventured into various business endeavors, including fragrance lines, fashion design, and nightclub ownership. She’s also recognized for her philanthropic work and has built a successful brand around her name and image.


Paris Hilton, born in 1981, is the eldest child of businessman Rick Hilton and former child actress Kathy Hilton. She grew up in a wealthy family alongside her sister, Nicky, and two brothers, Barron and Conrad. Throughout the years, Paris has been recognized for her high-profile relationships, including three engagements before marrying Carter Reum in 2021. Together, they have two children born via surrogate.

While Paris’s early years were marked by a lifestyle associated with the “celebutante” scene of the early 2000s, in recent times, she has undergone a significant career shift. Transitioning from her party-going image, Paris has embraced entrepreneurship and advocacy. She has spoken openly about her past experiences and has emerged as a businesswoman, building her brand through various ventures. 

Additionally, she has become an advocate for social justice issues, using her platform to raise awareness and promote positive change in society. This evolution reflects Paris’s commitment to personal growth and making a meaningful impact beyond the realm of celebrity culture.


1. Are there any unique details about Paris Hilton’s engagement rings?

Yes! The “Paris” ring is said to subtly reference the Eiffel Tower in its design.

2. Did Paris Hilton design any of her engagement rings?

It is not confirmed if she directly designed any, but the “Paris” ring was custom-made and named after her.

3. What happened to Paris Hilton’s previous engagement rings?

There is no official information on what happened to her past rings.


From million-dollar sparklers to custom-designed beauties, Paris Hilton’s engagement rings have been a glittering testament to her glamorous style. Each ring tells a story, reflecting a chapter in her personal journey. Whether a symbol of enduring love (like her current ring) or a snapshot of a bygone era, these dazzling jewels have undeniably captured the public’s imagination. So next time you see Paris Hilton rocking a showstopping ring, remember the stories it holds. It’s not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a glimpse into the life and loves of a pop culture icon.