Savelina Fanene is an American professional wrestler who performs on Raw under the ring name Nia Jax. She is the current Raw Women’s Champion and is holding the title for the first time in her WWE career. Being a rare rose in a male-dominated sport always makes her the center of attention. Recently, Nia Jax’s 48-pound weight loss once again became an attractive headline in the wrestling world. The former WWE superstar made a surprise reappearance at the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble, showing off her incredible transformation. Let’s explore how she achieved this impressive feat.


Ring name: Nia Jax

Real name: Savelina Fanene

Height: 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)

Weight: 270 lb (122 kg)

Born: May 17, 1984, Honolulu, Hawaii

Nationality: American

Wrestling family: Anoa’i family (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is her cousin)

Career highlights:

  • WWE Raw Women’s Champion (1 time)
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion (2 times)
  • NXT Women’s Champion (1 time)
  • Winner of the 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble
  • First plus-size woman to win a major WWE championship

Fun facts:

  • Was a promising basketball player in high school before transitioning to wrestling.
  • Began training at the WWE Performance Center in 2014.
  • Known for her powerful in-ring presence and dominant character.
  • Has spoken out about body positivity and self-acceptance.
  • Released by WWE in November 2021, but made a surprise return at WWE Crown Jewel in 2023.

Current status: As of February 2, 2024, Nia Jax is not signed to any wrestling promotion. She has teased a potential return to the ring, but no official announcement has been made.


Nia Jax’s incredible journey to shed pounds was marked by her steadfast commitment to challenging workouts and a well-rounded diet. Fans worldwide were amazed when the wrestling sensation took to Twitter, expressing her dedication to putting her health first and later revealing the astounding news of her weight loss. This announcement stood as proof of her unwavering determination and strong focus on her overall health and fitness.


Nia Jax wanted to lose weight, so she changed what she ate and how much she ate. She didn’t follow a specific diet plan, but she tried to pick healthier foods and eat smaller amounts. It’s important for everyone to talk to a doctor before making big changes to their diet. Everyone’s body reacts differently to diets, and a doctor can give personalized advice to make sure the changes are both helpful and safe for overall health. Nia Jax’s experience shows that losing weight is best done with healthy food choices, smaller portions, and help from a healthcare professional.


Nia Jax started doing exercises to help with her weight loss. She did different kinds of exercises, like moving around a lot (cardio) and lifting weights (strength training). Her workouts were a mix of these things, and she tried to keep things balanced. Charlotte Flair helped her by giving tough workouts. But it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and what works for one person might not work for another. So, it’s best to talk to experts who can help make a workout plan that fits each person’s needs.


Nia Jax’s weight loss journey is getting a lot of attention from the news and other media. Fans and people who love wrestling are really excited about her changes. They show a lot of love for her hard work and the cool things she’s done. Social media is filled with good words and support for her, making Nia a role model who has made a positive impact on many people’s hearts.


After leaving WWE in November 2021, Nia Jax focused on losing weight and trying out new things. Right now, she’s working on creating her own clothing line and getting ready to start her fitness program. Her life after WWE is like a new start, showing that with determination and strength, anyone can make a fresh start and overcome past struggles.


Nia Jax’s weight loss journey shows how she never gave up and worked really, really hard. She started at 272 lbs, and now she looks totally different. She’s a real example of making a true change. Outside of wrestling, Nia Jax has become a symbol of not giving up and inspiring others. She encourages people to go after their dreams and overcome problems in their own lives.


Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Rookie of the Year (2016)

Ranked No. 8 of the top 50 female singles wrestlers in the PWI Female 100 in 2018

Ranked No. 30 of the top 150 female wrestlers in the PWI Women’s 150 in 2021

Ranked No. 24 of the top 50 Tag Teams in the PWI Tag Team 50 in 2021.

Sports Illustrated

Ranked No. 12 in the top 30 female wrestlers in 2018

Rolling Stone

Most Overdue Yet-to-Be Title Holder of the Year 


WWE Raw Women’s Championship (1 time)

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (2 times) 


While Nia Jax is a recognizable public figure, she values keeping her personal life private. I adhere to the importance of not sharing any private information about her that hasn’t been disclosed by her or from reliable sources. However, there are some general aspects known to the public:

In terms of family, Nia Jax is part of the renowned Anoa’i family, well-known in the wrestling world, with her cousin being Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Education-wise, she was active in basketball during both high school and college and holds a degree in marketing.

Regarding relationships, Nia Jax has openly discussed her past relationship with fellow wrestler Josh Woods, although her current relationship status is uncertain.

On social media, she primarily focuses on sharing professional updates, choosing not to delve into her personal life. It’s essential to respect her privacy and only share information that has been publicly disclosed by Nia Jax herself. This provides a glimpse into her known background while maintaining a sense of confidentiality.


1. Is Nia Jax related to Roman Reigns?

Yes. Nia Jax and Roman Reigns are family. They both come from the Anoa’i family, which is famous for wrestling.

2. Does Nia Jax have kids?

No. Nia Jax is not married, and she doesn’t have any kids right now.

3. Who is the highest paid diva in WWE?

Becky Lynch.

4. How much is Nia Janet worth?



Nia Jax worked hard to lose weight, and she succeeded in losing 48 pounds. She did this by making changes to her diet and exercising. Nia’s journey teaches us that with dedication and a healthy lifestyle, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals. If you’re thinking about making big changes to your diet or exercise, it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor for personalized advice. Overall, Nia Jax’s story is an inspiration for those looking to lead a healthier life.