Matt Rife’s comedic talent is undeniable, but his appearance has also sparked conversation. Some fans have noticed a shift in his features over the years, leading to speculation about plastic surgery. Whether it’s natural maturation or a visit to the doctor, the question remains: has Matt Rife gone under the knife? In this exploration, we’ll delve into earlier photos and Matt’s own remarks to see if we can shed light on his transformation.


Rising star Matt Rife (born September 10, 1995) is an American comedian and actor making waves in the entertainment industry. He’s known for his hilarious self-produced stand-up specials like “Only Fans” (2021), “Matthew Steven Rife” (2023), and “Walking Red Flag” (2023). But that’s not all!  He also landed a Netflix special, “Natural Selection,” in 2023, solidifying his comedic chops.  Before hitting it big solo, Rife honed his skills with a recurring role on the popular sketch improv show “Wild ‘n Out.


Following his Netflix comedy special, Matt Rife’s career took an unexpected turn as controversy brewed over a domestic violence joke, leaving many viewers uneasy. This controversy sparked speculation about the trajectory of his success, with some attributing it solely to his physical transformation over the years rather than his comedic talent.

Amid swirling rumors of plastic surgery, particularly concerning enhancements to his jaw and cheeks, Rife consistently maintained that his features were natural. In a July 2023 interview with Mario Lopez on Access Hollywood, he vehemently denied undergoing any cosmetic procedures, attributing his change in appearance to a delayed puberty. However, speculation persisted, fueled by a TikTok post from plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, suggesting a client’s cancellation post-enhancements.

Though Rife was not explicitly named in the post, comments insinuated his involvement. In response, Rife cautioned against spreading false medical information, emphasizing his commitment to honesty.

Matt Rife as a teenager

Matt Rife’s pictures with plastic surgery rumors


In 2017, Matt Rife embarked on his journey into the entertainment industry, hosting the short-lived reboot of Total Request Live and making appearances on MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. His career trajectory continued in 2018 with a role in the B-movie slasher film Black Pumpkin. Beyond acting, Rife delved into the realm of paranormal investigation, featuring on the YouTube channel “Overnight”. He further showcased his comedic talents on the television series Bring the Funny in 2019 and landed a spot on the Netflix special Natural Selection.

Taking creative control, Rife self-produced comedy specials such as Only Fans (2021), Matthew Steven Rife (2023), and Walking Red Flag (2023). His versatility extended to guest roles on various shows, including Wild ‘n Out and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Despite initial descriptions as “just another struggling road comedian” by The New York Times in 2022, Rife’s popularity surged, notably through platforms like TikTok.

In December 2022, Rife signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), marking a significant milestone in his career. Continuing his momentum, he released a self-titled special, Matthew Steven Rife, in April 2023, followed by Walking Red Flag in June of the same year, focusing on crowd-work. However, his Netflix stand-up special, Natural Selection, released on November 15, 2023, garnered mixed reviews and controversy due to a controversial domestic violence joke at the beginning. Rife’s response to the backlash further fueled controversy, including a controversial message to a child and a fake apology note linking to a website offering safety helmets for people with disabilities.


Currently, Matt Rife calls Los Angeles, California, home. He was romantically involved with English actress Kate Beckinsale from 2017 to 2018 before beginning a relationship with British-Canadian actress Jessica Lord in the summer of 2023.

In his comedy special Only Fans (2021), Rife candidly discussed his experiences with clinical depression and an anxiety disorder. Despite identifying as Christian, he maintains a non-religious stance, humorously comparing his wearing of a Jesus cross to the way others don NBA jerseys, stating, “I’ve never met the guy, but I tell people I can dunk like him at LA Fitness” in an Instagram post.


1. What other projects has Matt Rife been involved in besides comedy?

In addition to his comedy career, Matt Rife has made guest appearances on television shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fresh Off the Boat.

2. Does Matt Rife have any upcoming projects?

Specific upcoming projects for Matt Rife are not readily available, but fans can expect him to continue his work in comedy and entertainment.

3. Has Matt Rife received any awards or nominations for his work?

There’s no widely reported information about Matt Rife receiving awards or nominations for his work in entertainment.

4. Is Matt Rife involved in any charitable or philanthropic endeavors?

Information about Matt Rife’s involvement in charitable or philanthropic activities is not widely available.

5. How much is Matt Rife net worth?

$30 million.


Whether Matt Rife’s transformation is a result of aging gracefully, a shift in lifestyle, or a visit to a skilled surgeon, the mystery remains part of his intriguing public persona.  Ultimately, his comedic talent takes center stage. While speculation continues, Matt Rife’s focus is clearly on making audiences laugh, and with his sharp wit and undeniable charisma, he’s sure to keep us entertained for years to come.