Lip Flip vs Filler: Which Lip Enhancement Procedure is Right for You?

Fuller and more defined lips have become a highly sought-after aesthetic feature in recent years, and many individuals turn to cosmetic procedures to achieve this look. Two popular options for lip enhancement are the lip flip and filler procedures. The lip flip involves using a special tool to flip the lips outward, while filler involves injecting a substance such as hyaluronic acid into the lips to add volume and shape. Both procedures have their unique advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two depends on individual preferences and needs. If you’re considering getting lip flip vs filler but don’t fully understand their risks and benefits, we’re here to help you out.

What is Lip Flip?

Lip flip is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves using a special tool to temporarily flip the lips outward, creating the illusion of fuller and more pronounced lips. This technique is performed using a small device that is placed inside the mouth and gently pulls the lips outward, creating a poutier appearance. Unlike traditional lip fillers, which involve the injection of a substance into the lips, lip flip does not require any substances to be injected into the lips. The procedure is relatively quick and typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. The results of lip flip can last for several months, but the duration of the effect may vary depending on individual factors such as metabolism and lifestyle habits. This might be considered safe when performed by a licensed and experienced practitioner, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

Why should You Go for Lip Flip?

There are more people going for lip flip recently as they’re seen as less harmful than lip filler which might be true but lip flip is more than that.

Non-invasive: Unlike traditional lip fillers, lip flip does not involve the injection of a substance into the lips, making it a non-invasive alternative for those who may be hesitant about injections.

Temporary: Lip flip provides a temporary solution for lip enhancement, with results lasting for several months, which means that if someone is not satisfied with the results, they can simply wait for the effect to wear off.

Quick procedure: The lip flip process doesn’t take much time as it takes less than an hour to be done, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules or who just don’t like to be in the same place for too long.

Minimal downtime: Since the lip flip procedure is non-invasive, there is typically no downtime required after the procedure, and patients can resume their normal activities immediately.

Natural-looking results: Lip flip creates a subtle change to the lips, resulting in a natural pout that flatters the individual’s facial features.

What is Lip Filler?

Lip filler is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a substance, typically hyaluronic acid, into the lips to add volume, shape, and definition. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that helps to keep the skin hydrated and plump. When injected into the lips, hyaluronic acid binds with water to create a fuller appearance.

Lip filler is a popular option for people who desire fuller lips, and it is commonly used to enhance lip volume, improve lip symmetry, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. The process is typically performed in a medical setting by a licensed and experienced practitioner, and it can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

The results of lip filler can last from several months to a year, depending on the type of filler used and individual factors such as metabolism and lifestyle habits. Like any medical procedure, there are risks associated with lip filler, and it is important to choose a qualified practitioner who can minimize the risk of complications. It is also important to have a consultation with a practitioner to discuss the desired outcome and determine if lip filler is the right option for you.

Why should You Go for Lip Filler?

Despite the risks, there are still more people choosing lip filler for its popularity in the plastic surgeon industry.

More dramatic results: Lip filler can provide a more dramatic plumping effect to the lips, with the ability to add significant volume and shape.

Customizable: Lip filler can be tailored to the individual’s specific goals, with the ability to adjust the amount of filler injected and the placement of the injections to achieve the wanted look.

Long-lasting results: While the results of lip filler are not permanent, they can last from several months to a year, making it a longer-lasting solution compared to lips flip.

Versatility: Lip filler can be used to address a variety of concerns, including enhancing lip volume, improving lip symmetry, and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Boost of confidence: Many individuals report feeling more confident and satisfied with their appearance after undergoing lip filler.

Lip Filler and Lip Flip Aftercare?

Aftercare is extremely vital for every plastic surgery, including lips filler and flip. Since it’s so important, it’d better be done correctly with no slip. If you haven’t done any proper research on aftercare, we’ll provide what you need to know below:

  • Avoid applying pressure, smoking or using tobacco products, strenuous exercise or activities or consuming anything spicy food for the first 24 hours after the procedure.
  • No eating or drinking for at least 1 hour after the procedure.
  • Apply ice packs to the lips to reduce swelling and discomfort, as needed.

These steps might sound quick and easy but don’t underestimate their importance as you might get infected if you forget to get one of these steps done properly.

It is important to note that every individual may have different aftercare needs, and it is important to follow the specific instructions provided by the practitioner. If you experience any unusual symptoms or complications after the procedure, such as excessive swelling or pain, contact your practitioner immediately.

Lip Flip vs Filler Before And After

If you’re still considering getting a lip flip or filler because you don’t know what they will end up looking like on your lips, here are some results that we have found that might help you with your decision.

About lip flip before and after:

Before the procedure, the upper lip may appear thin and downturned, with less visible teeth when smiling.

After the procedure, the upper lip may appear slightly fuller, with a more upward curvature that reveals more of the teeth when smiling.

About lip filler before and after:

Before the procedure, the lips kinda look thin or asymmetrical, with wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth.

After the procedure, the lips may appear fuller and more defined, with a smoother overall appearance.

These are the 2 most common lips procedures. Lip flip is a non-invasive procedure that can give your upper lips a natural change, while lip filler can offer more dramatic and customizable results. Both procedures require proper aftercare to ensure the best possible outcome and minimize the risk of infection and other issues. It is recommended to find a licensed professional to help you decide the most suitable option and to discuss any potential risks or concerns associated with the procedure. Ultimately, with the help of a skilled practitioner, either option can provide a noticeable improvement to the appearance of the lips, leading to increased confidence and satisfaction with one’s appearance.