Actress Kirsten Storms, known for her role as Maxie Jones on General Hospital, has been open about her experiences with weight fluctuations. This isn’t just about a celebrity’s appearance; it’s a story about facing health challenges, body image struggles, and ultimately, self-acceptance. Let’s delve into Kirsten’s journey and how she’s inspiring others to focus on what truly matters: health and happiness.


Kirsten Storms is an American actress born in 1984, best known for captivating audiences of all ages. She rose to fame as a Disney Channel darling, portraying the adventurous Zenon Kar in the “Zenon” trilogy. Her talents extended beyond live-action, as she voiced Bonnie Rockwaller in the animated series “Kim Possible.”  Storms also has a long-standing role on the soap opera “General Hospital,” where she’s played Maxie Jones for many years. Throughout her career, Kirsten Storms has entertained viewers with her charisma and versatility, but she’s also garnered attention for her openness about her personal experiences, including her health struggles and journey with body image.


“Kirsten Storms is what I think of as “Hollywood fat”. She is not at all big compared to real people, only compared to the unnaturally thin women we see on screens. Therefore, her clothes would not need to be plus size but neither are they “sample size” or whatever it is that the excessively skinny women around her wear.

She is a beautiful woman and the costumers are doing her a terrible disservice.” A Reddit account commented on the star’s way of dressing, saying that weight is not a problem she faces.

“I think with Maxie, for me personally it has nothing to do with her size but the styling. The fashionista should be dressed in couture from top to bottom even just going to the grocery store. Maxie loves fashion and has worked very hard building up her career so I would imagine that she has networked and built strong relationships with fashion designers who sent her pieces all the time that she could get for free. And technically she should have collected lots of nice pieces over the years.

I know she’s a mom and struggling right now but fashion and event planning are two things that bring her happiness. Plenty of fashion lovers get pieces from the thrift store or rent them from places like rent the runway.

I second Maxie needing a hot romance. She hasn’t been paired well with anyone since Nathan. Preferably a non-toxic romance.

Portia is very one-dimensional and needs something to make her more interesting so I could be down with villain Portia.

Yes yes yes to more Lucas. I know why he left PC and the whole Wiley thing but we need to find a way to bring him back to PC. I’ve always enjoyed Ryan as Lucas on screen and we need more hospital-centric storylines.

Side note: I need them to do more emphasized that Ava is Sam and Lucas aunt and all the connections that brings including Leo. I would like to see some Jerome family gatherings every now and then.

Oh and happy Birthday!”

“The problem with Maxie isn’t her size. The problem isn’t Maxie at all. It’s her wardrobe making her look grumpy. I was once very big. Still am obese. I still didn’t look like a frump. They could at least try. Give her a better hair cut for one. Colors rather than dark dark dark.

And I’m with you on Portia. That would have been an amazing story. We’ve already seen the lengths she’ll go to protect Trina.

Ryan Carnes back would be great.” Another comment.

“Kirsten doesn’t have that sparkle anymore. Kemo gets ssoooo much criticism for “phoning it in”. There’s a blogger on twitter, I’m sure you all know him, who mocks her for “thinking about pizza”. Yet not one word about Kirsten. The show has its favorites, but so do the soap bloggers. They will mock Chad, Kemo, you name it, but they will literally retweet Laura Wright with big FU pictures to get a pileon going. It’s so interesting. And I don’t even like Chad!

I think that the actors do have some say in their wardrobe, and I think this is how Kirsten is comfortable since she’s gained weight. People were attacked for talking about Brook Lyn’s wardrobe. “She had a baby!” I guess having a baby is the only legit reason for weight gain. Long term medical issues don’t count. I could go on but I will shut up and spare you the rest. I don’t care about her wardrobe because I’m sorry, she’s phoning it in and has been for a long time now.”

“When Kristen Storms first started to gain weight she angrily denied it and started wearing baggy clothes to hide it. I just assumed Kristen Storms weight was a health related issue. She has struggled with endometriosis, cranial cysts, and various maladies for years. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a hysterectomy and that’s why she has gained weight People need to have a little more grace for people.


Discussing soap operas and their characters is a favorite pastime for fans, and General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie) is no stranger to that. However, this enthusiasm can sometimes overshadow the fact that actors are real people. Storms recently addressed this on social media, where she’s faced constant remarks about her health and weight. Despite sharing a cheerful selfie with outfit details (including a fabulous Gucci bag!), some comments fixated on the picture’s recency and her weight gain. This prompted Storms to speak out.

“I’ve gained a lot of weight since this afternoon when I took this picture?” she responded. “Look, I know what she was saying with her comment. Details about my health and medical conditions are nobody’s business, so I won’t go into my temporary weight gain to satisfy anyone’s thirst. However, I will say that it’s sad to see some people focus only on the status of my body (and when focusing on weight it is never meant in a positive way. ‘Losing’ or ‘gaining’ — it’s a judgement and it’s shameful). I’m healthy and I feel good — at any size, which is what matters to me the most. Comments with a snarky undertone only make me feel sad for the person who typed it and I truly hope their life sucks less tomorrow.”


Kirsten Storms became a fixture on General Hospital in 2005, bringing life to the character of Maxie Jones. However, in 2011, fans were surprised by her sudden departure from the show. The reason remained shrouded in secrecy, with Jen Lilley taking over the role for an unspecified amount of time. Later, Storms revealed the cause of her absence: endometriosis, a condition causing the growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus and often accompanied by significant pain. This diagnosis led to a year-long hiatus from General Hospital.

Storms’ journey on General Hospital has been punctuated by several breaks. In 2014, she took a joyful hiatus for four months due to pregnancy. However, health concerns continued to impact her schedule. In 2016, stress manifested in skin problems, necessitating another short break. Then, in March 2017, Storms stepped away again for “personal reasons,” returning after six months. While the exact reason for this leave remains unclear, it’s possible her skin condition resurfaced.

Storms’ health challenges continued beyond skin issues. In June 2021, she revealed on Instagram that she’d undergone brain surgery to remove a large cyst causing pressure. This surgery necessitated another break from “General Hospital” to allow for proper recovery.

Kirsten Storms’ openness extends beyond physical health. In 2022, she bravely shared about a challenging two-year period that ultimately led to a diagnosis of Bipolar I disorder. It’s important to note that she clarified it wasn’t just depression, highlighting the complexities of the condition. Additionally, she mentioned that incorrect medication during this time may have exacerbated other health issues, potentially contributing to her weight gain. This transparency showcases the various factors that can influence a person’s weight, reminding us to avoid making assumptions about celebrities or anyone else’s health journey.

Kirsten Storms’ weight has been a topic of public discussion, but the reasons behind it are ultimately her personal business. She’s been vocal about wanting privacy regarding her health, and the criticism she’s faced for both weight loss and gain suggests her body has naturally fluctuated, likely due to various factors. With her history of health struggles and her clear desire to avoid body-focused comments, fans should respect her privacy and well-being by focusing on her work and talent, not her appearance.


Storms, originally from Orlando, Florida, grew up in the Greater Orlando area, primarily in Kissimmee, Casselberry, and Sanford. Born to Karen and Mike Storms, a sportscaster for the CBS affiliate WCPX-TV (now WKMG-TV), she showed early signs of her future career aspirations. From the age of five, Storms declared her intention to become a soap opera actress, even though she hadn’t watched one at that point. Encouraged by her experiences visiting her father at work, her parents enrolled her in acting classes where she was discovered by a talent scout.

Her first gig was a commercial for Galoob Baby Doll, followed by appearances in several other commercials. Storms’ television career took off with a recurring role on ABC’s “Second Noah” and a lead role in “Sing Me a Story with Belle.” At the age of twelve, her family relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she landed the recurring role of Laura Cummings on The WB’s “7th Heaven.” During this time, she also secured the title role in Disney Channel’s original movie “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,” which became a huge success and spawned two sequels.

Storms continued to build her repertoire with appearances in family shows and television movies, including “The Trojan Horse,” a production by Hallmark, and Disney’s “Johnny Tsunami.” She also lent her voice to Bonnie Rockwaller in the Disney Channel animated series “Kim Possible.” Through these diverse roles, Storms showcased her versatility and talent, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the world of family entertainment.


After signing on to play Isabella “Belle” Black on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” on August 5, 1999, Storms faced initial backlash from upset viewers due to the sudden aging of the character. However, she quickly won over the audience and became a popular figure during her five-year tenure on the show. Her portrayal of Belle was marked by notable storylines, including her romantic involvement with Shawn Brady, played by Jason Cook. Storms’ character was heavily promoted as a central figure within the series.

At the end of her contract in 2004, Storms decided not to renew her commitment to “Days of Our Lives.” One contributing factor was her involvement in the primetime series “Clubhouse,” which had picked up her pilot. In “Clubhouse,” which aired on CBS starting in the fall of 2004, Storms portrayed Betsy Young, the rebellious sister of the main character Pete Young (played by Jeremy Sumpter). Unlike her previous role as Belle, Betsy was depicted as a troubled teenager grappling with issues like sex, drugs, and alcohol. Despite Storms’ enthusiasm for the role, “Clubhouse” was canceled after only five episodes aired.

Returning to daytime television, Storms joined the cast of ABC’s “General Hospital” on May 23, 2005, as the third actress to portray Mariah Maximiliana “Maxie” Jones. Her stint on the show included a storyline opposite Jason Cook, who played Matt Hunter. Storms received critical acclaim for her performance, earning an Emmy nomination in 2009. However, she had to leave the role temporarily in fall 2011 due to medical reasons, later revealed to be endometriosis. She was temporarily replaced by Jen Lilley and was expected to return in February 2012, but her illness delayed her comeback. Storms eventually returned to “General Hospital” in September 2012 and later took maternity leave in January 2014, returning later that same year.

In addition to her soap opera work, Storms appeared as Selene Winterthorne in the soap opera web series “Winterthorne” in 2015. Throughout her career, Storms has demonstrated her versatility as an actress, transitioning seamlessly between daytime dramas and other projects.


Kirsten Storms isn’t married right now. She used to be married to her co-star from “General Hospital,” Brandon Barash, from 2013 to 2016. Kirsten has talked openly about dealing with mental health issues, and her divorce was tough for her. But she’s thankful for the support she got from her loved ones and is focusing on her life. Kirsten Storms is single and concentrating on her acting career and being a mom to her kids. She’s really good at acting and inspires a lot of people.


In 2013, Kirsten Storms and her co-star from “General Hospital,” Brandon Barash, got married secretly after confirming their relationship. They were excited to welcome their first child, a daughter named Harper Rose Barash, in January 2014. Sadly, they filed for divorce in April 2016 due to differences they couldn’t resolve. Despite this, they decided to raise their daughter together as friends.

Kirsten faced a tough situation in 2007 when she was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after tossing a lit cigarette out of her car. She pleaded no contest to the charges, attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, completed an alcohol education program, paid fines, and had her license suspended for six months.

Kirsten Storms is also close friends with her co-star Kelly Monaco from “General Hospital.” Their friendship was featured on a reality show called “Dirty Soap” in 2011, which didn’t last long.


1. What kind of brain tumor did Kirsten Storms have?

A sizable cyst had been divided into two separate entities.

2. What size is Laura on General Hospital?

A beautiful bride who wears a size 4 dress.

3. How much is Laura net worth?

 $6 million.


When talking about sensitive topics like Kirsten Storms’ weight gain, it’s important to be kind and respectful. We should focus on her talents and who she is as a person, rather than just how she looks. People’s bodies can change naturally for different reasons, including health. Sending supportive and positive messages can help everyone feel good about themselves. The most important thing is to be nice, accept others, and understand them.