Keratin Treatment After 3 Months: What to Expect

Three months have passed since you indulged in the luxurious and transformative experience of a keratin treatment. The immediate aftermath might have left you awe-struck as your hair went from frizzy to fabulously smooth. But what happens after the initial honeymoon period? Has the magic held up? Keratin treatments are renowned for their ability to rejuvenate hair, making it sleeker, shinier, and more manageable. As the weeks turned into months, your hair has been through the hustle and bustle of daily life – styling, washing, and exposure to the elements. In this exploration of keratin treatments after 3 months, we delve into the lasting benefits, the potential changes you might have noticed, and how to maintain that enchanting allure your hair flaunted right after the treatment. So, let’s unlock the secrets and learn how your hair can continue to captivate, even well past those initial days.

What You Might Experience After 3 Months of Keratin Treatment

After 3 months, your keratin treatment will start to wear off. This is normal, and it’s not a sign that the treatment was a failure. The keratin will simply be absorbed into your hair, and your hair will return to its natural state.

Gradual Reduction in Smoothness

While your hair will likely still be smoother and more manageable than before the treatment, you might notice that the initial super sleek and straight effect has slightly diminished. The keratin treatment’s effects tend to gradually wear off over time due to factors like washing, exposure to the elements, and regular hair growth.

Return of Natural Texture

Your hair’s natural texture, whether it’s curly, wavy, or straight, will start to become more evident as the treatment’s effects lessen. The extent of the return to your natural texture depends on the specific treatment used and your hair’s inherent characteristics. Expect your hair to slowly regain its original pattern.

Increased Washing Frequency

At the three-month mark, you might find that you need to wash your hair more frequently compared to the immediate post-treatment period. The prolonged effects of the treatment on oil reduction can start to wane, causing your scalp to produce oil more regularly. Use sulfate-free, gentle shampoos to preserve the treatment’s benefits.

Hair Health and Shine

Some individuals notice improved hair health, reduced frizz, and increased shine even after the treatment has significantly worn off. The keratin treatment can have lasting effects on hair health by sealing split ends and providing a protective layer. So, even as the treatment’s smoothness diminishes, your hair might still look healthier than before.

Hair Growth

By the three-month mark, you’ll likely have noticeable hair growth since the time of the treatment. The treated hair closer to the roots will have experienced less exposure to the treatment, so you might notice a slight difference in texture between the treated and untreated portions of your hair.

Tips for Keeping Your Hair Looking Its Best

  • Use a good leave-in conditioner or styling cream. This will help to seal in moisture and prevent frizz.
  • Avoid using heat styling tools on your hair as much as possible. Heat can damage your hair and make your keratin treatment wear off more quickly.
  • Get a touch-up treatment every 3-4 months. This will help to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free.
  • Wash your hair less often. Washing your hair too often can strip away the keratin from your hair.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once a month. This will help to remove any buildup of product from your hair.

By following these tips, you can extend the life of your keratin treatment and keep your hair looking its best for months to come.


  1. How often can I get a keratin treatment? Most hair professionals recommend getting a keratin treatment every 3-4 months. This will help to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free.
  2. Can I get a keratin treatment if I have fine hair? Yes, you can get a keratin treatment if you have fine hair. However, you may want to choose a formaldehyde-free formula, as these formulas are gentler on fine hair.
  3. Is a keratin treatment safe? Keratin treatments are generally considered to be safe. However, there have been some concerns about the safety of formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, and it can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems. If you are concerned about the safety of formaldehyde-based keratin treatments, you can choose a formaldehyde-free formula.
  4. Is a keratin treatment worth it? Whether or not a keratin treatment is worth it is a personal decision. If you have frizzy, unmanageable hair, a keratin treatment can be a great way to get smooth, sleek hair that is easy to style. 


Keratin treatments can be a great way to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair. However, it’s important to know what to expect after 3 months. In this article, we’ve discussed what to expect from your keratin treatment after 3 months, as well as some tips for keeping your hair looking its best. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your keratin treatment and keep your hair looking its best for months to come.