If you are a lover of unique and eye-catching tattoos, then you definitely know artist Kelly Doty. The professional female tattoo artist is famous for her spooky tattoo designs and was a finalist in Ink Master Season 8. Kelly is not only famous for her unique tattoos, but she also makes a strong impression on everyone because of her transformation journey when her appearance changed significantly, turning her into a completely new person. We will present her personal transformation process in this article as well as address the aesthetics of tattoos when the body is in the process of losing weight


  • Profession: Kelly Doty is a professional tattoo artist.
  • Ink Master Season 8 Finalist: She gained recognition by being a finalist on Season 8 of the reality TV show “Ink Master.”
  • Spooky Tattoo Designs: Kelly is known for her unique and spooky tattoo designs, which often feature dark and distinctive elements.
  • Tattoo Studio: She may have her own tattoo studio or be associated with a particular tattoo shop. Details may vary based on developments after my last update.
  • Transformation Journey: Kelly Doty is recognized not only for her tattoo artistry but also for a personal transformation journey that has garnered attention.
  • Popularity: She has a significant following on social media platforms where she shares her tattoo work and aspects of her personal life.



Kelly Doty adopted a disciplined approach that centered around a carefully crafted diet plan. She bid farewell to unhealthy eating habits, embracing a more nutritious lifestyle. Her daily dietary routine consisted of a well-balanced mix

For breakfast, Kelly opted for a combination of toast and egg whites, providing a wholesome start to her day. During lunch, she indulged in abundant servings of vegetables, salads, and lean poultry, ensuring a nutrient-rich midday meal. For evening snacks, she chose from a selection of nutritious options such as avocado, soy milk, and coffee, maintaining a balance between taste and health. Come dinner, Kelly maintained a diverse yet protein-rich menu, incorporating meats, eggs, and salads. Her commitment to introducing variety into her diet not only kept things interesting but also contributed to a sustainable and effective weight loss journey.


In addition to her dietary modifications, Kelly Doty dedicated herself to a demanding workout regimen that played a pivotal role in her successful weight loss journey. Under the guidance of a fitness coach, she incorporated a diverse set of exercises tailored to optimize her fitness levels.

The inclusion of jumping rope, a high-intensity cardio workout, became a cornerstone in her routine, aiding in the effective burning of calories. Embracing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Kelly alternated between bursts of intense exercise and short rest periods, maximizing the impact on her overall fitness. Complementing this, she engaged in low-intensity cardio sessions, promoting endurance and facilitating fat burning over longer durations. 

Additionally, Kelly prioritized strength workouts to build muscle mass, thereby boosting her metabolism and achieving a toned physique. This comprehensive approach to fitness underscored Kelly’s commitment to a well-rounded and effective weight loss strategy.


Kelly Doty has an inspiring message that encourages people to believe in themselves. She says that everyone is unique and special in their own way, and it’s important to embrace who you are. Kelly believes that even when things are tough, you can overcome challenges and become a better person. Her message is all about being confident, staying true to yourself, and never giving up on your dreams. Kelly Doty’s words remind us that we are capable of great things, and with determination, we can achieve our goals.


Kelly Doty’s hard work to lose weight paid off, and she managed to lose a total of 10 pounds. Her commitment to staying healthy is still going strong, showing that she’s serious about taking care of herself. Even though she didn’t talk a lot about her weight loss journey, her transformation is a great example of how making changes to what you eat and staying active can lead to positive results. Kelly’s experience shows that with dedication and a healthy lifestyle, it’s possible to achieve your fitness goals and feel better about yourself.


Kelly Doty is not dating anyone at the moment, and she’s single. She hasn’t shared much about her past relationships or if she was engaged before. Kelly likes to keep her personal life private, including anything about her love life. She hasn’t mentioned if she has any children. Even though she’s famous, Kelly prefers to keep her romantic life to herself. 

This shows that she values her personal space and wants to focus on her career and things she loves. Kelly’s choice to keep her love life private is a way for her to set boundaries and find balance between being in the public eye and having her own personal space.


The process of losing weight can have an impact on the appearance of tattoos. As the skin reduces in size, the tattoo might not maintain its original shape well. This can lead to distortions in the drawing, making it look less appealing. Additionally, when weight loss occurs in specific areas of the body, such as a reduction in muscle size, it can further affect the tattoo’s appearance. According to Kelly Doty, this phenomenon may be attributed to the shrinking of muscles and the reduction of body fat.

Furthermore, the tattoo might appear faded over time, losing its brightness. To counteract these effects, it’s advisable to keep the skin well-moisturized during the weight loss process. Moisturizing helps prevent the skin from becoming wrinkled and dry, contributing to the preservation of the tattoo’s quality. Hydration also plays a crucial role in maintaining the tattoo’s position as the body undergoes changes in shape due to weight loss. Taking proper care of your skin is essential to ensure that your tattoo continues to look vibrant, especially during periods of bodily transformation.


Kelly Doty became well-known on a TV show called “Ink Master.” This show is all about tattoo artists showing off their skills. Kelly was a finalist in Season 8 of the show. People started noticing her because of her spooky and special tattoo designs, making her stand out in the tattooing community.

Kelly is not just good at drawing tattoos; she can do many different things with her art. Her dedication to making amazing tattoos and telling interesting stories through them has made her really popular. Even though I don’t know the latest details about what she’s working on now, Kelly Doty is still making a big impact in the world of tattoo art with her talent and unique style.


Kelly understands that it’s not just about losing weight; it’s also important to keep up a healthy lifestyle for the long run. She’s dedicated to using different methods to make sure she doesn’t gain back the weight she lost, making her achievements last.

Besides focusing on her weight, Kelly also talks about how taking care of yourself is really important. She believes in things like being mindful, managing stress, and getting enough rest. These practices, according to her, play a big role in keeping your whole self healthy and feeling good. Kelly’s approach shows that taking care of your body and mind is a continuous journey, not just a one-time thing.


1. What is Kelly Doty’s net worth?

$5 million

2. Does Kelly Doty have any children?


3. What is Kelly Doty’s Instagram handle?

Check out Kelly Doty’s cool art and how she makes it on her Instagram (@kellydotylovessoup).


Kelly Doty’s journey to lose 10 pounds is a story of commitment and positive change. By making smart choices in her diet and staying active, she achieved a healthier lifestyle. Kelly’s success goes beyond just losing weight; it highlights the importance of perseverance and embracing a balanced approach to well-being. Her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and emphasizing self-care practices serves as an inspiration for those seeking their own positive transformations. In the end, Kelly Doty’s story reminds us that small, consistent efforts can lead to significant and lasting results in our health and overall happiness.