Joy Reid’s name has been swirling around weight loss topics, but not for the reasons you might think. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so let’s clear things up. This isn’t about a weight loss plan or a celebrity endorsement. In fact, it’s a cautionary tale about the age of deepfakes! We’ll explore what happened, set the record straight, and of course, learn a bit more about Joy Reid herself.


Joy Reid is an American television host and political commentator. She is known for hosting the show “The ReidOut” on MSNBC. She often discusses political issues, social justice, and current events. Besides her impressive political career, she also drew the media and people’s attention to her interesting weight loss journey.


The online buzz surrounding a supposed interview between Joy Reid and Anderson Cooper discussing diet gummies, specifically NTX Keto, is entirely fabricated. It seems highly unlikely that Anderson Cooper would feature Joy Reid on his show to promote weight loss products, as cable news programs typically focus on significant news stories rather than dietary supplements.

Viewers can spot the deception through the unnatural mouth movements of Cooper and Reid in the video, indicating the use of deepfake technology. Additionally, the link in the Facebook post leads to an order page for a product called KetoBites, connected to a fake Joy Reid Facebook page endorsing the gummies. This chain of events exemplifies typical online scams exploiting people’s trust in celebrities like Joy Reid.

People who encounter this kind of content online should be skeptical and proceed with caution. Such false claims and misleading videos not only spread misinformation but also increase the risk of individuals falling victim to scams. In this case, Joy Reid’s supposed endorsement of NTX Keto is unequivocally false, and viewers should be wary of engaging with such deceitful content.


Reid laughed as she talked about the strange experience of being digitally altered, making it clear she hadn’t endorsed any keto products. Instead, she shared her true weight loss routine, which includes working out twice a week with a coach who also gives her diet tips.

Reid’s commitment to her fitness shows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. By refuting false claims and sharing her real wellness plan, Reid sets a positive example for her audience.

Weight loss relies on both diet and exercise. While some may argue one is more important than the other, they work best together. A healthy diet that reduces calories is crucial for starting weight loss. Exercise helps by burning calories and building muscle, which boosts your metabolism. Together, they help you lose weight safely and improve your overall health and well-being.

Reid’s acknowledgment of the risks of digital misinformation highlights the need for caution in the digital world. In a time when false information spreads easily, Reid’s honesty and openness stand out.


Joy-Ann Lomena, known as Joy Reid, was born in Brooklyn, New York City. Her father hailed from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and her mother was a college professor and nutritionist from Guyana. They met while attending graduate school at the University of Iowa.

Reid grew up as a Methodist with a sister and a brother. Her father, an engineer, was mostly absent, and her parents eventually divorced. Reid was raised in Denver, Colorado, until her mother’s death from breast cancer when she was 17. She then moved to Flatbush, Brooklyn, to live with an aunt. Reid graduated from Harvard University in 1991, focusing on film studies.

Describing her college years, Reid recalled transitioning from a predominantly African American community to a largely white environment, which was a significant adjustment. She managed her own bills and tuition at Harvard, finding the experience valuable for personal growth.

In 1997, Reid married Jason Reid, who became a documentary film editor. They have three children together.


Joy Reid’s career in journalism began in 1997 when she left a business consulting job in New York to join WSVN Channel 7 in South Florida. Her journey saw a brief interruption in 2003 when she joined America Coming Together to oppose the Iraq War and President George W. Bush, and later worked on Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. She co-hosted “Wake Up South Florida” from 2006 to 2007 and served in various editorial roles, including managing editor for The Grio, political columnist for the Miami Herald, and editor of The Reid Report blog. 

Reid hosted “The Reid Report” on MSNBC from 2014 to 2015 and later “AM Joy” from 2016, gaining significant viewership. In 2020, she became the first Black female primetime anchor on cable news with “The ReidOut.” Additionally, she has taught a course on race, gender, and media at Syracuse University and is credited with coining the term “KHive” for Kamala Harris supporters. Reid’s influence extends to social media, ranking among Twitter’s most tweeted journalists in 2017.


1. When did Joy Reid start hosting “The ReidOut”?

 “The ReidOut” premiered in 2016, making Joy Reid a leading voice in cable news.

2. Is Joy Reid married? 

Yes, Joy Reid is married to filmmaker Jason Reid.

3. Does Joy Reid have children? 

Yes, Joy Reid has three children.

4. What awards has Joy Reid won? 

Joy Reid has received awards for her journalism, including the Walter Kronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Reporting.

5. How much is Joy Reid net worth?

$4 million.


While Joy Reid’s weight loss journey hasn’t been a public topic, it’s important to focus on her established career in journalism and commentary. Her show, “The ReidOut,” offers a distinct perspective on current events, and she continues to be a prominent voice in cable news.