Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams stole our hearts with deadpan humor and a penchant for all things dark. And while we scream for season two’s promised “torture” (Netflix confirmed it on January 6th!), the SAG and WAG strike threatens to keep us waiting until at least 2024. But fear not, fellow Addams enthusiasts! Ortega keeps the spirit alive, not just with her upcoming Beetlejuice 2 role, but with her killer new bangs: a Wednesday-worthy tribute that channels the iconic character’s rebellious spirit.

These dark, choppy bangs are more than just a hairstyle; they’re a declaration of allegiance to the Addams family’s macabre charm. They’re a wink to Wednesday’s sharp wit and a defiant middle finger to conformity. Ortega rocks them with the same confidence her character exudes, reminding us that Wednesday’s legacy isn’t confined to the screen.

So, while we patiently wait for season two, let Ortega’s bangs be our daily dose of Wednesday Addams. They’re a reminder to embrace our inner oddball, to rock our own unique style, and to never shy away from a little bit of “torture” (figuratively speaking, of course). Until then, we’ll be channeling our inner Wednesday with every flick of our bangs!

Ortega shared he latest Adidas campaign video, where she breaks the fourth wall to “tune into a game” while wearing an all-white sweatsuit with a black Adidas logo. Ortega’s stylist Enrique Melendez paired the look with white Adidas sneakers, delicate gold rings, and a stack of thin gold chain necklaces. In this video, she proceeds to apply her favorite nude lipstick shade – the one her fans have been searching high and low for.

Ortega’s bright athleisure outfit is a far cry from the all-black goth-y pieces she wears in Wednesday—but her hair was fully Wednesday Addams. Celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho created an ultra-sleek lob with a slight inward swoop, plus full Birkin bangs (or Wednesday bangs?) that end around her brows towards the middle and then taper out to her cheekbones as they reach the ends.

Forget bold statements, Jenna Ortega embraced a softer side for her recent look. Her manicurist, Thuy Nguyen, crafted short, chic square nails, opting for a bare-naked polish that let the natural beauty shine through. This minimalism extended to her makeup, where celebrity artist Mélanie Inglessis conjured a subtle strawberry glow.

Inglessis mimicked the sun-kissed blush of a ripe berry with a touch of pink on Ortega’s cheeks and nose, letting her freckles peek through for an authentically sun-kissed look. Groomed brows and a touch of highlighter accentuated her natural features, while a juicy tinted lip completed the fresh-faced vibe.

This departure from dramatic statements is refreshing, showcasing Ortega’s effortless charm. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most captivating beauty lies in embracing natural radiance, allowing freckles and a touch of color to whisper their own unique story.