Since its 2005 debut, Grey’s Anatomy has captivated audiences with its compelling medical drama, and the ensemble cast, including Jake Borelli, has been integral to its success. Borelli, who joined the show in season 14, has quickly become a pivotal part of the series, with viewers eagerly following his character’s story arc and the new challenges he faces. However, recent changes in Borelli’s appearance have sparked a debate among fans, leading to concerns about his weight gain becoming a trending topic on social media. Let’s explore the details to ascertain whether the actor has indeed undergone noticeable changes in his weight.


Jake Borelli, born on May 13, 1991, in Columbus, Ohio, has two older brothers, Zack and Ben. His early interests revolved around painting and a profound passion for art, leading him to attend art school. Demonstrating his artistic talents, Jake even secured a victory in a national art competition during his senior year at Upper Arlington High School. Despite acceptance to Ohio State University and the University of California, Jake opted to pursue acting in Los Angeles.

Interestingly, Jake had already performed in over a dozen shows during his years in Columbus. Upon arriving in LA, he made his television debut on the Nickelodeon comedy series iCarly, Parenthood, and Disney’s The Thundermans. Eventually, he joined ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, portraying the character Levi Schmitt, a role that significantly contributed to Jake Borelli’s acting career.

Beyond Grey’s Anatomy, Jake has made appearances in various shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, VP, True Jackson, Greek, and Suburgatory. Before venturing into the realm of streaming services with Netflix’s Reality High, he also engaged in several short films.


In Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, Jake Borelli reprised his role as Dr. Levi Schmitt. The season kicked off with Richard Webber and Meredith Grey successfully re-establishing the residency program at Grey Sloan. Consequently, Levi was promoted to chief resident to oversee the five new residents: Simone Griffith, Jules Millin, Benson Kwan, Mika Yasuda, and Lucas Adams. However, fans have expressed concern over Jake Borelli’s apparent weight gain as observed in Levi’s character. The question arises: did the actor gain weight due to the demands of his character? The noticeable change in weight has become a topic of discussion and concern among viewers.


Shortly after the pilot episode aired and viewers noticed Jake Borelli’s weight gain, some members of the audience began criticizing the actor. His change in weight generated a mixed response, with some engaging in body-shaming and reaching out to his social media accounts to question the significant transformation. Within a few days, the issue became a topic of concern. However, dedicated fans of the medical drama came to Jake’s defense, urging others to focus on his acting abilities rather than his physical appearance.


The noticeable change, however, doesn’t seem to have influenced Jake’s personality significantly. Jake Borelli’s apparent weight increase doesn’t appear to be driven by the requirements of his role, and there is no indication that Jake has embarked on other projects. Therefore, it is plausible that Jake Borelli’s weight gain may be attributed to his personal life. Given the gap between seasons, it’s conceivable that his unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle may be contributing factors to his weight increase.


Jake Borelli’s weight gain has stirred discussions among fans, especially after his notable appearance in the latest installment of Grey’s Anatomy. While there are speculations about the reasons behind this transformation, ranging from character demands to personal lifestyle choices, no official confirmation has been provided. Despite the controversies surrounding Jake Borelli’s weight gain, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of appreciating the actor’s talent and skills rather than solely focusing on their external changes. Not only him, but also other renowned celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, have experienced similar situations.


1. Does Jake Borelli have children?

Jake Borelli does not have children.

2. How much is Jake Borelli net worth?

While Jake Borelli’s exact net worth is not publicly available