How to Put on Fake Eyelashes: 7 Easy Steps

Are you tired of your natural lashes and want to try something new? Well, fake eyelashes are a great way to enhance your eye makeup game. However, putting them on can seem daunting for beginners. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to put on fake eyelashes like a pro.

Different Types of Fake Eyelashes

  • Strip Lashes: These are the most common type of fake eyelashes that come in a strip form. They are suitable for all eye shapes and sizes.
  • Individual Lashes: These lashes come in small clusters and are perfect for adding volume and length to specific areas of the lashes.
  • Magnetic Lashes: As the name suggests, these lashes have a magnetic strip that sticks to another magnetic strip placed under your natural lashes. They are easy to use and don’t require any glue.
  • Accent Lashes: These lashes are shorter in length and are designed to add a subtle flare to the outer corners of your eyes.

Now that you know the different types of fake eyelashes, let’s move on to the application process.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Put on Fake Eyelashes

Step 1: Prepare Your Lashes

  • Remove any eye makeup using oil-free makeup remover.
  • Curl your natural lashes using an eyelash curler.
  • Apply mascara to your natural lashes. This will help blend your natural lashes with the fake ones later on.

Step 2: Measure and Trim the Lashes

  • Hold the false lashes against your natural lash line to see how much excess you need to trim.
  • Use small scissors to trim the lash strip from the outer corner only. Avoid trimming from the inner corner as it can make your eyes appear smaller.

Step 3: Apply Glue to the Lash Strip

Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the entire lash strip. Make sure to use a high-quality glue that won’t damage your natural lashes.

Step 4: Wait for the Glue to Dry

Wait for about 30 seconds for the lash glue to become tacky. This will make it easier to apply the lashes without them sliding around.

Step 5: Place the Lash Strip on Your Natural Lash Line

Using tweezers or your fingers, place the lash strip as close to your natural lash line as possible. Start from the center and then move towards the outer corner and inner corner.

Step 6: Press and Secure the Lash Strip

Once you’ve placed the lash strip in the right position, gently press down using your fingers or a lash applicator. Make sure to secure the corners properly.

Step 7: Apply Mascara and Eyeliner

Finally, blend your natural lashes with the fake ones by applying mascara. You can also apply eyeliner to hide any gaps between your natural and fake lashes.

Best Natural-Looking False Eyelashes

Lilly Lashes Lite Faux Mink Lashes: Experience the luxury of cruelty-free faux mink lashes that offer both a lightweight, comfortable feel and a naturally stunning appearance. Choose from a diverse range of styles, including wispy, fluttery, and bold, to suit your unique look.

Kiss Falscara Natural Wispy Wisps: Elevate your lash game with these flexible, reusable wispy lashes that seamlessly blend with your natural lashes. Crafted from a lightweight material, these lashes provide a comfortable fit and can be used up to 10 times for that perfect fluttery look.

Ardell Demi Wispies: These lashes are expertly made from soft synthetic fibers and offer a classic, natural look. With various lengths and styles to choose from, you can effortlessly enhance your lashes to match your mood.

Salon System Naturalash 116: Achieve a flawless, natural appearance with Salon System’s Naturalash 116, crafted from 100% human hair. These lashes are designed to mimic your own lashes, providing lightweight comfort and versatility with an array of curl and length options.

Eylure Fluttery Lashes 177: For those craving a bold, dramatic flutter, Eylure’s Fluttery Lashes 177 deliver the perfect touch of drama. Made from soft synthetic fibers, these lashes offer a striking look with various length and style choices.


  • Invest in a high-quality lash glue that won’t damage your natural lashes.
  • Measure and trim the lashes according to your eye shape to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Use tweezers or a lash applicator to apply the lashes for better precision.
  • Don’t forget to blend your natural lashes with the fake ones using mascara.
  • Practice makes perfect. Don 


  1. Do I need to curl my natural lashes before applying fake eyelashes? Yes, it’s recommended to curl your natural lashes before applying fake eyelashes as it helps blend your natural lashes with the fake ones.
  2. How long do fake eyelashes last? Fake eyelashes can last for up to a week if properly cared for. However, it’s recommended to remove them at the end of each day and not sleep with them on.
  3. Can I reuse fake eyelashes? Yes, you can reuse fake eyelashes multiple times depending on the quality and how well you take care of them.
  4. Will fake eyelashes damage my natural lashes? No, fake eyelashes won’t damage your natural lashes if applied correctly and removed gently.
  5. Are magnetic lashes better than traditional glue-on lashes? It depends on personal preference and skill level. Magnetic lashes are easier to apply but may not be suitable for all eye shapes, whereas traditional glue-on lashes require more skill but provide a more secure hold.

Final Takeaway

Putting on fake eyelashes can seem overwhelming, but with the right tools and techniques, anyone can master it. Remember to invest in high-quality lashes and lash glue, practice measuring and trimming, and blend your natural and fake lashes using mascara for a seamless look. Follow our step-by-step guide and tips, and you’ll have beautiful, fluttery lashes in no time.