How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Shape for round Face

Are you struggling to find the perfect eyebrow shape that complements your round face? Look no further. We’ve got some fantastic tips to help you find the eyebrow shape that will make your features pop and give you that stunning, confident look you’re after.

So, whether you’re a makeup maven or just someone looking to enhance your natural charm, join us on this journey as we explore how to choose the perfect eyebrow shape for round face. It’s all about accentuating your unique beauty, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

The Perfect Eyebrow Eyebrow Shapes for Round Faces

Before we dive into the different eyebrow shapes that suit round faces, let’s understand what a round face looks like. A round face typically has a wider forehead and cheekbones with the same width as the jawline. The goal is to create an illusion of length to balance out the roundness of the face. Here are some examples of eyebrow shapes that work well for round faces:

High Arch

A high arch eyebrow shape will elongate the face and create a slimming effect. This shape is perfect for adding structure to a soft or chubby face. Avoid rounded brows as they will only emphasize the fullness of the face.

Upward Angled Eyebrows

Upward angled eyebrows are another great option for a round face. They add definition and length to the face, making it appear longer and slimmer. Make sure the angle of the brow is placed towards the temples to create a lifting effect.

Soft Arch Eyebrows

If you prefer a softer look, opt for a slight arch that follows the natural curve of your brow bone. This style adds definition without going overboard, creating a delicate and feminine appearance.

Slightly Thick and Straight Eyebrows

For those seeking balance and definition on a round face, slightly thick and straight eyebrows are an excellent choice. This style involves maintaining a straighter shape without pronounced arching or curving. Emphasize thickness, focusing on creating a clean, well-defined look that adds structure to the face.

Curved Eyebrows

Curved eyebrows with a gentle, rounded arch offer a flattering contrast to the softness of round faces. Begin the arch slightly outward from the center of the eye and round it softly for a graceful appearance. The aim here is to create an elegant curve that enhances your facial contours without sharp angles.

Longer Tails with a Slight Arch

To elongate the appearance of a round face, consider longer tails with a subtle arch in your eyebrows. Extending the tails beyond their natural end can provide the desired effect. Incorporate a slight arch for added definition while keeping the front of the brows well-groomed and natural-looking. This style offers an elongated and balanced look.

Thick vs. Thin Eyebrows for Round Faces

When it comes to the thickness of your eyebrows, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The ideal thickness varies depending on individual preferences and face shape. Here’s a comparison between thick and thin eyebrows for round faces:

Thick Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are great for adding dimension and structure to round faces. They create a bolder look, making your eyes the focal point of your face. However, avoid going too thick as it can create a cluttered appearance. If you have sparse brows, use a brow pencil or powder to fill them in for a more defined look.

Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows are perfect for those who prefer a more natural look. However, if you have a round face, be careful not to go too thin as it can make your face appear wider. Instead, opt for a medium thickness that complements your face shape.

Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Find Your Natural Arch

Before shaping your eyebrows, it’s crucial to find your natural arch. Use a spoolie brush to brush your eyebrows upwards, then locate where your arch naturally falls. This will ensure that your eyebrows look natural and complement your face shape.

Avoid Over-Plucking

Over-plucked eyebrows can ruin the shape of your face and make your features look disproportionate. Only pluck stray hairs that fall outside the natural shape of your brows. If you’re unsure about how to shape your eyebrows, seek professional help from an esthetician.

Use Products to Fill in Sparse Brows

If you have sparse eyebrows, don’t worry! There are many products available that can help fill in the gaps. Use a brow pencil, powder, or pomade to create a fuller look. Just make sure to choose a shade that matches your natural hair color.

Trim Your Brows Regularly

Trimming your eyebrows regularly can prevent them from looking bushy and unkempt. Use a small pair of scissors to trim any long hairs that stick out of your natural shape. This will give your brows a neat appearance and emphasize the shape you desire.

Maintain Your Eyebrows

Maintaining your eyebrows requires both consistency and patience. Make sure to groom them regularly, whether it’s with professional help or at-home maintenance. Over time, you’ll notice a significant difference in the overall look of your eyebrows.


  1. Can round faces pull off straight eyebrows? While straight eyebrows are currently on-trend, they may not be the best fit for round faces. Straight eyebrows can make the face appear wider, which is why we recommend opting for an arched or angled eyebrow shape instead.
  2. How thick should my eyebrows be for a round face? The thickness of your eyebrows varies depending on individual preferences and face shape. If you have a round face, avoid going too thin as it can make your face appear wider. Instead, opt for a medium thickness that complements your face shape.
  3. How often should I get my eyebrows done? It’s recommended to get your eyebrows done every 3-4 weeks to maintain their shape. 
  4. Can I shape my eyebrows at home? While it’s possible to shape your eyebrows at home, we highly recommend seeking professional help from an esthetician. They have the expertise and tools necessary to create a perfect shape that complements your face.
  5. How can I make my eyebrows look fuller? There are many products available that can help you achieve fuller-looking eyebrows. Use a brow pencil, powder, or pomade to fill in sparse areas. You can also try using brow gel to hold your hairs in place and create a more defined look.

Final Takeaway

Eyebrows play a significant role in framing our faces and highlighting our features. For those with round faces, finding the perfect eyebrow shape and thickness can be challenging. But with our ultimate guide, we hope to make it easier for you to achieve your desired look. Remember to embrace your natural shape, avoid over-plucking, and seek professional help when needed. With consistent maintenance and care, you’ll have beautiful eyebrows that complement your round face in no time.