Travis Kelce, the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is known for his athleticism and impressive receiving abilities. But have you ever wondered how much this powerhouse weighs? Let’s dive in and discover Travis Kelce’s listed weight.


Travis Kelce is an American football player who is widely regarded as one of the top tight ends in the National Football League (NFL). He plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and has been a key player for the team since he was drafted in 2013. Kelce is known for his exceptional athleticism, route-running ability, and catching skills, which have made him a favorite target for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Off the field, Kelce is also known for his outgoing personality and has appeared in various television shows and commercials.


Many people wonder about Travis Kelce’s height and weight. Here they are!

Standing at 6’5″ and currently maintaining a fighting weight of 250 lbs., Travis Kelce reminisced about his college days on the New Heights podcast with his brother Jason. They discussed their time as football stars at the University of Cincinnati and their upcoming recording session there on April 11th. Travis fondly remembers enjoying pizza from Adriatico’s, a favorite college hangout.

During their conversation, Travis revealed he ballooned up to a hefty 285 lbs. in college. He jokingly mentioned possibly reaching that weight again during the offseason, noting their similar builds – both him and Jason were around 283 lbs. that morning.

Food and drink are recurring themes on the podcast, reflecting their shared love for good food. Despite being picky eaters as children, they’ve developed strong opinions about food as adults. Travis emphasized his stricter diet after college, attributing it to his weight loss down to his current 250 lbs. and his eventual Super Bowl victory.


Travis Michael Kelce was born on October 5, 1989, in Westlake, Ohio. His father, Ed Kelce, works as a sales representative in the steel industry, while his mother, Donna, previously held a position as a bank executive. Notably, Kelce’s older brother Jason enjoyed a lengthy career as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles spanning 13 seasons.

Growing up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Kelce attended Cleveland Heights High School, where he actively participated in football, basketball, and baseball. Excelling particularly in football, he earned a three-year letter as quarterback for the Tigers. In his senior year in 2007, Kelce showcased his versatility by accumulating 1,016 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns, along with passing for 1,523 yards, 21 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. His outstanding performance led to him receiving All-Lake Erie League honors, amassing a total of 2,539 yards in offense.


Despite facing challenges during his college career, including a suspension in 2010, Kelce returned the following year to showcase his talent as a tight end, eventually graduating in 2022 with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

Moving into his professional career, Kelce was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013, coached by Andy Reid, who had prior experience with his brother. Despite facing setbacks due to injuries, Kelce gradually emerged as a key player for the team, earning accolades such as Pro Bowl selections.

Kelce’s journey with the Chiefs has been marked by both successes and challenges. He signed a significant contract extension in 2016, highlighting his importance to the team. Over the years, he has consistently delivered impressive performances, leading the team in receiving yards and earning Pro Bowl selections. Notably, the 2019 season saw Kelce and the Chiefs clinch a Super Bowl victory, with Kelce playing a pivotal role in their playoff success.

Throughout his career, Kelce’s contributions have been instrumental in the Chiefs’ achievements, including multiple Super Bowl appearances and victories. Despite facing injuries and setbacks, Kelce’s resilience and talent have solidified his position as a crucial player for the team, leaving a lasting impact on the franchise’s history.


Travis Kelce’s illustrious career is decorated with numerous accolades and honors across both the NFL and NCAA. In the NFL, he boasts an impressive resume, including three Super Bowl championships and multiple All-Pro selections. Kelce has been recognized as a top performer with four First-team All-Pro selections and three Second-team All-Pro honors. His consistent excellence has also earned him nine Pro Bowl appearances. Additionally, Kelce’s impact extends beyond the field, as evidenced by his inclusion in the NFL 2010s All-Decade Team. In college, he earned First-team All-Big East honors in 2012. Beyond football, Kelce’s achievements have garnered wider recognition, such as being named the People’s Choice Awards Athlete of the Year in 2024.


Travis Kelce is more than just a football player. He’s known for being really generous and doing a lot of good things for others. He’s set up a group called Eighty-Seven & Running to help kids who don’t have much. He’s given money to help kids learn about science and technology too. Kelce also helps out when bad things happen, like giving food to people who need it after a sad event in Kansas City.

He also speaks up about things he thinks are wrong, like when he talks about how police treat people unfairly. He even did something called “kneeling” during the national anthem to show his support for people who are treated badly because of their skin color.

Kelce has also done some cool stuff on TV and in music. He’s been on shows like “Catching Kelce” and even hosted Saturday Night Live once. He started his own music festival called Kelce Jam, where lots of people come to listen to music. He’s also started his own businesses, like a health company called Hilo Nutrition and a clothing line called Tru Kolors. He’s really good at investing too, making money from brands like Cholula Hot Sauce and Casa Azul tequila.

Overall, Kelce is more than just a football star. He’s someone who wants to help others and make the world a better place, both on and off the field.


After Travis Kelce’s dating show ended in 2016, he started dating Maya Benberry, who won the show, but they broke up in 2017. Then, from 2017 to 2022, he was in a relationship with Kayla Nicole Brown, who is a social media influencer.

In 2023, Kelce started dating Taylor Swift, the singer. Their relationship got a lot of attention, and it seems like Swift going to Kelce’s football games made more people watch. Some of the games she attended set records for the most viewers ever.

Kelce likes to play golf when he’s not playing football. He’s even won a contest for hitting the golf ball the farthest. He also owns houses in Kansas City and a condo in Florida. He really likes cars too and has a collection of them.


1. Did his weight impact his performance?

It’s difficult to say definitively, but Travis himself has credited his stricter diet post-college with improvements in his game.

2. Does Travis Kelce maintain a strict diet now?

While details aren’t publicly available, Travis has pointed towards a more disciplined approach to food since college.

3. How much is Travis Kelce net worth?

$40 million.


In short, Travis Kelce currently weighs around 250 lbs. This is a significant difference from his college days, where he tipped the scales at a whopping 285 lbs. While the exact impact of the weight loss on his performance is debated, Travis himself credits a stricter diet with helping him improve his performance. Like football athlete Joe Thomas, Travis also struggled with his weight but eventually got it right.