If you wish to look younger and more trendy, these hairstyles for women over 50 are versatile, modern, and fashionable options that can boost your confidence. Women in their 50s may opt for short haircuts for a low-maintenance and easy look while ignoring medium to longer designs that are simple and appealing.

These youthful hairstyles can help you achieve the most amazing looks to take your style to the next level, whether you want a layered bob, pixie cut, or long waves. For ideas, check out these examples of the best hairstyles for women over 50. Here are 20 fun and flirty haircuts for older ladies who still want to look nice and feel confident, ranging from thick and curly to long a


For a youthful and feminine look, a choppy pixie provides texture and volume to the hair. When trimmed with short layers, this look is effortlessly stylish, but you can integrate bangs to frame your face or cover a big forehead. 

Long Hair with Curls

This is one of the best hairstyles for long hair. This bouncy style will add vitality to your hair while keeping your face looking fresh and vibrant.

Straight and Face-Framing

Consider leaving your long hair straight and adding some face-framing layers if you require a low-maintenance hairdo. This will soften the harshness of your straight hair and produce a very feminine image.

Medium Length Feathered Hairstyle

The beauty and elegance of this medium-length haircut with feathery layers and a dazzling white dimensional tint cannot be denied. Incorporating chilly and ice tones for highlights is an excellent method to accentuate healthy, lustrous hair.

Lob with Bangs

For ladies over 50 who don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror, a lob with bangs is a versatile haircut. A low-maintenance cut with blunt edges always looks sleek and professional, but you may add sex appeal to your style with wispy bangs, a daring straight fringe, or delicate curtain bangs to balance your features.

Bob with Side Bangs

We like this hairstyle since it is low-maintenance and simple to achieve. Ask for a full-on classic short bob for fine-haired ladies over 50, with the front section of your hair longer than the rear.

Long Straight Hair

Long, straight hair can look stunning on women with angular features and will instantly brighten your complexion. Chemical straightening or keratin treatments can keep your hair easily straight.

Layered Cut with Curtain Bangs

A layered cut with curtain bangs is a lovely and feminine style that elevates medium and long locks. Layering hair reduces excess weight while adding lift and volume, giving older women the shape and texture they need to feel confident. 

Spiky Short Hair

If you want a messy look that will draw attention, this is the hairstyle for you. To create this look, have your stylist cut your hair into layers, with the longest one on top.

Big, Natural Afro

This is one of the natural hairstyles for black women. With this hairstyle, you can let your natural hair shine through while drawing attention to your face and better features. It’s also incredibly simple to manage as long as you remember to hydrate and care for your curls.

Curly Bob

A curly bob is a creative and engaging haircut for older ladies that incorporates texture and movement for a stunning look. 

Buzz Cut

The shave-down haircut is one of the best short hairstyles for over 50 and overweight ladies. It’s easy; it allows your hair to grow back better than before and brings out your face’s natural characteristics!

The A-line

The A-line haircut is a popular style that employs asymmetry and dramatic shaping to create stunning volume and structure on all hair types.

High Volume

Women with thick and textured hair can show off their inherent beauty with high-volume hairstyles.

Short Hair with Bangs

Who said women over the age of 50 couldn’t have bangs with short hair? If you’re seeking for short haircuts for long faces, this is the one for you because the bangs will make your face appear shorter!

Messy Bob 

This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with long/pointy faces since it softens your natural features and draws attention to your hair rather than your face.

Shaggy Haircut

The shag haircut is a retro 1970s style with choppy layers and messy bangs for a rebellious and young look. Although Jane Fonda popularized the original look, it is gradually gaining popularity among modern celebs. 

Messy Updo

A sloppy updo is an appealing alternative for women seeking a functional look that is sensual, romantic, and classy.

Textured Bob

A textured bob is a beautiful and flexible style that adds definition and dimension to lifeless hair. 

Layered Shag

The layered shag is a punk haircut that employs choppy layers to create a strong and appealing look that is sure to turn heads.


The greatest haircuts for women over 50 emphasize originality and self-assurance. There are numerous ways to improve natural beauty, ranging from chic bobs to stylish pixie cuts and stunning updos. Accept your individuality and select a haircut that allows you to shine at any age.