From Pouty to Puffy: When Lip Blushing Gone Wrong and How To Fix It

If you are longing for trying a new beauty procedure, you will have no doubt to consider having your lips blushed. Lip blushing has gained popularity in recent years because of its long-lasting and natural looks. Nowadays, women tend to blush their lips as an alternative to lipsticks as it offers a semi-permanent solution to enhance their lips. However, the more famous it gets, the more important you need to look up for this procedure before having an appointment. In this guide, we will help you to find out lip blushing’s advantages and disadvantages, how to take care of your lips before and after, and what to do if your lip blushing gone wrong. This will help you to be more informed and make sure that everything you gonna do with your lips is not out of control. 

What is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a beauty procedure that is achieved by depositing pigments into your lips and along the lip lines using small needles. It is a semi-permanent tattoo that enhances your lips and gives them a fuller look. Lip blush provides a long-lasting and natural-looking pout. For someone looking for a more convenient and effortless looking, you really need to have your lips blushed. 

Lip blush provides a long-lasting and natural-looking pout. Having ink deposited into your lips would improve your overall look. The color is subtle to give a real-looking result. Lip blushing helps you turn pale lips into pink and glossy ones. Besides, it helps you save time as you don’t need to apply lipstick in the morning anymore. This is a photo of lip blushing before and after for you to consider:

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A lip-blushing procedure is similar to lip tattooing. It is carried out in the following methods: 

  • Your lips will be numb to feel less pain and discomfort.
  • Then, a natural-looking pigment will be inserted into your lips. This is done in multiple layers to help create an even tone. 

In the lip blush process, there will be a range of different techniques, such as ombre or lip tinting, which will be used depending on your liking. In addition, the pigments used in lip blushing are raging from organic to synthetic. So it is important to find a skilled technician who uses high-quality pigment and they need to be experienced at this. 

You may wonder how long does lip blushing last. It can last for 2-3 years between treatments and remember that some touch-ups are required to keep the color fresh. However, longevity may depend on skin type and how you take care of it. The lip blush healing stages last 1-2 weeks and by week 4, your lips should have healed completely. 

Lip Blushing Pros and Cons 

Like other beauty procedures, lip blushing also has its benefits and some side effects. However, there are more advantages than the latter one. 

Firstly, let’s take a look at what benefits lip blush provides. Lip blushing means more long-lasting results as it gives a semi-permanent appearance that can last for several years. Besides, having your lips blushed can enhance your lips and provide them with a more youthful look. Lip blushing is also a good alternative for lipsticks and it is easy to be tailored to suit a customer’s preference. 

Yet, there are also some drawbacks. Lip blushing can be painful, even with topical anesthesia. Another one is lip blushing takes up to 10 days to heal, so make sure that around that time, no important events should you attend. 

Last but not least, be careful with irritation. Though these cases are rare as it depends on each’s skin type, however, you need to make sure that having your lips blushed would be safe enough for you. 

Preparation and Aftercare 

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Among all, preparing before the appointment and aftercare is always a must since they directly affect your result. Here are some things that you need to know for a beautiful outcome. 

Before the appointment, you shouldn’t consume blood thinners for several days to avoid bruising. Also for someone who used to have cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus, an antiviral medication must be prescribed for you to take the day before and after your procedure. You may want to pop a Tylenol an hour or so before the process to lessen the pain and discomfort. 

Like any tattoo, your lips getting swollen and red can’t be unavoidable. So after the procedure, make sure to keep the area clean by daily cleaning with gentle and fragrance-free soap and water to avoid getting infected. And remember to keep your lips moisturized as in the first few days they may get dry. Hot, spicy, and salty food is forbidden as you may get irritated. Do not pick or scratch the lips since it may lead to the loss of pigment or scarring. Applying any cosmetic products on unhealed lips is discouraged. 

Remember to follow the advice to have the best lip-blushing experience. 

Lip Procedure Gone Wrong 

Lip Blushing Gone Wrong

Photo by KHOU

If a lip treatment such as lip blushing or lip liner tattoo gone wrong, the consequences would be very frustrating. Some potential consequences include uneven color distribution, overfilled or underfilled lips, crooked or misaligned lip lines, and infections or allergic reactions. Most of them have been caused if the technician who performs is not skilled. So to find a reputable professional is important as it may have a direct effect on your result. Also, the equipment used during the treatment is important. Stained facilities may lead to irritation or allergic reaction. 

If your lips have redness or irritation and ooze, don’t worry since they are signs of recovery. 

Correcting it can be tough, however, there are some solutions available. When you feel like something’s wrong with your lips, immediately go to a professional, or using topical treatments to reduce the color intensity is important. In some intense cases, I recommend you consider laser treatments. 

To prevent those mistakes, searching for a skilled technician is a must. Also before the treatment, tell the performer what you desire, and after the process, text photos to your technician to get them updated daily. So that if something may happen, there will be a professional to give you advice on what to do. 

In general, lip blushing can be a perfect option for those who want to enhance the natural beauty of their lips and have a long-lasting appearance. Yet, it is essential to choose a qualified technician and follow proper preparation and aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of problems and ensure the best possible result. The consequences of lip blushing gone wrong can be really disturbing, so taking time to do some research and express clearly to the technician about desired results are things that you must do. With precautions and enough taking care, lip blushing is a safe and effective way to achieve your dream look. If you are taking lip blushing into consideration, spend time updating yourself with the procedure to be informed better. 

If you desire fuller and more defined lips so much, why not try lip blushing for once? Instead of using lipsticks, lip blushing may be better. It would help you save time in the morning and it is very long-lasting. After reading this guide, are you interested in having your lips blushed? If yes, go book an appointment right now. Who knows you may get obsessed with it.