Hold on, there might be a slight mistake! Ethan Klein is actually a man, not a woman. He’s one half of the popular H3 Podcast duo. That said, Ethan has undergone a noticeable weight loss journey in recent times. If you’re curious about his transformation, let’s delve into what he’s shared about his approach! We’ll explore his methods, motivations, and the discussions surrounding his slimmer physique.


Ethan Klein is a well-known internet personality, comedian, and YouTuber. He is best known for co-founding the YouTube channel h3h3Productions with his wife Hila Klein. Their channel initially gained popularity for reaction videos and commentary on internet culture. Over time, their content has expanded to include podcasts, vlogs, and comedic sketches. Ethan is known for his humorous and often satirical take on various internet phenomena and personalities. He has also been involved in controversies and discussions within the YouTube community.


“Just curious. I’m very proud of Ethan and his success on losing weight. I’m glad he is taking care of his health ♥️” A fan on reddit commented.

“Calorie decific + lots of walking. I believe he’s talked about how he just walks a bunch on the treadmill when he’s watching TV. I lost 30lbs in 6 months when I was doing a calorie deficit and working out 4 times a week. I believe he’s been doing this for over a year now which lines up with how much he’s lost.” Another person said.

“Last we heard he stopped walking a long time ago. He’s just focused on eating less, which is how he’s lost the bulk of his weight. His biggest issue was clearly mental and highly tied to the medication he’s on for his depression, once he added that second medication that helps him still stay on his depression meds but also gain back self control and feel more satisfied/less hungry all the time that’s when he was able to stick with a calorie deficit whereas before he could never stick to anything and felt it was completely out of his control.” Another person doubted Elthan’s depression.

“He gained the most weight when he started taking antidepressants, and he started losing it after adding Wellbutrin.”

“I feel like people will hate me for this but he’s very likely on semaglutide (generic ozempic). It seemed weight loss starting coming a lot easier to him a few months ago. This aligns with semaglutide eliminating food noise. Also If you overeat on sema you will get sick – and I’ve noticed he has been careful to only have a few bites of something “unhealthy”. One comment seemed suspicious of Elthan using Ozempic.

“On the podcast with Howie Mandel a few weeks ago he said just calorie deficit by eating less, didn’t mention even exercice if I recalled correctly. It always surprises me to read that from people who say that because just eating less works so slow for me, whereas Ethan seems to be losing pretty fast even over a year later. If I wanna see fast results I have to exercice like crazy.

“I know on one episode relatively recent of Leftovers he mentioned eating 1400 calories a day. Hasan was a bit skeptical saying that is very little. Not sure if that is how he actually has been doing it.

In fact i’d be curious his general plan.”


Ethan Klein has been very open about his weight loss journey, recently showcasing his nearly year-long effort in which he has shed over 30 pounds.

In recent years, Klein’s use of anti-depressant medication significantly improved his mental health but also led to weight gain. Determined to make a change, he committed to a new diet and exercise regimen, proudly revealing his progress as he reached his lowest weight in two years.

Klein credits his success to eliminating binge eating, reducing his overall food intake, and exercising daily on a treadmill. He shared that watching anime while on the treadmill helps him stay motivated, especially on days when he’s less inclined to exercise.

Despite not seeing immediate results, Klein’s perseverance is now evident. The H3 Podcast host aims to drop below 200 pounds and is confident he will achieve this goal if he maintains his current momentum.


The California native proudly displayed before and after pictures showcasing his seven-month weight loss journey.

Klein shared a photo from his interview with fellow YouTuber iDubbbz in May 2022, highlighting his progress since then, having lost a total of 30 pounds.

“So the shirts are less tight, obviously, and things are fitting nicer. I’m just feeling encouraged and happy to see that I’m finally making progress. For the longest time, it felt like progress was impossible.”


Klein was born in Ventura, California, in 1985 to Donna and Gary Klein. He has two older siblings. Although his father was adopted and raised by another family, Klein is the biological grandson of Leonard Katzman on his father’s side. He attended Buena High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Klein is Jewish. In 2007, he met his wife, Hila, at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Israel while he was on a Birthright Israel trip and Hila was serving in the Israel Defense Forces. They married in 2012. During the early years of their YouTube careers, they lived together in Florentin, Tel Aviv, Israel. The Kleins have three sons and currently reside in Bel Air, California.

Klein is the brother-in-law of Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon, who met each other on his podcast. Klein has Tourette’s syndrome and has been open about how it impacts his life.


1. How many kg did Ethan lose?

36 kilograms (79 lb) between 2018 and 2019.

2. Is there any mention of weight loss on the H3 Podcast? 

Past episodes or discussions might hold clues.

3. How much is Ethan Klein net worth?

$20 million.


While there’s no confirmed information about Ethan Klein undertaking a weight loss journey, fans have certainly noticed a change in his appearance. Whether it’s intentional weight loss or a shift in lifestyle habits, the positive speculation highlights the potential benefits of prioritizing health and well-being.

The H3 Podcast itself might offer clues about Ethan’s approach to health,  or even inspire fans to focus on their own healthy living journeys. Remember, it’s always best to consult a healthcare professional before embarking on any weight loss or fitness program.