Elevate Your Style with 12 Best Fall 2023 Shoe Trends

The summer is soon coming to an end, and with it comes the absolute joy and possibility of new shoes. A new season is also on the horizon, and the weather is blessedly transitional and fashion-friendly. September is the month of fashion, according to a wise man who once stated. Therefore, why not begin the fall season with a brand-new pair of loafers or Mary Janes that you may get here, in best 2023 fall shoe trends.

Modern Clogs

It seems reasonable to claim that clogs have clomped their way into people’s hearts all around the world. Since the end of the pandemic, fancy heels have returned to our wardrobes, but the popularity of clogs, a shoe with practical roots and great slip-on/slip-off appeal in particular for those staying at home, hasn’t diminished.

J.Crew Convertible Leather Clogs

It can be challenging to find comfortable, timeless clogs at fair prices, which is why these by J.Crew are deserving of special attention. The pair offers excellent value for the money thanks to features like the adjustable strap, real wood sole, and rubber outsole for enhanced traction in icy weather.

Madewell The Layne Leather Clog Mule

According to reviews on Madewell, the Layne Clog Mule is relaxed, comfy, and perfect for wide feet. It’s made with “low-impact” leather, which uses less water and energy than traditional leather, a thin elastic gusset for flexibility, and a cork footbed that conforms to the wearer.

Glow-Up Wedges

The autumn is the ideal time to appreciate the appeal of glow-up wedges. With the help of these chic shoes, you can easily boost your appearance while maintaining comfort. Glow-up wedges lend a sense of sophistication to any outfit thanks to their wedge sole, which offers stability and height.

JEFFREY CAMPBELL Glow-Up Platform Wedge

The Jeffrey Campbell Glow-Up Platform Wedge is a bold piece of footwear that gives any ensemble a boost. Your fall outfits will stand out and be noticed when you wear these wedges because of their eye-catching platform sole with a glow-up effect. They are a comfortable option for all-day use because of the platform design, which offers both style and stability.

STEVE MADDEN Embellished Glow-Up Wedge

The Steve Madden Embellished Glow-Up Wedge is a stunning and glamorous footwear option for those seeking a touch of sparkle and shine. These wedges feature embellishments such as rhinestones, sequins, or metallic accents, adding a dazzling element to your fall wardrobe. 

Sock Boots

We are having happy feet this fall and winter thanks to the cozy and adaptable sock boot alternative. The idea behind sock boots is straightforward: they are just socks and boots put together, and that is the best possible combination. In fact, the person who came up with the concept of wearing socks with boots deserves a Nobel medal. 

Vagabond Edwina Boots

Vagabond’s sock boots are a strong silhouette with a block heel, angular square toe, and side zip closing that will have you walking around like you own the area. It is an elegant design that will last for years in your closet because it is made of timeless black leather.

Ganni Retro Flatform Ankle Sock Boots

The flatform shape from Ganni is the one you should add to your basket if you want a look you will never want to take off. You may wear these from morning till evening with the elastic upper and incredibly comfortable platform sole.


The arrival of fall signals that Uggs should come out of hibernation. Every year, as soon as the weather drops, the most popular Ugg styles are gone. These shoes have always been a must-have in every person’s closet and they literally make a comeback every year to insanely high fanfare.

Ultra Mini Classic Boot

After 2020, dressing for comfort became extremely important. So it came as little surprise when Ugg introduced a new ultra-mini height that went viral online. Customers who believed their Ugg days were over approved of the shorter length because it provided a trendier makeover. 

Classic Mini Boot

Give this option a try if the Ultra Mini is too short for your tastes. For people who need to walk around a lot, this length worked better because it offers greater comfort and flexibility.

Black Court Shoes

Now that office workers’ go-to heels (the kind they traded in for trainers before the commute) have returned to the runway, the trek to the water cooler seems a lot more tempting. The most common heel on the catwalks was a black court shoe. It was streamlined, stylish, and offered a counterpoint to all the bling that has boosted out-out heels in recent seasons.

Nine West Women’s FIFTH9X9 LE Leather Pump

The FIFTH9X9 LE Leather Pump from Nine West is designed with 9 game-changing technological innovations for next-level flexibility and cushioning.  Nine West provides a brief edit of the runways, highlighting the must-have styles of the year and interpreting what is trendy, fun, and in style. You will frequently go for these on-trend shoes in your wardrobe.

Clarks Women’s Illeana Tulip Pump

This classic pump has a feminine pointed toe and is made of fine leather or suede. The OrthoLite footbed and Clarks soft cushions provide considerable impact absorption and support, while the smooth textile linings keep feet cool. suits dresses, pants, or jeans well.

Ballet Flats

Although Balletcore joined the market more than a year ago, the ballet flat is still going strong. While it has lately seen a few light revisions, such as the mesh style that is perfect for summer, fall trends will take you back to the timeless classic. Simple, refined, and appropriate for the “quiet luxury” style.

Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flats

There are 38 various colors and prints of these timeless ballet flats from Sam Edelman that you can choose from, so you are sure to find one that you like. It is also composed of buttery soft leather and has a padded sole.  They are fantastic if your foot tends to run on the smaller side because they come in sizes 4 through 14.

Lucky Brand Emmie Flats

These flats cannot be folded, but because they are so flat, they are highly portable. They also include a rubber flex-sole and a heel that is less than half an inch, providing you with just the right amount of lift to keep your feet comfortable all day. They do not feature arch support, but they do have a padded memory foam insole for mild walking that fits you like a glove.

Mary Janes

Mary Jane shoes have made a triumphant comeback in the footwear world. Previously only associated with ultra-preppy clothing and school uniforms, the look is now a mainstay among It Girls. Mary Janes maintains a chic everyday look while being comfortable, much like the popular penny loafers and ballet flats.

J.Crew Maisie Mary Janes Heels

Make these Mary Janes shoes in baby blue patent leather your go-to autumn footwear. These shoes are made of real Italian leather and have a robust block heel. They also have a sleek appearance and will match anything, including dresses and jeans.

Cole Haan Women’s Bridge Mary Jane 

These black ballet-style Mary Janes demonstrate the existence of stylish and cozy footwear. The square toe provides a generous, cozy fit. Wear them all day long at work or pack them for travel as a pair of walking shoes you can wear from day to night.

Cowboy Boots

Well, perhaps not the most recent, as cowboy boots date back to the 1800s in America and the 1600s in Spain. Unlike then, when they were solely practical for the tough cowboys, they are now worn by fashionable people across the nation. This became even more obvious when cowboy boots became the newest craze to saddle up and try out on TikTok. The boots are now available in a vast array of colors and designs, from the traditional pointed-toe to shorter booties, heels, and sneakers with a cowboy theme.

Betsey Johnson Diva Rhinestones

Take a brief break from the basics and dress up. If you choose the silver or white version of these Betsey Johnson jeweled boots, you can wear them as the bride-to-be to make a statement at the neighborhood honky tonk.

Ariat Casanova Western Boot

Shop from one of the most well-known brands and stick to the classics. Although Ariat offers a wide variety of styles and hues, these brown and white boots with traditional designs embroidered into the finest leather have a special place in our hearts.

Pointy toes

Over the past several years, the ’90s fashion renaissance has resulted in a strong enthusiasm for footwear with hefty soles, simple straps, and, most notably, square toes. But while the angular form has its merits, pointed-toe designs remain to be the most popular and adaptable.

Ollio Faux Suede Slip-On Pointed-Toe Flats

For more than ten years, Ollio has produced and sold high-quality, stylish footwear. These D’Orsay flats are a recent addition to the brand’s product line. This pair of flats will appeal to women who want to update their spring or summer wardrobe with an understated, functional style.

Trary Pointed-Toe and Bow Flats

Particularly among busy ladies, pointed-toe shoes are very well-liked since they provide a dash of detail to casual and conservative attire. They now come in more colors and sizes than the majority of selections you find online.

Over-The-Knee Boots

The over-the-knee, which is slightly taller than the knee-high and exactly what it sounds like, ends on your thigh, so it actually works with most hem lengths and can even be more flattering than other styles that cut off mid-leg. It’s not surprising that the over-the-knee trend is frequently embraced by the most fashionable people in the industry; it can frequently be seen on the runways during fashion week or on celebrities like Lily James, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna.

Gabrie Over-the-Knee Boots

Want to adopt a more gritty style this fall? These Gabrie Over-the-Knee Boots are the only option. On your next night out, the sky-high style will have you attracting attention and making a truly sexy statement in any setting. Additionally, the block heel contributes to a base that is more supportive.

RF Room of Fashion Chateau Over-the-Knee Boots

These enormous RF Room of Fashion Chateau Over-the-Knee boots will help you elevate your fall shoe game to new (actual) heights. With more flexibility and wiggle room than the standard boot type, these breathable boots are wrapped in a smooth and elastic fake suede material. This makes them ideal for anyone looking to buy a wide-calf shoe. 

Samba Shoes

Has anyone else been attempting to get a pair of Adidas Sambas for several months? They’re the “It” girls’ obsession, and we know you want a pair too.

Samba OG Shoes

There isn’t really a better place to begin than with the original, literal model. The black and white hues pay homage to the design’s origins while choosing adaptability above co-branding or collaborative color schemes.

Samba ADV Shoes

The Samba ADV is a good choice if you want to keep things interesting because the Samba craze has been going strong for a while. Padded guards on this silhouette provide protection when skating. However, the focus is on this neutral shade rather than the bulked-up silhouette.

Chunky Loafers

It was only a matter of time before the chunky-shoes trend spread to other types of footwear after track-sole boots practically became a staple last winter. With several trends, OOTD photos including a turtleneck, a black miniskirt, and a pair of loafers with thick soles, it is clearly obvious that the chunky loafer craze is real.

H&M Chunky Leather Loafers

These loafers have a simple design and are a terrific hefty update on the modern classic, matching with virtually any outfit in your present closet. Take caution before you walk all over this trend even though some reviews do indicate they are on the heavier side because you’re likely to get your clomp on.

Sandro Thick-Soled Leather Loafers

Sandro might have the right soles for those who are more fashion-conscious. There is a lot going on, including a gold-tone toe cap, a thick set with a high tread, and a huge tassel, but if you’re looking for a statement-making shoe, this might be it.

The season for full-coverage footwear is fast approaching. And you know, the faster you prepare the better. If you want to be a fashion icon this fall, check out these trends as they will elevate your looks to a whole new level.